Essential Question to Ask before Buying your Front Door Replacement

You most likely invest no energy thinking of your front door replacement, but a quality entry door installation in Clearwater, FL is essential to the safety of your family and home. When your door shows signs of aging, it could be time to replace it.

Homeowners benefit from a well-built door that lasts more than 20 years. However, to ensure that you’re newly purchased door is beautiful, energy-efficient, and secure for a long time, it’s critical to ask a lot of questions when you talk with your exterior door replacement installer.

Our Crystal Clear Windows and Doors team has helped many clients find and install the ideal exterior replacement door for their homes. Before you buy your new doors, remember the following inquiries.

What is the Best Front Door Replacement Material for your Home?

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While picking a door material, you must think about value, energy efficiency, maintenance, and style. They usually make doors from one of the following materials:

Wood: Wood entryways come in many styles and finishes, so you can make a remarkable door that matches your home’s appearance. Wood doors require more maintenance and can fade or warp after some time when they get a lot of direct sunlight every day.

Steel: It’s difficult to beat steel quality. Plus, you can paint to match other outside components and are amazingly energy-efficient.

Fiberglass: For an energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and economical choice, fiberglass is a superb choice. Many companies also offer robust fiberglass doors with the look of genuine wood.

Storm impact doors: Besides preventing storm winds from entering your home impact doors also protect against break-ins and burglaries. It is because of both their unique sturdy frames and their impact-resistant glass. This level of security brings significant serenity and can also bring down the homeowner’s insurance. It seems like a straightforward decision for us!

Exterior Doors with Glass-Exterior doors can come with large panes set in a frame, similar to those used in sliding and storm doors. Also, they can come from materials like hardwood, metal, or composite, with littler windows insets inside the door.

Door Locks and Hardware

While robust locks and door equipment improve your security, they can also enhance your doors’ style. With many choices accessible for new doors, it’s ideal to ask an expert exterior door installer for tips to guarantee that your new locks and equipment give the level of security you need at a cost-effective cost.

A few makers significantly offer modern high-tech devices, for example, a smart lock for an additional layer of protection and genuine feelings of serenity.

Do you want the Doors to Swing Inward or Outward?


While most doors swing inward, the climate you live in can affect your choice. Outward-swinging doors are common for homeowners in areas that experience powerful winds, for example, hurricanes.

These outward-swinging doors help decrease risks that the door gets blown inward besides preventing burglar break-in attempts. Inward-swinging doors are helpful in regions that get a lot of snow. With an inward-swinging door, you won’t get caught inside your home when snow accumulates against the door.

Do your new doors have warranties?

To protect your investment, ensure that your new doors have a manufacturer’s warranty. Most door makers offer lifetime or limited lifetime warranties on their items.

Make sure you Hire a Licensed and Insured Contractor

With many so-called experts scamming people today, it’s essential to pick an expert door installer to install your new doors. Ask to see proof from the contractor, for example, insurance or licenses, besides coverage for any laborers who will be on your property.

DIY or Professional Front Door Replacement

Entry door installation isn’t a straightforward DIY project for the local handyman. It’s essential to ask a contractor how long they have been in business, but it’s also critical to know some recommendations.

Checking some reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, and other trusted sites can help you better understand how these companies deal with people. Everyone has had a dispute, but knowing how they deal with it shows you their commitment to customer support.

Also, this can help you ensure they are specialists committed to providing high-quality craft and services.

Hire Crystal Clear Windows and Doors for your Front Door Replacement Project

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Do you need a new front door replacement for your home? At Crystal Clear Windows and Doors, we can install many types of beautiful and energy-efficient doors that will keep your family safe for quite a long time.

From sliding glass door replacements to beautiful double entry doors with sidelights, we’ll help you make a custom door that you will love forever!

Front Entry Door Replacement Tips for Homeowners

When is it time to replace your door with a modern front entry door replacement? People say individuals don’t use their front doors as much as they used to, but I disagree. People use the garage and side doors, but they still use the front door.

The issue is that most people today consider replacing their old single-pane, non-energy efficient windows. However, they don’t think about replacing their entryways. You’re heating and cooling are being squandered more than in the normal home without a quality front entry door besides its security benefits.

Let’s check the top signs to replace your old door with a quality one installed by our Clearwater door installation experts.

Are you Struggling to Open and Close the Front Entry Door?

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When your door is hard to open and close, it might be time to replace it with a modern door. If you feel that your door sticks in the winter and is straightforward to open and close in the summer, that is a strong sign your entryway is wasting energy. If you have rusted hinges, then that is another problem.

However, if it’s sticking into the doorjamb and your door has exposed areas where you can see the light. Seeing the light from within or outside without the door being open is another issue. Consider using a lighter a few inches around those edges; look at what the fire does. If the fire attempt to move directly outside the entryway, it will mean leaking air.

Does your Front Entry Door have Dings and Rust?

Dings and rust on a door show that the structural integrity of the entryway might be compromised. Manufacturers make residential doors of wood, fiberglass, glass, and often steel on a wood frame. The structural integrity of your door will suffer if you have a cheap door. Well, for instance, imagine bringing five grocery bags in each hand, and when you reach the entryway, you give it a little kick to open. Yet, you notice a significant dent in your front entryway.

Can a front entry door that dents so easily shield your home from a burglar who wants to kick it down? Now, if the door has rust, then moisture isn’t originating from only the outside but might get into the interior wood frame too. I wouldn’t trust a weak door that can’t keep my home, my friends, and family protected.

Does your Front Entry Door have Moisture Between the Glass Panes?

front door moisture issues

Nowadays, many glass doors come with double-paned glass. After some time, the seal between those two panes will fail and cause moisture that will create mildew or mold between the panes of glass. It is a frightening thing to find in an entryway. People neglect home windows since manufacturers make windows of inorganic materials and withstand a lot of heat, making them simpler to prolong. Yes, you can wait a little longer since there is no fear of mildew or mold spreading into the home.

When you have seal failure between your doors glass panes, the mold will get surrounded by organic material. But, when your door is hidden or doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight, this can be a huge issue. Homeowners don’t want to hear mold remediation. Therefore, when you have a door with moisture between the glass panes, it’s time to look for a replacement.

Wooden Door Issues like Warping, Weathered or Cracked

Wood doors can get a pounding over their lifetime. People kick them, are slammed, and get exposed to tremendous weather changes. If you have an old strong wood door but have gone through hell, then consider replacing it with a new one. A significant number of these entryways have expanded and contracted over several winters and summers.

These doors have cracks, warped, and have endured a lot of punishment. When you examine your old sturdy wood door, look for light coming into the room from the wood door. Many old wooden doors have stress fractures in the grains of the entryway. These stress fractures expose the outside elements to the inside of your home or the other way around.

Water Damage or Insect Damage?

If you have experienced water damage because of a flood or storm, you must replace the wood door. Many people with this issue realize that when the wood breaks easily and softly, it’s not secure enough to support the door structure or protect your home from intruders. It applies to insect damage.

If your pest expert revealed to you that about half of the wood’s structure is compromised, your R-Value has also been lowered. So, your home is simpler to break into, but simultaneously you’re welcoming more passageways for water or insects to damage your door. Plus, you are also squandering your heating and cooling. Loss of R-Value is a serious issue regarding a door since that is your thermal barrier (except if your door is made of all glass).

Hire the right Front Entry Door Replacement Expert

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Your front entry door replacement provides a great way to enter your home but also can enhance the overall beauty and reduce your energy bills. Therefore, when you know it’s time to replace your front door consider hiring a reliable and expert door installer in Saint Petersburg.

The Type of Front Door That Is Right For Your Home

The best home appearance sometimes starts with the type of front door or a new door installation in Clearwater, FL project. We often paint our homes and improve things such as the garage, but we forget the front door brings a charming appeal to any home. No characteristic of the house says welcome like a lovely and inviting front entrance.

Luckily, there many styles to select that ensures you’ll find the right design and the appearance to fit your house needs — for example, traditional, Craftsman, modern, rustic, and, much more. However, you can also choose many materials includes metal, wood, fiberglass, and, glass.

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors will take a look at a few of the designs available on the marketplace and the materials:

Traditional Front Door


Traditional style front doors may feature two to twelve panels. They also could contain glass inserts with scrollwork and colored panes. These designs are available in metal, wood, and, fiberglass alternatives that are pre-hung and prepared to install after purchase.

Customized made choices for garage doors are also offered too. Perfect if you’re trying to accomplish a design in a place where the door opening isn’t standard.

Craftsman Replacement Front Door

These type of garage doors are favorite for homes; from cottages to mountain retreats. Craftsman doors are produced from fiberglass or wood and usually, include straight lines with a Shaker style look.

Craftsman doors may feature one window on top with glass or black- or wood-outlined panes along with two-three rectangular-shaped raised panels at the bottom.


modern type of door

Sleek straight lines are an essential element in modern style front doors but different from Craftsman. You could find square or blocked panes or panels of translucent or frosted glass. Minimalistic but large. Typically, the hardware found on modern doors will incline to the same style of clean lines.

Rustic Front Door

Rustic doors are made from wood and seen on houses and cabins that contain stone, wood, or brick. They could be a rectangular or arched shape. Since rustic doors have a thickness and seem even robust, you may find tough heavy-duty hardware that accompanies them. Scored lines, raised panels and, clear glass are other types of attributes found on rustic doors.

Wood Replacement Front Doors


Exterior wood replacement doors are a favorite option — especially since they may be customized to your homes size and design preferences. Also, wood doors are simple to customize with side lights, decorative glass accents, and, transoms.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that over time wood could warp as a result of the outside elements. It could produce a fault in the air-sealing capabilities of the door.


Consider a fiberglass entrance door if you’d like the appearance of wood with more durability. These doors are stained to offer you the same gorgeous look of traditional wood. Also, you can paint them in a different color of your choice or pre-painted in any color for you.

As mentioned, they stand against dents or scratches and more resilient than conventional wood doorways. Furthermore, these entry doors have an insulated core, which provides protection from the outside weather.



You could also pick the choice of a strong double entry glass door installation for the entrance of your home. Outside glass doors come with many positives including more natural light and better outdoor visibility. However, the glass door could also bring in cold air in the cracks doorway, and the excellent clarity can give your neighbors a quick peek at the inside of a home.


Know that you’re possibly choosing the best choice when it comes to security if you pick a type of steel front door. A high-quality type of front door made of metal can bring insulated foam with a steel panel on both sides.

Usually, it makes for a more robust door and keeps high winds from entering, but if the door suffers a dent, it will be more challenging to fix. If it’s a notable dent or scratch, it could require a replacement.

5 Reasons to Replace the Front Door

Your new front door replacement is the first thing people see when they come to your home so replace the front door right now. It’s a representation of yourself and your family, so you must have a new replacement front door installed in your house today!

Many signs indicate when replacement front doors are needed: from cracks in the frame to peeling paint on the exterior or weather damage. In this blog post, our door installation Clearwater FL experts will discuss five ways for identifying if it is time to replace your old leaky door with a new replacement one!

1. Is it challenging to open and close the front door?


When the door sticks, that’s a sure sign of energy escaping the door. Now, when the hinges sink, that’s another problem.

You can quickly fix this problem by changing the hinges. Other replacement door parts that need to be fixed are the latch, strike plate, and lock mechanism. If there is a lack of paint or any holes in your front door frame, you should immediately replace it because it makes the house vulnerable to break-ins. 

A new replacement front door can save you the headaches of fixing an old door.

2. Does your metal door have dings and rust?

Dings and rust on a metal door show that the structural integrity of the door is compromised. If there is significant rusting, replacement becomes necessary. 

You can start by replacing the hinges or replacing your front door entirely. Replacement doors are cost-effective and energy-efficient. The best replacement material for a metal door would be fiberglass because it has superior insulation.

3. Does the front door have moisture between the panes of glass?

Many doors with glass packages have double-pane glass. After much time with older entries, the seal between the two panes will fail. It will lead to moisture or mold between glass panes, which is scary to see in a glass door installation.

When you have seal failure between the front door’s glass panes, the mold/mildew is surrounded by organic material. If your entry doesn’t get much sunlight or shade, it can be a significant issue. No one wants to hear mold remediation. 

4. Do you have a front door that is weathered, warped, or cracked?

People often paint the front door every few years to keep it looking new. But, unfortunately, sometimes this backfires as it hides something more sinister. 

If you have an older home, your doors may be made out of wood experienced weathering. As a result, it can cause them to warp or crack if they are not adequately maintained (or replaced). On the other hand, hiring a St. Petersburg FL door installation expert to mount a replacement front door will give off a new modern look to your home.

5. Have you had water damage or insect damage in the past?

If you have had water and termite damage before, you must replace the wood door.

Most people with these problems know that if the wood breaks apart and is soft, it won’t support the door structure or keep your home safe. So, you should replace the front door and do the same thing to insect damage issues.

 Thus, if you don’t replace the door, then your home is easier to break into. However, you’re also inviting more water or insects to damage your door and waste your energy bills. 

Hire a Replacement Door Expert 

white glass double door

The front door can help curb the appeal of your home. A beautiful front door sets the tone of the entire home since it’s the entry to the inside of the house.

Front door replacements can be the best investments that you can buy to enhance your home. A modern front door will increase your energy efficiency while adding beauty to your home style.

If you want to replace your old inefficient door with a modern double entry door today, consider contacting Crystal Clear Windows and Doors.