It’s Hurricane Season-Buy Impact-Resistant Windows Now!

If you buy impact-resistant windows you will protect your home from future storms. Impact window installations have begun to be the norm in Florida for the past 30 years. After Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in 1992, the storm destroyed thousands of buildings and homes. It then resulted in many people losing their lives in Homestead to the surrounding cities. Thus, Florida upgraded its building codes and made new homes and businesses mandatory to come with storm-resistant materials. For instance, doors, windows, and roofs. These brand-new building codes significantly improved the security and safety of these structures.

Why Buy Impact-resistant Windows?

hurricane-proof windows and doors You can buy hurricane or impact-resistant windows and doors in two distinct forms. The less costly option includes windows that come wrapped using a transparent film. These windows hold the glass together once the glass gets hit. This type of window has been the original design and style and employed for decades. Now, upgrades are made tech-wise, and impact-resistant glass is better than before. Hurricane windows that withstand a massive storm sounds like a great item. How beneficial would it be for you to install your impact windows in Clearwater, FL today? Let’s take a look at four factors why you need to get Clearwater, FL, hurricane windows:

Building codes up to date

Construction codes are getting stricter around the Gulf Coast and the East Coast after many catastrophic hurricanes within the previous 25 years. The State of Florida leads the force behind the growth and implementation of building codes regarding storms. Installing your impact windows to allow one to stay current with city construction codes that keep you, your property, and your household safe.

Impact-Resistant Windows Prevents Burglary

prevents burglary
Clearwater, like her sister city Tampa is quite a dangerous place sometimes. A Federal investigation demonstrated that 67 percent of robberies involved forced entry, and happened during the daytime. Burglars usually break the glass in a window or entryway, enabling them to open the latches or locks and enter your home. This strategy is simple and fast, allowing them to get into your home in seconds before any other person can take note. Impact windows can assist in preventing a potential burglary in your residence.

Impact-resistant Windows Reduce Noise Pollution

Another fun thing about living in a bustling area such as Clearwater could be that you could access fun and entertainment right outside the door. Nevertheless, as soon as you’re closing your doors and decide to rest, the noises become pretty upsetting for the mind. The best impact windows could prevent outside noise from entering your home, and you’ll end up discovering that aspect above all else!

Impact Windows Technology

Impact windows do work of what’s called “inner-membrane glass.” It uses two glass panels pressed together and also has a transparent film of polyvinyl butyl. The polyvinyl butyl holds the glass together in the case the glass shatters. When the window takes a hit, the brunt of the impact will dissipate while only the glass gets the impact leaving the framework intact. The glass will not shatter or allow anything or anyone to enter as the thin film, or the polyvinyl butyl keeps the structure of the door or window intact. It also prevents atmosphere pressure from getting pumped outside throughout a storm and could save your home from structural damage.


hurricane impact resistant windows
You just got a little history of impact windows. As you can see, having top-quality Andersen impact windows will enhance your home’s look, feel, performance, and safety. However, Florida remains the Hurricane capital of the United States. You shouldn’t get caught off-guard, and don’t get caught without your hurricane windows. Yes, storm could wreck properties, but it doesn’t have to be yours, so get ready before it’s too late.

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