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What Window Styles would you Like?

We offer a wide selection of window styles, from traditional ones to architectural masterpieces, for a unique style that fits your home.

  • Single Hung-bring a lower, operable sash and an upper, fixed sash. They provide ventilation via the bottom sash.
  • Double Hung-bring two operable sashes to bring in cool air at the bottom while letting out warm air at the top.
  • Horizontal Roller-is a versatile window that features sashes situated side by side with a slight overlap. The manufacturer built the tracks into the top and bottom of the frame to allow people to open and close the window horizontally.
  • Awning– sit high on the wall and open at the bottom to circulate better air flow.
  • Casement-crank out to catch the wind and bring it into your home. 
  • Picture window-are stationary and cannot open (non-operational).
  • Sliding-are wide design and bring a large glass area to allow in more light. 

Impact Window Types

Are you looking for the perfect windows or doors installation to complement your home’s aesthetic? Crystal Clear Windows & Doors has you covered. We offer a wide range of heavy-duty aluminum and energy-efficient vinyl window styles installation, so you can find the perfect option to suit your needs.

Wood window frames are stylish and give off the best aesthetically look.

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Crystal Clear Windows & Doors Inc only uses the best top brands like PGT and others. Check out our blog posts to find out more, or just click on the brand links below! Now give us a call for a free home consultation by calling, emailing us, or start chatting right here with us!