Should I Add a Sunroom or Room Addition to my Home?

Should I add a sunroom or room addition is the question that many homeowners find themselves asking. There are multiple benefits of a sunroom contractor near me adding extra space to your existing home, including the advantage of additional space and the potential to increase resale value. Sunrooms or solariums are popular options for those living in pleasant climates, and homeowners can easily customize them to fit individual needs and desires. 

However, room additions allow homeowners to increase the square footage of their property, providing them with another area in which they can enjoy particularly beneficial for growing families.

The decision between build a sunroom or room addition is difficult, but it’s not! Which will you choose? Well, allow us to help.

 What is a Sunroom? 

sunroom addition before construction process

Sunrooms, better known as screen rooms and solariums, can be three-season sunrooms and four-season sunrooms. As the name suggests, three-season sunrooms are less insulated, and you can use them in spring, summer, and fall. Four-season sunrooms are more like a room addition because they’re insulated to accommodate all four seasons.

Now, a solarium is a type of four-season sunroom that has a glass roof. Moreover, all sunrooms provide a lot of sunlight, thanks to the glass walls or ceiling, and, as well as access to the outdoors. 

What is a room addition? 

room addition matching original house
room addition matching original house

A room addition is a room that is added to your home and made from traditional building materials. A room addition needs a foundation, doors, and windows, and interior and exterior finishes. 

Now, room additions can be traditional or modern. A conventional room addition uses materials like wood siding and asphalt shingles to match the exterior of your house. 

On top of this, a more expensive option is a modern room addition which has an interior with sleek countertops and hardwood flooring. Now, the interior of the room requires built-in electrical access, insulation, and paint. Probably installation or connection to an HVAC system for heat or cold.

How Much Does it Cost To Add A Sunroom?

gorgeous sunroom

When you are thinking about adding a room to your house, it is essential to consider construction costs. 

Multiple factors contribute to the cost of installation, including size and location. Now, for homeowners interested in sunrooms or solarium, this option can be more affordable than adding their home.

Sunrooms can come in pre-fabricated kits or custom-built to the homeowners’ specifications. Pre-fabricated kits can cost less than custom-built sunrooms, but not always. Depending on the customization the homeowners require, pre-fabricated sunrooms can cost more money than custom-built room additions.

Often, most sunrooms don’t require a foundation, but you may need one, which may increase the overall cost for the room. To install a sunroom also will require a building permit. All sunrooms require sunroom installation services and tools, which can increase the overall price of the sunroom addition.

According to Forbes, sunroom costs are below: 

3-Season Room Cost

  • Average Cost $25,000
  • Highest Cost $40,000
  • Lowest Cost $10,000

4-Season Room Cost

  • Average Cost $45,000
  • Highest Cost $80,000
  • Lowest Cost $15,000

How Much Does A Full Room Addition Cost?

Full room addition costs compare to a sunroom addition, with parts and labor plus a building permit. Furthermore, the increased materials can drive up the cost, and room additions take more time to build than sunrooms, increasing the labor hours and the price. 

According to HomeGuide, a room addition cost ranges between $22,500 and $74,000. Furthermore, 20×20 family room costs $48,000 on average, a 12×12 bedroom costs about $17,300, and the cost to add a bathroom starts at $18,000.

How will you use your Sunroom or Room Addition?

Before you decide which one to build, consider knowing the primary usage of the room.

Sunrooms don’t offer privacy, but they do bring the best sunroom window replacements so they’re best for areas that don’t require it. Popular usages of sunrooms are family rooms, playrooms, and hobby rooms, allowing a convenient place with natural light to relax.

You can use full room additions for something personal, like a more oversized bedroom, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, or a home office.

Sunroom Installation Experts

There are many benefits to adding square footage to your home. Benefits include having an additional space that you can spread out, and homeowners can customize their addition to fit their needs and desires! But deciding between a room addition or a sunroom is difficult because there are many reasons why one might be better than the other. 

However, if you live in a climate that experiences harsh winters, then to add a sunroom addition would not make sense. On the other hand, if you live in a temperate region where summers are hot and humid, then installing a solarium could be beneficial for cooling off during these long months of summertime.

Sunroom Installation Service-Tips for Choosing a Dependable Contractor

Not only will the sunroom installation service tell you the addition is the best investment you have ever made, but you will know too when sitting in it. Adding a sunroom to your home was always your dream, but it won’t be a reality until you thoroughly research your options. 

Getting insights before installing a sunroom addition takes due diligence and time. However, the research will be worth the time. 

Our sunroom contractor near me experts will provide you some tips to make an informed decision and enjoy the sun without bugs!

Pros of Sunroom Additions

A sunroom addition gives an extraordinary place to relax following a difficult day of work or at home from parenting. These sunrooms permit you to feel the outside as you sit in a comfortable chair without the danger of sunburns. Many homeowners use these rooms for reading, meditation, or growing plants. 

There are many different things you can do with this space, so get inventive! Furthermore, transform it into a place where your children can do schoolwork. They function admirably for entertaining, as well, particularly if you connect them with a patio or outdoor kitchen. 

A sunroom is an intermediary between the outside and the remainder of your home. If you want an easygoing place, you can use it as a space to remove dirty shoes or a place to dry the dog. However, most homeowners will like the investment to pay off in relaxation time.

Replacement sunroom windows can add much natural light to your home. Besides improving the home’s ambiance, it will save you cash on your energy bill. With natural light coming into your home, you will not consider turning on an overhead light until nighttime. 

Costs Of Sunroom Installations

Sunroom installation service near Clearwater

The pros of having a sunroom added to your home are impressive. And now you might be wondering about the cost of sunroom and sunroom installation service and labor charges. I know nobody wants to hear this, but it depends on many factors. 

The cost of your sunroom addition depends on the expectation of its usage, the amount of time you plan to spend in your sunroom, and if the use will affect the size. Construction size is an excellent indicator of the expense of adding a sunroom to your home. Moreover, the quality of materials you pick and the level of design you utilize can affect the sunroom price

Sunroom cost also depends on the below factors: 

  • The region you live. A few areas like high-demand cities can be more costly to build a sunroom than rural regions with lower labor rates. 
  • The location of your sunroom. Do you have troublesome site preparation issues or difficulties in building with your current structure? Regrettably, the destruction of old construction may likewise cost more. 
  • Energy-efficiency. Some high technology, energy-efficient items are accessible, but the cost will increase steadily. 
  • Finish surfaces. Stone flooring, tile installation, electricity, and millwork can drive up the cost. 
  • Hire a reliable sunroom contractor. Companies with a lot of experience and pedigree may quote higher estimates than start-up businesses. However, hiring a contractor at a low cost might cost more in the end. 

How to Select A Quality and Reliable Sunroom Contractor? 

sunroom contractor and company

The selection of your sunroom contractor might be the best idea when planning a sunroom addition. Quality, reliable sunroom contractors and companies charge a reasonable cost for their labor and accomplish excellent results. 

Of course, not all sunroom contractors are equal in skill and ratings. Ensure you research a sunroom supplier as thoroughly as you explore the design and materials you wanted. 

A few significant things to consider before hiring a sunroom contractor are: 

  • Sunroom experts know everything about sunroom construction. Their experience in sunroom design and installations is huge. However, it takes experience to make a reliable sunroom without leaks and structural issues. 
  • Best customer service. Many sunroom companies near me talk about customer service but don’t deliver much. Great companies have extraordinary employees who take care of their customers’ needs. Investigate the company reviews and pay attention to what past clients said. 
  • Ensure the sunroom contractor has insurance and a license. 
  • Make sure they have examples of sunrooms they’ve built for other clients. Then, visit their website images or visit their showroom since the investment is high caliber. After, you will either fall in love or want to leave the scene. 
  • Also, ensure the expert handles all the different parts of sunroom additions. It will include the building permits and inspections. 
  • They give outstanding warranties. A reliable sunroom contractor stands behind their work and backs it with a warranty. They have the experience to have excellent relations with their material providers and installation teams that reduce the chance of issues. But, when problems emerge, they’ll handle them without BS. 

Choose a Sunroom Installation Service like Crystal Clear Windows and Doors 

We are easy to speak with and don’t use sales pitches. Our quality sunroom installation service invests time in providing the right information and allowing the client the space to make the decision.