How can Low-E Windows Installation protect your Homes Interior from UV rays?

Modern Low-E windows installation will ensure that you can enjoy the daylight while protecting your important interior things from sun damage. Our home window installation in Largo, FL, experts know there’s nothing better than the bright summer day.

Blue skies, warm temperatures, and splendid sunlight to help the skin– what’s not to like? What you probably don’t know while getting some rays of the warm sun is the effect the sunlight might have on your home interior.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun go through your single-pane windows, affecting your home’s energy efficiency and damaging your home furniture. When you have old, obsolete single-pane windows, you may think about buying blinds or adding window tints for a temporary fix.

But, for a better solution, our Clearwater home windows installation pros recommend updating to modern Low-e windows installation.

What’s the big deal with damaging UV rays?

  UV rays originate from the sun and are a type of radiation. Every day we’re exposed to UV rays because we go to the park or run errands. However, these rays also enter our homes through windows. Without protection, these UV rays can be dangerous to your home and your health. Often, you may notice the color of the paint on your walls or your furniture fading because of lengthy periods of sun exposure. Regrettably, prolonged UV exposure could prompt burns and skin cancer in people.

Most UV rays will enter your home through obsolete single-pane windows. These windows are regular builder-grade with cheap glass. Unfortunately, single-pane windows allow about 90% of UV rays into your home, giving no protection against damaging radiation. Sometimes you will see exorbitant energy bills— the heat from the sun will easily go through your windows, making your AC system work more to cool down your home.

How can Low-E windows installation protect your home?

If you notice any signs of sun damage on your furnishings, we recommend replacing your windows with modern Low-E window replacements. Modern, high-quality windows bring Low-E glass coating, which is an excellent coating that reflects sun rays and the heat of your windows.

Some quality Low-E glass comes with silver oxide, a cost-effective alternative that offers unrivaled reflection capabilities. This unique coating works with Argon gas sandwiched between the window-panes to make your windows more energy efficient.

Double-pane or Triple-pane windows installation

Replacement windows arrive in many glass alternatives so you can pick the best windows for your home. If your windows situate in a well-shaded location, you may consider double-pane windows that feature two panes of Low-E coating glass. These windows offer the best value for homeowners searching for affordable energy-efficient options.

But, if you’re searching for the best energy-efficiency and protection money can buy, then triple-pane windows are the best options. These windows offer all the advantages of double-pane windows but with an extra pane of glass, blocking 90% of UV rays from entering your home. If you’re looking to prevent furniture or interior wall paint from fading, then we recommend these windows.

You can also upgrade your triple-pane windows to Ultimate Triple Pane, including all the advantages of standard triple-pane windows with extra coats of Low-E glass on both sides of the window. These triple-pane windows block 97% of UV rays from penetrating your home.

 LOW-E window installation

Low-E Window glass replacements

Low-E windows, which come covered in microscopic layers of reflective material to block UV damaging rays. You cannot see the coating as it’s invisible to the naked eye. However, it reduces the number of UV rays that penetrate your home.

Besides the film protecting you from UV rays, it also keeps the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Specialists have estimated that 70 percent of energy lost in a home escapes through doors and windows. Low-E windows installation will help keep the heat in during those extreme winter months.

Low-E glass is accessible in a variety of window styles. For example, enormous bay windows, casements, or sliding windows. Adding this replacement home improvement to your home will guarantee that your floors, furnishings, and walls don’t get damaged with sunlight.

 Make the right decision

Low-E windows installation is a splendid choice for all homeowners who want their investment to pay off. Wood replacement triple-pane windows projects return up to 78.8 percent of ROI. Most people love daylight getting through the windows, but nobody wants to get skin cancer or have fading walls.

 Including awnings, overhangs, or trees to shade your windows will seriously restrict the measure of sunlight coming through. If you like sunlight like most people and don’t want your windows covered, Low-E windows installation can work well for you.

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors

home windows installation experts

If you see fading on furniture, walls, flooring, call us today. Your investment in replacement Low-E windows will save cash in the long-term, as your decor and floor will last longer. Low-E windows are low-maintenance, and you can clean them the same way as regular windows.

When you want to begin your window replacement home project, schedule an appointment with our Clearwater window experts.

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Triple Pane vs Double Pane Windows, Which is Better?

Double pane windows vs triple pane windows, which are better. Regarding replacement windows installation homeowners often are confused on the windows they need to install. Compared with double-pane, triple-pane windows not just make your home comfortable to live in, but when installed effectively, they improve the home’s energy efficiency. It keeps your home warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and less dependent on the air conditioner or heater.

When installing replacement windows in Clearwater, there are some essential things to consider before settling on your choice. One of those considerations is which glass is best for your windows. Below, we will talk about the advantages of double-pane and triple-pane glass and which is better for your home.

Advantages of Triple-pane Replacement Windows

replacement windows installation triple-pane glass

Triple-pane replacement windows are made of three panes of glass and are extraordinary for areas or climates with extreme temperatures. Triple-pane replacement windows can also resist better condensation than double-pane replacement windows.

Windows with triple-pane glass can lessen the amount of noise through the window because of the added glass pane and a layer of insulation compared to windows with double-pane glass.

Triple-pane replacement windows installation fits perfectly for rooms that face outside noises like busy roads, closeness to neighbors, and much more. However, because of the extra materials needed for construction, triple-pane windows weigh more than double-pane windows and usually cost 25 percent more.

Triple-pane replacement windows offer energy-efficient glass

High-quality triple-pane windows offer excellent high-performance glass, which helps with the energy efficiency of a home. This triple-pane glass contains two layers of soft-coat Low-E. Low-emittance or Low-E coating is a microscopically thin metallic oxide layer that deposits on the window to suppress radiative heat flow.

Top glass panes can also contain a urethane seal to keep the argon or krypton insulating gas secured between the panes. High-quality triple-sheet window glass also gets the highest energy rating from ENERGY STAR®. High-performance triple-pane glass is accessible in all window options.

Advantages of Double-pane Replacement Windows Installation

closed white wooden framed glass windows

Another good alternative to single-pane windows is double-pane windows. These windows are a superb choice for homes in all climates. They insert argon gas into the glass unit for insulation. The high-quality glass is available for double-pane windows since it won’t decrease the amount of light in your home.

Are you tired of seeing your fabric or furniture fading in your home? Well, high-performance double-pane windows prevent UV rays more successfully than normal glass and control glare in bright, sunny climates. Double-pane windows can add value and appearance to your home because of their low-profile design.

High-performance double-pane windows hold more heat in the winter and reflect heat in the summer because of their multi-layer soft coat Low-E.

Why are Triple-pane Windows Superior to Double-pane?

Besides, what I discuss above. The added glass pane in the window makes a superior insulating barrier. Compared with double-pane units, triple-pane windows permit less heat to escape, have less condensation, and better soundproof qualities.

Yet, another advantage of triple-pane windows over double-pane is the added pane permits the usage of extra Low-E coatings. To ordinary people, low-emissivity coatings appear as though a window tint or film.

However, the manufacturer applies the  coating during the construction of the windows and at a molecular level. Essentially all high-quality windows produced today use low-emissivity coatings to improve the performance and efficiency of the window.

R-value and Energy Star

Light bulb shows energy efficiency

Combined with the insulation properties of an extra pane, these features make your window more energy-efficient and comfortable to live in. Double-pane windows have an R-value ranging from 3 to 3.8, while triple-pane windows have an R-value of up to 8, making them increasingly effective at blocking heat flow. It means replacing double-pane units with triple-paned windows decreases heating costs.

An Energy Star-rated window with double-panes with an R-value of 3 while increasing the R-value from 3 to 5, the average heat loss through the window is lowered by 30% to 40% percent. Now, imagine, triple-paned windows can achieve an R-value as high as eight depending on the window types and glass packages. That means more energy efficiency.

Contract a Professional Window Installer

Regardless, if you pick double-pane or triple-pane glass, Crystal Clear Windows and Doors can make the ideal custom replacement windows installation for your home. The energy efficiency of your windows depends on the right mix of frames, glass, and installation.

The correct window installation is important to their overall performance and efficiency. Our trained employees provide expert home window installation, which guarantees long-term performance. Click the link if you need more information about double pane windows vs triple pane windows.

When To Get Quotes For Home Window Replacements

Get a quote on home window replacements or installations; it’s your best option when you need hurricane windows near you. When the windows are foggy, leaky, cold, or not working correctly, consider replacing them. Usually, when a window breaks, you fix them.

However, the new trend is to remove, throw away old windows, and replace the windows, especially wood ones, with new high-quality vinyl, fiberglass, metal, or better wood alternatives instead of fixing existing windows. The reason for this trend was the tremendous improvement in the assembling procedures of vinyl and fiberglass framed window alternatives, bringing lower costs and satisfaction to customers.

Homeowners back then were fixing existing windows with low-quality, ineffective replacement windows. If your windows near Clearwater have significant issues I will mention below, it is likely an ideal opportunity to replace them.

Replace Windows that Leak Water

impact-windows-non- issues-water-leak

When you detect water near the window, it originates around the window, not through the window. Lousy gutters and drainpipes can force water towards windows. Reliable and functioning window seals can prevent water from penetrating. However, it won’t stop water with a lot of force. You can re-route your drainage system and check whether this has any effects.

Extreme water infiltration around the window means your outside window casing is faulty. It isn’t so much a window issue as it is a problem with the exterior. However, if water comes through the window, it is time to consider buying quality home window replacements.

Foggy Windows

When water condenses inside your windows, double-pane or triple-pane IGU, or insulated glass unit, it can make your window foggy. Modern windows have these independent IGU’s built-in in them. Therefore, not like multi-paned windows of the past, which had the glass set up by a glazier, IGU’s are sealed and permanent.

A skillful window professional can’t dismantle an IGU and rebuild it. Removal and replacement are the only choices. So, homeowners whose insulated glass units (IGU’s) are fogged will decide on replacing the entire window unit, IGU, frame, or entirely.

Split or Broken Glass

broken window need a replacement

Health and safety, just as a visual look, play into replacing a broken window. Homeowners can cheaply fix single-pane windows or a glazier. However, when a double-paned glass is broken or split, consider a sash replacement.

Now, if you have endured window issues for a while, this may be time to replace the entire window with an expert.

Warped Wood Window Frames Need Replacement Windows

If your equipment isn’t the issue and still having problems operating your windows, it can mean warping. First, the windows need to have a set square, level, and flush in the opening of your wall. After time your home can make a rough opening to alter.

But, mainly, your windows have changed shaped because of stress brought by the elements, moisture, or genuine failures of the window’s structural integrity.

Replace the home windows when they pose a security risk

white wooden window frame

If your window equipment isn’t locking or opening effectively, it can pose a security risk. For example, burglars can enter through opened windows and steal your valuables or worse. Also, residents use windows as entries and exit points in the home in case of emergencies.

That is why I don’t recommend painting a window shut or nailing it shut. If there should be an occurrence of a crisis, you or your family member may need to open these windows to exit your home. But if the locks don’t work correctly, then the danger of an accidental fall or cut can occur when trying to escape.

Either of these events is a significant catastrophe. Working windows are significant, so replace them when they’re dangerous to your security or safety.

Invest in Quality Home Window Replacements

Many temporary fixes only hide the issue; a temporary bandage on a large cut won’t work. When your windows show significant signs, as I mentioned above, there is not much you can do before needing a genuine replacement quickly. Take some time to think about your options and needs.

So, you will stay away from the stress of using regular old windows. You can forget the stress that security and safety issues faulty windows bring. Yes, vinyl or wood replacement windows will cost more cash than making essential fixes to existing windows. But that cash is well-spent.

If you add all the temporary fixes or changes, it’s a smart thought to investigate your options for purchasing home replacement windows.

Hire Crystal Clear Windows and Doors to Install your Home Window Replacements

cheap home window replacements for a white house

The investment pays off with quality hurricane windows due to many upgrades, including soundproof and UV resistance.

There’s nothing like new impact home windows, built for safety and custom-fitted to your home. Need a little more info? Read the post below?

Why Replace Your Home Windows?

Honestly, the last thing any homeowner wants to do is to replace windows in their home. Individuals would prefer not to buy the best replacement windows in Clearwater; they replace them since they have no other choice. Maybe it’s a problem like broken glass or issues like rotting wood, water seal failure, or warping window frames. The situation will only worsen the more you wait. What truly keeps property holders from fixing these issues is mostly the cost.

However, looking at this logically, a installing replacement windows in your house is a significant update of any home. They give security, light, ventilation, and energy efficiency. Energy-efficiency windows keep the heat inside your house in the winter and the cooled air inside in the summer. Remember, the top quality and energy efficiency of a window, the more it will cost you but well worth the investment.

Top Reasons to Replace Windows

top window issues
  • You hear too much outside noise-When your windows give little protection from the outside noise, they may not be sealed effectively or were low-quality from the beginning. New double-pane glass windows insulated with Argon or Krypton gas can lower outside noise. Typically, useful when you live in a bustling neighborhood or on a lively street.
  • You feel a breeze when your windows are shut-Do you feel a cold draft from your windows even when they’re closed? Assuming this is the case, there could be various concerns, including poor installations, broken seals, and other things. A window that allows too much air can radically change the temperature of your home. Furthermore, make your HVAC system work harder to keep the temperature controlled.
  • You see your window frames soft, chipped, or water damaged; it usually means the windows are beyond repair and need a replacement. Soft window frames reveal decay and water infiltration, and it’s conceivable that they will begin to sag too.
  • Trouble opening, shutting, and locking windows-Inproperly installed windows can create balance issues, making the windows hard to open and close. Rsty or spoiled windows can likewise be difficult to use. If the problems of not locking persist, it could affect the safety of your home.
  • Do you see condensation buildup between glass layers or crack window glass? Often, the windows frost between the layers of glass. It means that your seals have failed, permitting moisture between the glass panes. When the seals stop working, any insulation gas used to make the window energy efficient is gone. Cracked window glass enables air to leak out through your window.

Replacement window benefits

replacement window benefits

Often, your energy bills increase every month, almost certainly, your windows aren’t working as they should. Replace failing windows in your home with energy-efficient windows could help bring down your utility costs, which will spare you some cash every month.

Numerous windows offer various energy-efficient glass alternatives that save you cash on your utility bills and prevent UV rays more successfully than customary glass.

Replacing your windows could likewise improve the security of your home with a more robust glass and better locking mechanism. A few windows convey low-profile double cam locks to join the sashes of the replacement window for an astoundingly tight and secure seal, furnishing you and your family with extra security.

Pick the right replacement window company

While picking a replacement window company, it’s essential to ask the right questions. Windows should last forever, so pick a company that sells quality items, at excellent costs.

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors offers affordable windows services and products that meet all ENERGY STAR® requirements and are strengthened, promising long haul use.