5 Tips For Hiring A Hurricane Window Company

What you need to consider before hiring a hurricane window company? We are sure you love the view from your windows, but it is a must to consider impact windows due to natural disasters. Today we share tips with you to help you choose the right impact window company.  We will show the essential facts you have not considered; this may sway your decision.

You have reached us to know more about what options you can find and how to choose a suitable company. Day after day, we have more natural disasters, especially hurricanes. You got tired of trying to protect your windows with wood, which is inefficient. Windows’ frames end up deteriorating and even breaking by using old ways. You waste time placing and removing the material used whenever a storm approaches.

Now, what do hurricane window companies offer? Modern impact window companies near Clearwater, Florida, offer resistance materials to stand hard storms in many styles, which are adequate to your needs. We can find all we need and even things we did not think possible, but we were looking for our entire life.

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Hurricane Window Companies Provide Beautiful Energy Efficient Windows

Any time you are looking for the best option for your window, we know you want to be very informed. You can be sure that the best hurricane window company will offer you the top brands. We can assure you your house will look sophisticated and be safe against any weather conditions in your area.

These days you can find companies offering windows with more advantages than you think. Always ask for hurricane windows and doors with energy efficiency, this saves you cash on energy bills and makes your home more comfortable without sacrificing house style.

You should be reviewing companies in your city since it will haste a quick response. The TOP hurricane impact windows & doors will give you beautiful results. The best local company offers all the services and products offered to you by the best local company to bring you the best performance to meet your criteria.

Hire A Hurricane Window Company That’s Has Certification & Insurance

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The best company is not only the one that suits your expectations with proper solutions but also backed by appropriate authorities. This matter goes beyond the certified skills offered; it covers every product and service advertising.

Look for a company that goes beyond installing products and gives services, but provides you a list of clients and 5 Star reviews. A warranty focus on your needs is one for a lifetime that will bring you peace, knowing that you spent your money and entrusted the best.

Crystal Clear in Pinellas County Offers Financing!

Research for a company that offers you payment options according to your budget. You can get weekly, biweekly, or monthly payment installments and even agreements of how much you can pay every time you make payment.

There are multiple options; thus, you can review to get what you need avoiding paying interest or high fees. In our commitment to satisfying customers, additionally, we have a partnership with  Hearth Financial that can offer you a loan if needed. Their requirements can be few since they focus on crucial matters as it is your safety due to weather conditions.

Remember to request free estimates from the companies rank as the best ones to compare products and services offered at the best price. Your friends and coworkers can help you find more options with their referrals about companies they have used they considered the best.

We Offer Free In-Home Estimates For 4 or More Windows and Doors!

You can always make a list of every possible question, and by reading our blog search for the answer. When you are ready to install new hurricane windows then, call us! The friendly specialist in charge of your request will clarify any doubts you have about the process.

We offer discounts if you are hiring a hurricane window company and replacements. We also make sun-room additions, and also we have two stores fronts. The first one is in Clearwater, FL, and the second is in St. Petersburg. We service for now by appointments only; by all means, contact us. We provide email, chat on our website, and of course, phone calls.

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Can Custom Storm Impact Windows Prevent Burglary in Central Florida?

When you are trying to think of ways to protect your home, one thing that doesn’t come to mind is custom storm impact windows. People think about smart deadbolt locks and an alarm system but not a way to protect their windows. However, one way burglars gain access to a house is by breaking the glass of a window or door and unlocking it from the inside. If they can do this before anyone notices them, they have gained access with relative ease. The hurricane impact-resistant windows in Clearwater, Florida, can deter these criminals because they cannot break through them without being noticed by passersby outside. Let us examine some reasons why impact windows stop burglars below!

The best Impact window replacements are sturdier than regular single pane glass windows. Yes, the glass can break, but it won’t puncture, preventing an intruder’s easy entry. Also, remember the more time spent breaking a window, the more likely a neighbor will notice the commotion and call the police before anything can happen inside of your home! It is precious because a burglar will just need to break the glass and turn the latch to enter the house with regular windows.

Storm Impact Windows Made to Take the Hit 

DP rating impact windows

Top manufacturers make custom storm impact windows to resist the impact of fast-flying debris. So, it would be unthinkable for a burglar to get through the glass by breaking it with a rock or hands. With the best storm impact windows, it is impossible. So, it bodes well to install impact windows on your property, the glass is made to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds; it could indeed prevent an individual with a hammer or rock. 

Custom Impact Windows can Splinter, But Not Shatter 

The manufacturers that make hurricane impact windows made them like your vehicles’ windshield. They come with many glass layers divided by a middle layer of plastic material that holds them together if an attack occurs. 

Rather than breaking as a standard glass pane of glass, the window splinters yet hold together. It means that regardless of whether a burglar tries to break the glass, the individual won’t walk into the home. An impact window makes it unthinkable for anyone to have a straightforward break-in. 

Impact windows take More Time to Break 

While impact-resistant windows aren’t indestructible to penetrate, they take longer to break. To break an impact-resistant window, a burglar would cause a commotion and probably get caught. Getting through impact windows usually takes significant work and energy, forcing intruders to stop. 

Criminals typically need a fast in and out method when committing a crime. So, they don’t get caught, but with impact-resistant windows, their ability to quietly and quickly enter a home goes out the window. 

Do You Need Storm Impact Windows? 

custom storm impact windows

The regions that need custom storm impact windows and other impact-resistant items like storm doors are near the coast. Or in an area that witnesses nasty weather and high winds. For example, residents in Florida require impact windows and doors by building codes. And residents near them would most likely need impact windows because of their protection near the hurricane-prone region. 

Now, with the burglary prevention bonus, you might consider having impact windows installed in a region where burglary is common. No one needs to see their windows broke into and all valuables looted. 

So, “Do you need impact windows in Clearwater Beach?” Yes, if you live in a region prone to dangerous weather, for example, residents of Louisiana and Florida. But our impact window installers can also install hurricane windows and doors to prevent burglary and other crimes in areas where the crime rate has increased.

Do the Best Impact Windows Beat Standard Windows?

Replacing the old windows of a house with the best impact windows is a significant decision. Home windows essentially affect the ventilation, room temperature, lighting of a house, and security even more meaningful. So, Florida windows and doors are significant investments that incredibly affect the house’s structure. 

Hence, when it is the right time for a window replacement project, homeowners need recommendations from a professional window company near me to explain the benefits of home impact windows. Then, a significant decision comes down to which type of window to pick: to buy standard windows to install hurricane shutters later on or install impact-resistant windows that don’t need shutter protection. 

Your old windows cannot protect you and your loved ones from the elements, but one type of window can do it plus more. Therefore, you merit the best hurricane windows that you can afford. Here is why you should think about installing impact windows and not standard windows. 

Are Impact Windows the Smarter Choice? 

PGT Home replacement windows

Yes, if you live in Florida and other regions prone to hurricanes, consider the best hurricane windows instead of standard windows. It could turn into a nightmare when you face a storm ill-prepared. Most building codes in the state necessitate that you have windows that protect you during high winds. Regrettably, standard windows don’t give storm protection. 

So, you will need to either install impact windows or shutters over your home windows to comply with the building codes or get fined. Impact windows comply with the building codes and keep your home safe with their one-time installation.

Impact Windows bring Better Security Design 

The best impact window uses shatter-resistant glass to stop structural and interior damages or, worse, injury to the occupants. The glass stays inside a strong aluminum frame. So when high winds send an object into your window, the frame and the glass will withstand it. 

The second layer of glass on the windows breaks without sending glass shards into your home. So, the shards stick to a membrane between the two layers of glass. 

However, standard windows have one layer of glass that offers no protection. When the glass breaks, water, and wind can enter your home. You can experience extreme damage during a hurricane when you have standard windows. 

Hurricane Windows allows Homeowners to Take Less Time Preparing for a Storm 

When weather experts forecast a hurricane towards your region, you don’t have much time to think. You need to consider making evacuation plans and going to the supermarket to buy food and water supplies, so you have a lot on your plate. 

Stressing over your windows adds to your activities. If you have standard windows, it could require hours to install shutters or plywood to endure the hardship. 

Hurricane impact windows give you one less thing to worry about. Rather than securing your windows on a not-so-comfortable ladder, you can concern yourself with the wellbeing of yourself and your family. Remember, impact windows are a one-time installtion, and youll have to remove the shutters once the storm has passed.

Impact Resistant Window can Add Appearance unlike Shutters

impact window company

If you have standard windows, you will need to add shutters or another layer of security. Shutters or plywood take up space and require storage, and some of the time, that storage people can see. 

Your storm shutters can affect the look of your home. However, impact windows don’t need any additional protection or labor, allowing your home’s appearance to look splendid. 

The fact remains that impact-resistant windows can add to the appearance of your home. Impact windows come in many styles allowing homeowners many choices. When you look for home windows, you can find a style that matches your home. 

Impact Windows allow More Natural Light

When a storm hits, the electricity might fail for a few days. During all those days without light, your hurricane windows could prove useful. They permit more light into your home than shutters. So, instead of sitting at home in darkness, you could see more by having more natural light in your home. 

Furthermore, you likewise don’t have to hurry to bring down any equipment as it doesn’t need any. With so many things to worry about, stress before and post a hurricane, you shouldn’t need to hurry to take down equipment since it can be dangerous. 

Make the Right Decision with Impact Windows

If you think your home requires the best storm protection, consider installing new impact windows. Our professional home window installation Clearwater, FL, can explain the installation process and the benefits of impact windows. 

Here at Crystal Clear Windows and Door, we can find the right windows for your home.

High Impact Windows VS Hurricane Shutters-Which is Better?

High impact windows and hurricane shutters are standard options for protecting your home during a hurricane and tornado. 

If you live in Coastal areas, our Clearwater window and door company recommends protecting your home, family, and pets from storm winds and debris. Furthermore, your home’s safety and yours will depend on the planning you make to ensure it can withstand these severe storms. 

When the expert’s meteorologists forecast a hurricane for your region, you want to have serenity knowing that you have done everything possible to shield your home from the dangers of incredible storms. However, hurricane goods and protection is a significant business, and there are many options. 

For instance, the best hurricane impact windows and hurricane shutters can offer protection against intense storm winds and debris, but one is better. 

Yet, how will you figure out which hurricane protection is suitable for your home? Well, read below to find out! 

High impact windows-Advantages

high impact windows
  • 24 Hour Best Protection: If you installed high-impact windows, then your protected even when your window is smashed with an object. That will keep your home’s envelope intact, meaning no wind will enter through. Or, a hole can cause the air pressure to expand and permit other windows, walls, or roofs to give way. 
  • Burglar prevention: Impact glass windows can prevent burglary. Anyone attempting to enter your home will first need to break the impact glass windows. Trust us that will not come easy to any intruder. 
  • Professionally Installed: Although impact windows cost more than hurricane shutters, you can install them alone without needing shutters over them. 
  • Increased property value: The installation of house hurricane windows can increase the value of your property in many ways. Hurricane-resistant windows can give you an excellent ROI whether you sell or refinance your home. 
  • Some reliable high-impact window manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty.

High impact windows-Disadvantages

  • Inial Investment: The significant disadvantage of impact windows in your home is the average cost of impact windows products. But hurricane windows are worth the investment over time and their lifespan.
  • Replacing your windows: Hurricane impact windows don’t fit over your current windows. Impact windows will replace your regular windows with robust glass and window frames that withstand strong winds and projectiles. 

Hurricane Shutters: Advantages

hurricane shutter
  • Excellent quality: Many people like shutters because of their reliability. You can install shutters easily, but remember to fasten as indicated by your building. 
  • Many Styles: Hurricane shutters come in many styles to match your home’s style, budget, and needs. An expert installer can also retrofit them over existing windows. 
  • Affordable: Hurricane shutters can cost as little as $8 per square foot. However, roll-down and Colonial shutters may cost $30 or more. You can install shutters on old buildings until you can afford the cost of a more permanent solution. 
  • Easily Removed: Homeowners can easily remove hurricane shutters whenever the storm has passed, so your home looks good again. 

Hurricane Shutters- Disadvantages

  • Difficult to Handle: When buying hurricane shutters, you’ll have to consider they’re challenging to handle. Usually, the installation process requires two people for everything to go smoothly. And how long will the installation take? Often, roll-down shutters can be set up with the press of a button. However, other shutters require at least 1 hour to finish the installation process on the home. 
  • You cannot install them immediately: If you’re away on a trip or out of town, hurricane shutters cannot be installed by themselves. Therefore, your home is at serious risk. However, high-impact windows will provide peace of mind while away. Yes, these impact windows are perfect while your away since you don’t have to hurry back home to install them before the storm arrives. 
  • Hurricane shutters provide little protection against noise: Shutters don’t protect against outside noises like cars and even loud neighbors. You will also spend the day or night hearing the hurricane winds that sound like a group of trains passing by your windows. 
  • Lock you up without allowing light: In some instances, hurricane shutters have locked people inside their houses without allowing in much light. So, it may require a remarkable effort to open them if you need to go outside when debris like tree branches block your exit doors. 

Why do I recommend High Impact Windows over Hurricane Shutters?

After looking through the advantages and disadvantages of both, it’s time to decide which is better? I recommend installing impact windows in Clearwater, Florida

High impact windows offer better protection for your home 24/7, which is the best reason when choosing the two.

The advantages of 24/7 protection plus UV light reduction, noise reduction, and energy efficiency will change your opinion. Hurricane windows do have a higher upfront cost, but they’re worth every penny.