The Type of Front Door That Is Right For Your Home

The best home appearance sometimes starts with the type of front door or a new door installation in Clearwater, FL project. We often paint our homes and improve things such as the garage, but we forget the front door brings a charming appeal to any home. No characteristic of the house says welcome like a lovely and inviting front entrance.

Luckily, there many styles to select that ensures you’ll find the right design and the appearance to fit your house needs — for example, traditional, Craftsman, modern, rustic, and, much more. However, you can also choose many materials includes metal, wood, fiberglass, and, glass.

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors will take a look at a few of the designs available on the marketplace and the materials:

Traditional Front Door


Traditional style front doors may feature two to twelve panels. They also could contain glass inserts with scrollwork and colored panes. These designs are available in metal, wood, and, fiberglass alternatives that are pre-hung and prepared to install after purchase.

Customized made choices for garage doors are also offered too. Perfect if you’re trying to accomplish a design in a place where the door opening isn’t standard.

Craftsman Replacement Front Door

These type of garage doors are favorite for homes; from cottages to mountain retreats. Craftsman doors are produced from fiberglass or wood and usually, include straight lines with a Shaker style look.

Craftsman doors may feature one window on top with glass or black- or wood-outlined panes along with two-three rectangular-shaped raised panels at the bottom.


modern type of door

Sleek straight lines are an essential element in modern style front doors but different from Craftsman. You could find square or blocked panes or panels of translucent or frosted glass. Minimalistic but large. Typically, the hardware found on modern doors will incline to the same style of clean lines.

Rustic Front Door

Rustic doors are made from wood and seen on houses and cabins that contain stone, wood, or brick. They could be a rectangular or arched shape. Since rustic doors have a thickness and seem even robust, you may find tough heavy-duty hardware that accompanies them. Scored lines, raised panels and, clear glass are other types of attributes found on rustic doors.

Wood Replacement Front Doors


Exterior wood replacement doors are a favorite option — especially since they may be customized to your homes size and design preferences. Also, wood doors are simple to customize with side lights, decorative glass accents, and, transoms.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that over time wood could warp as a result of the outside elements. It could produce a fault in the air-sealing capabilities of the door.


Consider a fiberglass entrance door if you’d like the appearance of wood with more durability. These doors are stained to offer you the same gorgeous look of traditional wood. Also, you can paint them in a different color of your choice or pre-painted in any color for you.

As mentioned, they stand against dents or scratches and more resilient than conventional wood doorways. Furthermore, these entry doors have an insulated core, which provides protection from the outside weather.



You could also pick the choice of a strong double entry glass door installation for the entrance of your home. Outside glass doors come with many positives including more natural light and better outdoor visibility. However, the glass door could also bring in cold air in the cracks doorway, and the excellent clarity can give your neighbors a quick peek at the inside of a home.


Know that you’re possibly choosing the best choice when it comes to security if you pick a type of steel front door. A high-quality type of front door made of metal can bring insulated foam with a steel panel on both sides.

Usually, it makes for a more robust door and keeps high winds from entering, but if the door suffers a dent, it will be more challenging to fix. If it’s a notable dent or scratch, it could require a replacement.

Buy a Front Door Replacement based on the Best Materials

Anyone can buy a front door replacement based on looks and design, but the door material is an essential consideration. Yes, most door materials, for instance, fiberglass and steel doors, have wood frames. 

However, the surface material most impacts appearance, sturdiness, security, maintenance, and cost. So, how to buy a front door, well, our window and door replacement experts will show you below.

Buy Front Wood Doors 

wood double entry door installation

Wood doors are the most popular and probably the most beautiful material. Versatility and beauty are their pros. Natural and custom wood doors come in oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, pine, plus more. You’ll likewise buy front door replacement in multiple paint-grade entries in a few softwood varieties. 

Today, many stock wood entryways combine wood-veneer skins over an engineered wood core. The wood combination reduces the expansion and contraction that cause warping. They’re an affordable option instead of buying sturdy wood doors. Search for durable, furniture-grade facade veneers ranging from 1/16 inch thick and more extensive; anything thinner will damage easily. 

Quality wood windows prevent bowing and warping by laminating two wood parts to make the stiles and rails. The front door manufacturers also use split construction for the door panels, yet they have an insulation core. So, the wood door has an insulation value of about R-5 compared to conventional doors of R-2

Solid wood doors cost the most, while hardwood doors cost even more cash. These wood doors can cost a few thousand dollars for a complete system. That system includes a prehung door in its frame, hinges, locksets, sidelights, and weatherstripping. And that door system doesn’t include the installation.

According to Fixr, wood doors can cost from $800 to $4000.

Buy Front Steel Doors 

Steel Replacement Door with glass installation

A steel door is your most brilliant option if security and sturdiness are the primary concerns. Plus, steel doors are more robust than wood or fiberglass entryways, and they will not crack or warp. You might have to consider that steel doors often have dents, but they can be pulled and fixed with an auto-body repair kit. 

Steel doors cost the least: Prices start at a few hundred dollars, although without equipment or glazing. However, a steel-door system with sidelights and top equipment can almost cost as much as a wood door system. 

All steel entryways have an internal frame made of wood or, for more strength, steel. The experts fill the cavities inside the frame with high-density foam insulation. Premium steel entryways usually have a 24-gauge skin and a steel frame. Yet, some steel doors offer heavier-gauge steel represented in lower numbers. The surface is typically smooth or has a wood-grain design. 

Most manufacturers coat their steel entryways with a polyester finish that requires occasional repainting. However, premium steel doors get a vinyl coating for better weather resistance. Some even have a laminated wood veneer on high-end versions. 

You can buy a steel front door replacement with a prehung system. However, if you’re taking the old door off its hinges and hanging another one, remember that steel doors bring hinges attached or holes for the hinges predrilled. The hinge area on the front door you bought should match the hinge area on the current door frame. A few steel doors bring an extra predrilled hole for better hinge adjustment when installing the door. 

According to Home Advisor, steel doors cost range from $150 cheap to $2500 with sidelights and glasswork.

Buy Fiberglass-Composite Replacement Doors 

Fiberglass-composite doors are robust and almost maintenance-free. These doors are perfect for extreme or humid climates. They look like wood with wood-grain finishing and can be stained to match with different woods colors. Underneath their molded surface is a structure of wooden stiles and rails, including wood edges for the lockset. They fill the voids in the structure with polyurethane foam insulation. 

Fiberglass-composite doors bring extended warranties. For instance, some quality composite doors back their models as long as you own the house. However, since installation affects the lifespan, these extensive warranties typically come solely on complete entry systems that include the frame. 

When you buy a front door, you look for affordability. Well, these fiberglass-composite doors accomplish it. You could pay about $200 but without glazing or equipment. But since the hardware costs are even regardless of materials, a complete fiberglass composite system can cost a few thousand dollars. 

According to Home Advisor, fiberglass doors cost range from $150 to $3000.

Buy Aluminum Doors 

Aluminum doors use an insulation core covered by a metal skin. Notwithstanding, aluminum door models are sold only through dealers. Every aluminum door you buy is custom-built to your opening. Manufacturers offer many choices and come in many styles and colors, with smooth or wood-grain finishes. 

Aluminum doors have an enamel finish, so they don’t need painting and will not rust—no wonder a quality aluminum door brings a 20-year warranty. You can likewise match the color and style of your door with an aluminum storm door. But many of these advantages don’t come cheap. According to Fixr, aluminum doors prices range from $400 to $3000 without installation.

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