Top Reasons To Install Impact-Resistant Windows

Do you know why storm window installation are more popular than before? Of course, for the hurricane protection but also the UV and burglary protection that new glass technology brings.

There are actions to be taken to make sure homeowners homes are guarded against brutal impending weather conditions. Our new storm impact windows installation in Clearwater have been at the forefront of safety and security, offering an assortment of alternatives and styles to serve the needs of homeowners. For many years, impact windows weren’t available until after the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

However, the new type of value-custom window that is also impact-resistant is even more amazing. Today, Hurricane windows are offered at an affordable price while providing fashion and durability, equipping your house to withstand the test of time and storms. There are many reasons to invest in hurricane window installation in Clearwater, and I’m going to show you.

Storm windows are affordable today!

storm windows are affordable today

The number one reason to purchase windows that are impact-resistant is affordability. Impact-resistant windows are less expensive than ever before. Some impact-resistant window brands are available to homeowners who are searching for a reasonable price range product but also quality oriented.

These windows offer advantages beyond hurricane security. They stop ultraviolet rays from entering, substantially reduce sound, and, shield from potential intruders. The choice to update to hurricane windows has never been simpler.

Strengthen the vulnerable

A window functions as one of the most used entry points next to the doors in a house and consequently, an essential entrance points for severe weather. If windows get broken during a storm, pressure and debris with high winds will enter the home harming anyone inside including people and your valuables. So replace your windows with impact windows keeping your house secure and your family safe from wind and debris that can penetrate your home during a storm.

Year-long readiness

year-long readiness

Usually, when a storm is imminent, not all homes are prepared to face the chaotic weather. While installing shutters or plywood could be the cheap way to safeguarding a house is an action that requires an immediate workforce. What’s more, improper installation could be expensive, or even harmful to your home if they’re ineffective.

Passive protection, on the other hand, embraces readiness. There’s no requirement to scramble at the last minutes before a storm approaches to cover the windows like the setup of heavy plywood. These impact-resistant windows deliver defense by protecting your house from weather and hurricanes, 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Offering safety beyond hurricanes

Made to stand up to tropical storms and hurricanes, impact-resistant windows would be the selection for security too. Impact windows reduce outside noise and offer protection from burglars, and also prohibit ultraviolet rays from entering your home to harm you and your furniture.

HURRICANE Questions and Answers

hurricane questions and answers

Q: Do hurricane proof windows exist?

A: Impact-resistant products are created, tested and, constructed to withstand or resist specific conditions to present reasonable storm protection nonetheless, it’s dangerous to think about any product “hurricane proof.”

Q: When something strikes the glass will it split or break?

A: If an object hits the impact window, the glass may crack, but it was made to stay in the framework. It prevents wind, water, projectiles, and, other debris from entering and getting into the home to do damage.

Q: Do windows leak during a hurricane?

A: Not always; rain quantity, wind speed, length, management, and, other phenomena that accompany a storm increases the chance of leaks. However, most hurricane windows will prevent most water leakages especially, the level storms ratings it specifies.

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  1. It’s interesting that you mention that impact-resistant windows can help make your home safer during a hurricane. I live in an area that gets a lot of hurricanes, so I’m thinking about buying some impact windows for my house. I’m going to search for a good business near me that can sell me some impact windows.

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