Home Hurricane Windows-Functionality Out of this World!

When homeowners want to install home hurricane windows, you will get many advantages and security highlights that negate storms and intruders. However, there are many things to anticipate about installing hurricane windows in Tampa, FL

Moreover, don’t forget the useful things that these impact windows near you will bring your home. Indeed, the windows will look extraordinary and add a new look to the house all around. Yet, these windows also bring functional details that are as significant, if not more so. 

Hurricane Windows Secure the Building Envelope 

home hurricane windows installation
Windows offer a huge chance for combined wind and water damage in storms. But manufacturers initially invented impact windows to save structures from destruction. A broken window gives the perfect entry to the wind, which goes into the house, increases pressure, and searches for a way out. 

When a storm breaches a structure envelope, the inside and outside air pressure will make a structure lose a rooftop or a wall. If that occurs, the building can fall apart. The best way to protect against wind damage is to keep it out. 
It means diverting wind and pushing it around the structure or building. It is the top reason hurricane measures have been ordered in Florida for new buildings in hurricane zones. Therefore, all Florida residents should install home hurricane windows. 

These Impact Windows Won’t Break Easily! 

The best function of these windows is they are impact-resistant windows. It means in a terrible storm, if an object gets picked up and tossed into the glass, it will not break. Besides protecting your house from a thrown object, it also protects against a burglar who hurls a rock at the glass to attempt to get in. 

Sadly for the burglar and fortunate for you, it will not break even after a few attempts. Furthermore, if a child throws a baseball inside and misses the catch, hitting the window won’t cause damage.
Those are enormous benefits; these hurricane windows will prevent storms, burglars, and accidental balls thrown from breaking your windows. It won’t cost you any money losses.

The Home Hurricane Windows Open And Close Easily

Picture or fixed windows are the most energy-efficient since they don’t open at all. But these impact new windows will open and close easily. The windows on a track will slide open and shut smoothly.
Those on a crank, similar to casement windows, will crank open quickly. It’ll take a matter of seconds to accomplish the function.
It’s ideal to know you can ventilate your home in any room of the house effortlessly. It’s likewise great that these windows open easily if a fire breaks out and you need to leave quickly. 

Hurricane Windows Feature Secured Locks

Old locks can get old quickly and not work appropriately. Often, these window latches would rust shut or broken, so they couldn’t open by any means. Therefore, It’s acceptable to know that when you close your new home hurricane windows and lock them from within, they’re secure.
You don’t need to stress over anyone prying them open from the outside. Your home is now more secure than at any other time. 

Impact Windows help Keep Air Out and In 

Perhaps the best thing about home hurricane windows is that they keep the outside air out and inside air in. No more leaks like the old windows too.
Installers tightly seal these impact-resistant windows, and that will have an enormous effect on your energy bills. The energy bill will lower, and you can pay yourself back for the investment you made in the windows. 

The Home Hurricane Window Frames Add Strength to the Glazing 

Impact windows by themselves can’t do much without frames. Manufacturers built impact windows or doors from wood, metal, vinyl, or any combination. Nevertheless, frames for impact windows are usually heavier than standard windows.
Mainly because the makers know the glass won’t break, but a powerful force could hit the window hard enough to make the entire frame give way. 

The frame can be any material. However, they have stiffeners and reinforcement inside to help them bear the wind impact. Many windows have reinforced steel frames built-in, which makes a robust design. It takes a lot more to have a residential hurricane window than simply placing a tempered glass. 

Hurricane Window Installation in Florida Experts crystal clear workers working on window Crystal Clear Windows & Doors Tampa, FL

When you install your impact windows in Tampa, FL, they will look incredible on your home. These impact windows would also function tremendously and give you many different advantages, as discussed above.
Crystal Clear Windows and Doors’ experts can provide you a free consultation and recommend the best home hurricane windows.

Choose Impact Window Installations

How to Choose Impact Window Installations

Choose Impact Window Installations Correctly, Hurricanes are no joke! You live in Florida and have experienced a hurricane you know precisely what I’m talking about. We’ve all seen those ugly and scary post-storm pictures of houses torn down.

We have seen photos of  2×4 of wood speared through a window, shattered glass all over the home. Worst of all your possessions and furniture can get scattered all over the place. High wind storms can wreck and even destroy your home if you don’t have the right windows in place. 

Choosing The Right Impact Hurricane Window Installation Company

Choosing Impact Windows in Pinellas County.
Crystal Clear Windows & Doors Serving All Pinellas County!

Having a home near the ocean is great, enjoying those long walks on the beach every day or enjoying the beautiful sunset every afternoon or the sunshine and cool breezes. But when hurricane season comes, you better be ready, and what’s the best window choice to protect a home?

One of the first things that go in a hurricane or high winds is the windows. Non-impact windows will not stand winds of 100 mph, weather and projectiles the way a high impact window will. Weak, inefficient windows can be the difference between preserving family safety and possession, and disaster.

As a matter of fact according to the IHPA (International Hurricane Protection Association), once winds get inside your home during a hurricane, the roof and most of your home’s structure will not survive. The reason is that the pressure builds up will cause these elements to separate, and to destroy a house in a matter of minutes.

Good read https://www.sun-sentinel.com/sfl-earlybuild02jun02-story.html

Why is it necessary to have impact windows?

Selecting The Best Impact Window Company.

Things like higher property insurance premiums, higher noise levels, lower resale value. Not to mention lower intruder protection and less UV protection for you and your family.

In most case what shatters the windows during a hurricane is not the high winds, but what wind picks up and throws through your windows.  Besides the damaged property and broken glass, having weak, non-impact windows can unleash a whole other host of challenges on your property.

Are you still debating on upgrading your old windows with high impact windows?

So what’s the best way to protect your home from any hurricane? Opt for an active, durable, proven impact window to protect your family, loved on and home.

Choosing to get high impact windows for your home or commercial property great choice and it makes total sense on many levels. High impact windows are put through some of the most robust and rigorous tests.

So How Do High Impact Windows Work?

They are designed to ensure that the windows, in most cases the weakest element of the house, won’t compromise the home during a hurricane. High impact windows withstand winds of 100mph and more. This helps the windows resist the penetration of flying debris during a hurricane. With this impact protection, your home structure will not fail you because of your windows.

The minute the structure penetrated by flying debris, internal pressure starts to build up destroying the residence. In most cases, the roof is the first to go followed by the walls, leaving you with a complete disaster.

Besides safety reasons, opting for high impact windows improve almost all areas of homeownership.  That is why the quality of impact windows has to meet hurricane debris codes in Pinellas County. 

We mention some reasons why it is essential to opt for high impact windows. Keep an eye out for the second part of this article. Good luck with your next project.

Impact Window Contractor

Hire An Impact Window Contractor

Any Impact Window Contractor home improvement project is something very serious to plan. Some projects may be more significant than, and some may be more expensive than others. Whether you’re changing your front doos, painting your kitchen or need impact window replacement, you need to know how to hire the right professionals. In this article, we are going to give you some tips to use before you hire an impact window company. In the first part, we talked about verifying the contractor’s credentials and complaints. Also verifying workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. Experience, checking for the physical address, and also check references, make sure you read the first part.

Hire A Well Known Impact Windows Contractor

Window installation   So you’ve decided to go with the right company after verifying, and they’re good to go. Ok now, make sure that you speak with a specialist that will assist you in a professional matter. Let them answer all of your questions leaving no doubt. Also, ask them to give you access to a greater range of window options. Ensure that the provider fully understands all of the nuances of working with these products. A professional should advise you on what type of window to use and what is the best style suitable for your home.

Don’t focus solely on the window company install price

  You should never let cost be the sole factor that you consider. Most respectful and reputable companies maintain reasonably competitive rates. Some contractors that quote prices very low are for the following reasons. A) they’re cutting corners, or they have hidden costs. It best to pay a reasonable price and get great RIO (Return on Investment). You might save on the upfront cost and experience long-term problems.

Get a written contract for your new windows!

  update present windows to enhance efficiency   A contract is for you to protect yourself, and to make sure you are getting done exactly what you want. Some have contracts others don’t some companies will ask for you to make a verbal contract (never fall for that). You should look for companies that offer reliable, professional work contracts. This contract should include a very detailed breakdown of all labor and materials, including detailed specifications along with the exact cost for each of these things. Also, make sure to ask your contractor for a cohesive write-up of any warranties or satisfaction guarantees that the provider supplies.

Go with your window replacement instincts

  Always trust your gut feeling guys and go with your instincts, this of course after verifying everything that we mentioned. So after having a list of at least five companies that you think are suitable start trusting your instincts and make that final decision. This is a significant project and one that will likely require a considerable investment. Keep an eye out for those companies offering rates that are far below the normal prices. Also, those promising to get the job done in half the time. This automatically raises a few red flags about the contractor.  

Tips To Hire An Impact Window Company

Hire An Impact Window Company

Impact window replacements like any home improvement project are something dire to plan. Some projects may be more significant than, and some may be more expensive than others. Whether you are upgrading your windows to high impact windows, you need to know how to hire the right Impact Window Company professionals. In this article, we are going to give you some tips to use before you hire a High Impact Company. setup

Confirm the contractor credentials and Reviews

Some window installers call themselves experts, but they need a valid window installation license. A reputable impact window company will post its licensing information on all marketing materials, including their websites. Verifying the companies has a state license number, it’s not quite enough. Research with the issuing local government institution to see if the license is current. another thing you can check, any recent legal issue or complaints with the license within the past few years. Use the internet it’s a when wanting to verify info, getting a review, etc.

Verify workers compensation and general liability insurance

This is a very delicate matter and also very important for both party the worker and the homeowner. When hiring a company that has adequate insurance is essential for protecting your interest. God forbid a worker should sustain any injuries while performing a job on your home, this ensures that you are not held legally and financially responsible for the damages. Some companies sometimes will post copies of their insurance certification on their website; it is important and better to receive these documents directly from the insurers instead. To be on the safe side!

Experience says a lot in Window installation contracting!

crystal clear windows and doors Experience is vital when looking for the right impact window company. A reputable company that has been around a few years or more are more likely to have a great relationship with the top supply companies, not only that but may also have excellent training practices for their workers and technicians, and a better handle on how these projects should be managed. From the get-go when hiring a company with a lot of experience, you are guaranteed to get better results.

A physical address is a must

Don’t make the same mistakes a lot of homeowners make, by handing over a hefty deposit to a company that does not have a landline telephone, a physical address or contact info. It’s sad to say, there are a few slick fly-by-night operations in the high impact window industry. keep an eye so far for companies with an address, license, and insurance. These types of companies are more than likely to be legitimate and trustworthy.

Get references (no less than 5)

is it time to replace your old windows or upgrade your existing windows   When you’re in business no matter what industry your references are vital. So your past jobs should back you up on your next project. Looking at a company’s past projects will allow you to assess the artistry and skill that these professionals lend their work. Call past clients and asking them if they were satisfied with the process and overall results. Also, ask about any material-related delays, if clean-ups efforts were performed on time. One more thing,  issues should have been handled in a timely matter. OK, folks, here you have tips to consider before you hire a high impact window contractor, keep an eye out on our impact windows and doors blog, where we’ll continue to talk about other suggestions. Good luck with your upcoming projects  

11 Different Types of Window Glass

Being enthusiastic about new or replacement glass window installation for the house or business sounds good, but you surely need to perform your exploration first. So you could make sure that you pick the right one. Are you a specialist? Well, it does not matter much; however, you at least need to know the fundamentals of windows and the number of diverse types that are available. Picking the right window for the home involves several facets. Besides the cost, you will need to make sure the window glass offers insulating material and could save you more energy. Many window glass types help prevent harmful ultraviolet rays or shield the home from the outside noise. Also, experts in impact window in Clearwater, FL can guide you if you’re trying to get some hurricane protection too. But first, let me help you understand the numerous kinds of window glass that are available for the house or job.

Float Glass

Float glass gets its name from the procedure of forming molten glass into large, flat panels. Throughout the process, molten glass is floated on the molten tin, producing a flat sizeable narrow glass panel. It’s first a sheet of glass until it’s trimmed, treated, improved and put to a framework — a starting material for the window. It’s cheap, colorless glass as a good starting point for that which will end up quality windows, glass panels, and doors.

Safety Laminated Glass

safety laminated glass
It’s extra-strong, security-enhanced glass generated by fusing at two panes around an inner layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral). This procedure employs a high heating and pressure mix process to produce a robust panel. For those who require glass to remain put at the framework whether it’s busted, for security or safety reasons, then safety laminate glass gets the pick. After all, it has laminated glass technology that your vehicle’s windshield comes with, for instance, making sure an object colliding with the glass doesn’t hit the driver or spray shards of glass inside.

Obscured Glass

Obscured glass allow light to enter, but doesn’t permit people outside to see through. They come frosted, etched, coated or designed so you cannot look over it and if you do it will look shadowy. It’s one reason why it’s the hottest kind of glass for bathroom windows, shower doors and, entrance doors.

Annealed Glass

The process of annealing is a slow careful and controlled procedure for cooling a panel of float glass. The objective of this practice is to fortify the glass by cutting back on the stress caused by it by cooling it. Annealed glass isn’t the perfect pick for windows since it’ll render shards and large sharp bits of glass if it’s broken.

Tinted Glass

Tinted Windows
Any glass that includes coloring it’s called tinted glass. It’s sometimes made for many reasons, for example, design, aesthetics, privacy and lowering heat from the sun. Also, protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. You usually see cars, skylights and cosmetic panels, however, you also could use it for outside windows to add more privacy to your home or office.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is annealed glass only 4x stronger. It cannot get trimmed; hence the tempering process occurs just after the annealed glass is cut and finished in the wanted size. The glass gets heated to above 1200 degrees and quickly cooled. Then to create heat-soaked tempered glass, the panes get baked at 550 degrees. The glass stays shaky, likely it’s going to break. The procedure tests the glass until it’s ready for real-time operations. The tempered glass that its use by vehicles is needed so you can break out if there’s an emergency.

Insulated Glass

insulated glass
Insulated glass windows are optimized for energy efficiency. Maybe two or three panes of glass with argon in the spaces between the panes. The glass panes within an insulated unit usually come tempered or laminated. An insulated glass unit also features a desiccant component, ensuring condensation will not form between the panels, and you cannot wipe off. It’s terrific for exterior glass as it helps you maintain the cooling and heating prices down.

Mirrored Glass

A panel is given a metallic coating on one side to produce mirrored glass. This coat is sealed using an extra protective sealant, making a mirror effect. You could find mirrored glass used as decorative roles, like on walls, doors, and furniture. Mirrored glass is pretty, but it’s not for outside windows.

Low-e Glass

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Image by Maghriby2660
Low-e emissivity glass is specially formulated to reflect radiation. The low-e coating keeps infrared beams out, while light filters through. Throughout the summer, the glass reflects the heat from your residence, and in winter, your indoor heating stays inside your home and won’t escape through the windows. It reduces cooling and heating expenses. Low-e glass could be a pricey asset; however, the savings in the future will be worth every penny.

Wired Glass

It’s not necessarily a security glass, but it’s a fire-resistant glass. Hospitals, schools, and other industrial buildings use wired glass. The power of the wires assembled into the panes will support the glass in the framework if it shatters under heat such as a building fire. Also, it could withstand a burst of a firefighter’s hose without blowing off shards all over. While wired glassworks perfect for all industrial uses, it’s not for residential homes.

Heat-Strengthened Glass

To build heat-strengthened glass panels, the glass gets reheated above 1200 and cooled. It doesn’t chill as fast as tempered glass, so it’s less reliable. Heat-strengthened glass remains robust, but it might still break and shatter into sharp pieces. It’s not used for outside windows until it gets laminated.


window glass types
So you weren’t aware of the many types of glass for windows? But now you understand a little bit more about glass technology and how useful the window technology has evolved. Now you’re going to have the ability to select the right one for the house or office. For instance, anesthetics, security, and energy-saving. Allow one of our glass door installations in Clearwater, FL expert to come out and give you an estimate and change your home or office.