Top 5 Impact Window Replacement Brands

Homeowners need to consider top impact window replacement brands when contacting a hurricane windows & door company. In addition to hiring a contractor, to enjoy a quality investment. Another factor to consider is your location, for example, if you live in Pinellas County, FL or near coastal towns such as Clearwater, your house is prone to storm damages. High winds, flying debris, and water damage can happen when a storm hits, and the hardship can be overwhelming.

Although there is no sticker price on safety you still may need to consider the budget. You should keep your home protected but at a fair price. An impact-resistant windows installation can keep your home protected from high winds, debris, and your occasional burglar. Only a crack in your window can compromise the structure of your home, besides the valuables inside your home.

If you’re in the market for hurricane impact windows and doors, then Crystal Clear Windows and Doors can help you. Let’s discuss five of the most popular, respected, and dependable impact window replacement brands. So, these top five impact-resistant brands below will assist you with protecting your home from hurricanes winds.

Here are the top impact window brands for installations

  • Andersen
  • Weather Shield
  • PGT Custom Windows and Doors
  • Origin
  • CGI Windows

Andersen Windows For Replacements & Installations

Andersen makes impact storm windows under their Storm watch line of items. This company stands apart from regular ones by offering a variety of window styles and designs while also offering impact-resistant glass. Their product line offers A-Series, E-Series, and the 400 Series.

  • A-Series focuses on the sturdiest protective features.
  • E-Series brings many designs such as more than 50 design choices.
  • The 400 series deals with a cheaper option.
  • Glass choices can include insulation, UV resistance, tinting, and noise reduction.

Weather Shield

Weather Shield hurricane impact windows offer increased protection for Florida’s Oceanside homeowners. These impact-resistant windows have been tested to withstand wind zone 4 weather conditions and high-speed storms of up to 140 mph wind speeds.

People trust Weather Shield and enthusiastically recommend it because their outstanding warranty can cover your home up to 20 years. This family-owned business has more than 60 years battling hurricanes and protecting homes.

PGT Custom Window Brand Is Crystal Clear Windows & Doors Top 3

pgt winguard logo

This company has become one of the best in impact-resistant windows and doors. Most hurricane resistant windows and doors in Florida were constructed by these makers and are a trusted brand for St, Petersburg, FL windows & doors homes.

PGT’s Win Guard impact-resistant windows and doors are designed to withstand the extreme force of storms. Their impact glass can protect against dangerous winds beside a would-be burglar from entering your home.

They likewise help with noise reduction, similar to high winds, passing cars, loud dogs, and so forth. PGT impact windows likewise help lower your energy bill. These energy-efficient windows can reduce your energy bills and protect your home, adding to your home’s value.

PGT Win Guard Aluminum 700 Series-PGT Window Designed can exceed even the most rigid of local, national, and international building norms. Yes, PGT’s Win Guard Aluminum 700 Series impact windows offer protection against extreme climate conditions including:

  1. Reduce energy bills
  2. Intruder prevention
  3. Corrosion
  4. Air infiltration
  5. Noise reduction

PGT impact windows installations are  perhaps the best warranty in the business and tested extensively under various standards. Thus, you’ll struggle to find a line of items that provide so much serenity.

The Win Guard Aluminum 700 Series brings fixed architectural windows, casement windows, horizontal rollers, picture windows, and single hung windows. So, this variety of window options can meet your requirements—and if aluminum doesn’t fit your home, consider WinGuard Vinyl series products.


Origin Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors offer a practical and imaginative solution to hurricane winds. They offer folding glass doors and aluminum window framing that combines style with safety and security. People can order their Origin Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors to their specifications. From configurations, sizes, and colors, you can make the window or door that best fits your needs, style, and budget.

Origin impact-resistant windows and doors also come energy efficient! So when you replace your normal windows with an Origin, you will lower your energy bill.

Origin Impact Windows and Doors make their premium items of grade aluminum for quality, security, and finish.

CGI Windows

This company brings many years of experience in quality impact windows to its clients—making it one of the true makers of hurricane resistant windows in the nation. CGI Windows has taken steps to address the issues of homeowners and business owners of price points and aesthetic desires.

Casement Window Series 7300

CGI Window Series 7300 brings an unhindered view in addition, to unmatched ventilation. Also, the capability of a practical impact resistant casement window. The Casement Window Series 7300 features include:

  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Aluminum-reinforced framing
  • Variety of finishes
  • Many glass choices
  • Besides features that can match your stylish and useful needs, this is an incredible option for your next remodeling project.

CGI pays close attention to style considerations just as impacts resistance. Therefore, if you need the perfect window for your home, but want something aesthetically pleasing, this is one of the window series you’ll need to consider.

Conclusion to Top Impact Window Replacements Brands

Impact Window Replacement Brands

Hurricane windows and doors all have prices but, the safety of your home and family doesn’t have a price. Thus, don’t get cheap with regards to security and safety. Pick one of the top 5 Impact Window Replacement Brands for your home.

At Crystal Clear Windows and Doors, we can install any impact window and door brands. Therefore, protecting your home from Florida’s harsh storm conditions besides reducing noise inside your home, helps lower your energy bill, and prevent a burglar from breaking a window.

Are you ready to increase your home value, protect your family and get a discount in Pinellas, County? Then, give us a call for a free in-home windows estimate!

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