7 Pros of Installing a Sunroom Addition Near Me

The sunroom addition near me can be an excellent room addition to your home. Expert sunroom installers in Clearwater can design them to provide you with extra space and the ability to enjoy sunlight and fresh air year-round. Sunrooms are great for entertaining guests or just spending time alone. They’re perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning and watching as the day unfolds before you!

Sunroom additions also make your home more valuable. You can turn it into a relaxing space or use it for entertaining guests. Whatever you decide, the sunroom should be one of the first rooms that need to be added to your house when building brand new homes in Clearwater.

This room has become popular amongst homeowners because they enjoy having sunlight while still not paying high utility bills.

  1. Enjoy a Higher Real Estate Value

Sunroom addition near me enjoys a higher real estate value than other home improvements. People will see the benefit of building a functional sunroom in the home while increasing its curb appeal.

In many cases, sunrooms have been known as being one of those additions that adds more square feet than any other room addition project with a substantial return on investment (ROI).

For all of the sunroom installations near me that we complete, homeowners can expect to see a good increase in their home value.

  1. Sunroom Additions near me can Lower your Energy Bills

    sunroom installation experts

With a sunroom installation, you will give yourself a room addition with much sunlight for hours on end.

The sun’s rays will give you warmth in the colder months while helping your home be more energy efficient. 

Because sunroom additions near me are so beneficial, they can also reduce an individual’s energy bill! So, yes, sunrooms are energy-efficient home improvement projects.

  1. Enjoy more Natural Light

You can have natural light from the sun enter the space, but you’ll also enjoy its warmth, unlike being outside and getting sunburned. It makes a sunroom the perfect place to relax with a morning coffee, read a book, or read off your tablet with a cup of tea. 

  1. Use The Sunroom Addition Space for Hobbies

Do you enjoy reading, writing, or like to work out in your home gym? No matter your hobby, a sunroom is a place to use as a place for this hobby. You can use your sunroom addition in any functional space you desire.

  1. A Sunroom Addition Makes Space for your Plants

A sunroom addition makes the perfect place for your plants to live and enjoy the natural light. With sunrooms’ oversized windows, plants that typically need lots of sun to survive will flourish. 

While a sunroom isn’t the same as a greenhouse, it’s a close second. Even during winter, your plants can have access to all the sun they can handle. You’ll love coming home to see your three or four-season sunroom and seeing all the plants you can enjoy

It is a great way to bring nature into your sunroom addition without sacrificing comfort! 

  1. Sunroom sunlight Boost your Mood

A sunroom can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder. So, no matter the outdoor temperatures and how difficult it can be to enjoy your Vitamin D outdoors, you’ll have the sunlight you need within the comfort of your home.

You’ll feel happier, more productive, and overall just better about yourself. While nothing can cure depression, adding a sunroom had been known to do wonders to people’s moods. 

  1. Enjoy an Excellent Entertaining Space

    Sunroom replacement windows installation

Do you enjoy entertaining a large number of people in your home but feel your living room is inadequate? Well, consider adding a sunroom to entertain instead? The best place to host a gathering is in a warm and sunny space. Your guests will love to spend time in a warm oasis while you entertain them in style.

All in all, the best windows for sunroom options are a great way to bring more light and warmth into any house since they’re outdoor rooms that allow for all the benefits of nature inside! These sun-filled glass additions have been around for years, but now’s their time to shine.

If you need some help replacing sunroom windows or want to install one, consider contacting a sunroom installer near you. Sunroom installers near Florida can help you turn your sunroom into the space of your dreams.

Top Sunroom Window Options for Energy Conscious Homeowners

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors believes top sunroom window options are essential features for homes since they can brighten up the room and add value to your home. Options include durability, transparency, beauty, and, sometimes, flexibility to open or slide.

Three chief factors influence the type of sunroom window installation near me: the kind of window, the glass, and, also the material. The type of sunroom window and sort of window glass is what will be discussed, so stay with me:

Top Sunroom Window Type Options

sunroom window types

The types of windows rely on several factors. Firstly, determine how you’re going to utilize your sunroom such as a home office, garden, or for social parties. Rooms that are three-season and four seasons utilize both sliding and fixed windows. All these windows are custom created and made to the sunroom specifications. It permits the sunroom installation to have beautiful windows, which also are energy efficient.

When picking a sunroom design, it’s important to take into account the climate, the time you’re going to use the sunroom, and the direction of the sun. These variables will ascertain the sort of glass but also the window kind.

Traditional Windows you can use on your Florida Sunroom

  • Hinged windows- There are two sorts of windows: casement and awning. The differences between both would be the hinge location and size. Awning windows hinge out of the top to prevent rain from penetrating while allowing hot air to escape from the warm sunroom. Casement windows with screens open to ventilate the room and open from the side.
  • Sliding windows- Sliding sunroom windows are energy efficient and accessible to meet the aesthetics of your home. All these windows slide horizontally, letting you utilize your space more practically and enable you to see outside without an obstructed view.
  • Bow and bay windows – These types offer a more expansive perspective and allow more sun to enter the space. Constructed to extend out of the sunroom to produce a space for reading or a dining room area.
  • Fixed windows-Sunroom windows that don’t free seem a waste of room space but are perfect for regions of the room which are high and hard to access. They’re also insulated and draft-proof, so they are ideal for use in cold climates.
  • Double-hung windows — All these windows are a gorgeous alternative for just about any home. They are simple to wash or clean and provide maximum ventilation. These windows are offered in many styles and colors; every window may be custom built to fit your requirements.

Top Types of Sunroom Window Glass Options

type of sunroom window glass

Deciding on the window glass is equally crucial as the features that we just went over. For homeowners, all windows look the same; however, the glass will dictate the sunroom’s allure, feel, and functionality. Kinds of glass for sunroom designs comprise of:

  • Single-glazed — A window with some UV properties or insulation.
  • Double-glazed — Two layers of glass with gas or air trapped between for better insulation. Double-pane windows usually, use argon gas (six times stronger than air).
  • Triple-glazed — The most expensive window glass, but the best at preventing heat loss. These windows could use either krypton or argon gas.

Another element in the insulating properties of glass is Low-E coating. Start looking for a soft coat that allows light but reflects heat. It keeps your room cooler during summer and warmer throughout the winter.

Another consideration when picking glass is security. Look for tempered glass, which crumbles as it breaks rather than breaking into hazardous shards.

Certified Sunroom Replacement Windows are Perfect Place to Start

Sunroom replacement windows

Since sunrooms have 50% or more glass, picking panes that don’t conduct hot or cold air is essential. You’ll have to choose an adequately rated glass for its U-factor or something called SHGC. 

The U-factor of the glass shows its solar heat loss coefficient, or its capacity to retain or lose heat. The lower the U-factor, the better, so a window made of single-pane glass has a U-factor of 1.1, it loses a great deal of heat. I recommend adding a glass of a U-factor of under 0.3. A few manufacturers likewise cover panes with plastic film, which gives extra energy efficiency. 

Now, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) or the amount of solar radiation that penetrates the glass. The lower the SHGC, the less solar heat it transmits and the higher its shading capacity, which is better in a warm climate. Then again, an item with a high SHGC rating will gather more solar heat throughout winter, better for people that live in a cold climate. 

Sunroom Replacement Windows Increase Insulation 

If you are building your sunroom, pick a design that is not difficult to insulate, for example, one with a ceiling and rooftop instead of floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Also, hire a top sunroom builder to decide the type, quality, and level of insulation your design permits, given your climate. Finally, insulate the space over the ceiling and below the floor, just as in between glass panes. 

Sunroom Replacement Windows can Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Do you want to use your sunroom all year? Consider connecting the room to your home’s HVAC system or installing a heating unit or cooling system. 

When you design your sunroom, ensure you love it! Then, relax, read, and entertain your guests. Likewise, use this bright space as a mini-greenhouse to begin early seedlings for your garden and grow plants that you can move to different parts of your home. Moreover, grow spices, herbs, and sprouts you can use for remedies or cooking. 

We can Install the Perfect Custom Sunroom Windows

So, are you considering building a sunroom that doesn’t send your energy bills through the rooftop? Or possibly you have built your sunroom. However, you don’t use it much since you haven’t added any of the top sunroom window options discussed above, or either it’s either too hot, too cold, or drafty? 

A sunroom is extraordinary for many reasons, like an office or a place to read a book. However, if the windows don’t insulate properly, you will not get much usage out of the space for most parts of the year. 

Buying energy-efficient replacement windows can decrease your utility bills. To guarantee a fruitful sunroom replacement window installation, consider booking a Clearwater, Florida window company, like Crystal Clear Windows & Doors.

Florida Sunroom Impact Glass Has Added Benefits

Yes, top sunroom window options can have impact windows. The triple layers of impact glass bring benefits over regular solarium panes:

  • Impact window sunrooms are more energy-efficient. The summer heat won’t get in, and the AC system’s cool temperatures won’t get out. Therefore, sunroom impact windows combined with insulated walls and roofing systems will save you money on energy bills.
  • Sunroom installations near me are quiet as the glass layers protect against sounds like loud cars, dogs, and even neighbors.
  • Florida Sunroom windows decrease harmful UV rays, providing homeowners health benefits and less fade for your furnishings.
  • Florida sunroom impact glass also protects from windborne objects and human-produced hazards like a children’s baseball or an intruder throwing a rock trying to break in.
  • Sunroom window glass is made in layers of sheet of glass and plastic. These layers make the panes flexible, and they give significantly greater security against impacts: In the uncommon case that the glass breaks, it looks like a spider web of small pieces instead of dangerous shards. The plastic middle layer holds the pieces together, not allowing them to blow into the room.

Sunroom Installation in Clearwater

Sunroom installation near Clearwater

After homeowners construct the house, they frequently add sunrooms as an interior living space that extends into nature. There are many styles and designs of sunrooms. The best designs usually combine with your current structure and match your home, not something that sits aloof.

Nice visibility is the biggest benefit a sunroom window installation delivers. They’re likewise affordable compared with traditional construction. Sunrooms frequently use existing bases like sturdy yards or wooden decks instead of strong shingles.

Consider your sunroom installation as a modern patio. For quite a long time, American homes were constructed with front or back patios where families would gather and sit to appreciate the outside while being mostly unprotected. Well, unprotected because downpours and wind or fly’s, and bees sent individuals hurrying inside to watch nature from the living room window.

Sunrooms construction in Clearwater has changed what we think about our patios. As innovation advanced, the modern materials offered uses where outside spaces were captured and contained for multi-weather living. Sunrooms are currently built of lightweight and innovative items like:

  • Aluminum
  • Structural vinyl
  • Engineered roof panels
  • Insulated glass
  • Solar-treated, Low-E glass
  • Radiant heating and air conditioning features

What can you use your sunroom installation near me?

People use their Clearwater sunroom addition variedly. Yes, sunroom additions allow natural light in, and people can enjoy great views of the outdoor. Also, sunrooms add space and usefulness for a wide range of activities. Some uses are:

  • Sitting and enjoying a coffee while viewing the outside but protected from the elements
  • Relaxing in the sun without sunburns
  • A sanctuary for reflection and to gather thoughts
  • Enjoying afternoon tea with a good book
  • Perfect home office
  • Television or music rooms
  • Children’s play zone
  • Comfy space for family parties
  • Exercise and workouts room
  • Greenspace for plants and birds