Adding a Sunroom? Top Energy Saving Tips

An excellent sunroom builder near me can install a sunroom addition as an incredible method to expand your home’s living space and extend it toward the outside. A sunroom addition can give a space that’s liberated from mosquitos, flies, and different pests. Trust us, you will appreciate the sun in harmony.They can protect you from any wind, rain, or other climate conditions that may hamper an outside get-together too. Plus, if you have pleasant views around your property, a sunroom likewise assists you in exploiting the views.Sunroom Installation in Largo, FL, is an incredible home improvement project that adds value and extends your living space. Plus allows you to appreciate the outside without leaving the comfort of your home. There are many sunroom types and choices to browse, which gives you the flexibility to pick the sunroom that best meets you and your family’s requirements.We can use most sunrooms in the summer when the sun is hottest, and the climate is warm. It is unfortunate when summer is finished since you will stop using your sunroom, right? However, now it’s possible to make your sunroom addition a space you can appreciate all year round even during winter?

Three-Seasons Sunroom Addition

Modern Sunroom Additions-living roomA three-season room isn’t designed to be heated and cooled every day. However, with a space heater, or electric fireplace, you can use a three-season room regularly in a cooler climate. Depending on the type of climate in your region, the time you can use your sunroom may fluctuate.The three-season sunroom you pick is another a key factor in how warm your room stays in the winter. The best three-season sunrooms offer added weather protection and draft resistance, which enhances the use of your room. Plus, interlocking sashes on the sliding doors give added protection against the elements.The glass in your windows can likewise matter in the way you can use your three-season room in winter months. Some three-season rooms come standard with single-pane glass but you can upgrade to double-pane glass whenever liked.A third rare but alternative is Stanek Custom Windows Comfort-Gard® PLUS high-performance glass. This glass upgrade doesn’t darken your room. Besides, this glass keeps heat, which keeps your three-season room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Adding A Sunroom Four Room Addition

If you want to add space to your home that you can heat and cool all year, a four-season room might be the perfect solution. Since four season rooms have a thermally designed frame and 6-inch roof system, these sunrooms can be temperature controlled with a room heating or cooling unit.The triple polypropylene weather-stripping with a fin seal gives you more protection against drafts, which helps keep your room warmer in winter. Also, interlocking sashes on the doors help seal out the weather elements.These double-pane glass enhances heating and cooling performance better than single-pane glass and blocks UV rays more effectively than normal glass. When designing a four-season room, you can also upgrade or opt to the Comfort-Gard PLUS® high-performance glass with Low-E and argon gas.This window glass option is energy efficient for your four season room and can also offer you the most protection from frigid winter climate.

Traditional Sun-room/Home Additions

sunroom design ideasHomeowners can use a traditional sunroom all-year-around since you can integrate it with your home’s HVAC system. Since you can connect the traditional sunroom to your home’s HVAC system, a traditional sunroom can extend your home, offering you the same heating or cooling options as the rest of the home. You can likewise pick a variety of windows to further customize your sunroom.Today, quality Stanek double-hung windows are a magnificent way to protect you from the brutal winter climate. They bring a triple weather seal and various bulb seals that give them a solid rating in the industry.If you are considering adding functional space to your home that you can use all season, it’s essential to think about the cost. Traditional sunroom additions cost more to build than three-seasons or four-season sunrooms, because of the amount of work and materials needed to build these spaces.


Adding a sunroom addition or a home improvement to your house is significant, so you must make the right decision.At Crystal Clear Windows and Doors, we can help you build it in whatever configuration, style, and the features you like.

Four Modern Sunroom Additions Room Use Ideas

Modern sunroom additions have many advantages such as, enhancing your home value, decreasing your electric bill, and boosting the ambiance of your home. However, once you build it, what would you use the sunroom installation in Clearwater? The top ways homeowners use a sunroom depend on some things, such as the size of the sunroom and what purpose or function will the sunroom provides.

In all honesty, many sunroom addition ideas exist besides a proper sitting area. You can use a sunroom as an office, living room, lounge area, dining room, extra room, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Living rooms can surely relax you, but often you need the space for something else. Let’s look at the top four modern sunroom additions that you can use to transform your dull space.

Using a Modern Sunroom Addition as a Home Office

According to Flex Jobs, 3.9 million United States employees work from home half of the time. This means theirs a rise in the interest of at-home office space and using a sunroom as an office could be the solution. Having a different space to switch your mind from home mode to work mode is useful. However, having that home office space also brings the extra advantage of limiting interruptions from the rest of your family members.

Another advantage of having a sunroom as a home office is that sunshine can make you more productive. If you work from home, you’ll likewise enjoy the IRS Home Office Deduction when tax time comes around.

You don’t need to work from home to enjoy the benefits. This space is incredible as a place to store your computer, laptop, and smartphone. It can likewise work for storing significant documents and office supplies.

Use Modern Sunroom Additions as a Family Room or Living Room

Modern Sunroom Additions-living room

Are you bored with your current family room or living room space? Maybe it’s the location in your home’s floor plan that you don’t like. If both things apply to you, and your sunroom has the space you need, consider using your sunroom as a family room. You’ll have the advantage of outdoor living inside space.

Sunrooms are regularly their own refuge, hidden from the rest of the home, surrounded by daylight, all year long. This area makes it a great addition to your family or living room. Homeowners invest a ton of energy in family rooms, so a significant benefit of using a sunroom as a living room is natural lighting. Usually, particularly when the days are longer, using a sunroom addition as a family room can assist you with using less power.

Use a Sunroom as a Dining Room

You could use your sunroom as a dining room. Do you want to move your current dining room because you want to redesign the space or use the space for a different purpose? If it is true, moving the dining room into the sunroom could be helpful in freeing up extra space in the home and making your sunroom more useful.

Do you lack a proper dining room space because the house design isn’t right? Often, a bar or small kitchen and a breakfast nook are all you have. Therefore, you may want more space for entertaining guests—and using your sunroom as a dining area that allows for beautiful ambiance. Also, if you have a little sunroom then make it into the ideal breakfast nook.

No matter the situation, use a sunroom addition as a dining room can be an incredible way to free different zones of your home and give seating to loved ones when you have them for a dinner party. Surely, nature gives your guests perfect views of the outdoors besides entertainment and décor to your dinner visitors.

Using a Modern Sunroom Addition as an Extra Bedroom

modern sunroom additions-extra bedroom

If you need an extra room for visitors, think about using your sunroom. While you may want your sunroom for entertainment or for relaxation, this space functions admirably as an extra bedroom. The size and shape of the sunroom will determine the design of an extra room. For instance, if your sunroom is thin, consider a daybed at one side of the room. Besides the fact that this helps extend the space, it also offers you the chance to use the room as a sitting area when you don’t have visitors around.

You can make a comfortable ambiance for visitors by using a sunroom as a spare room if space isn’t an issue. The natural light makes a bright living space and instead of decorating the walls, you have windows that give visitors a beautiful view every time they visit. Add a seat or sofa, recliner, perhaps a little desk, and you’ll have the extra room you need while transforming your sunroom into a space that works for you.