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How to Buy Impact Windows

How to buy Impact windows, but need guidance from a professional standpoint? You came to the right blog! So, if you are considering purchasing high impact windows, you owe it to yourself to fully understand the long term value.

Quick Tips About Impact Windows

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When you chose the right company & buy impact window installations!

You’ve made the final decision to buy impact windows & upgrade your home windows. You have done your research about why it is important to replace your windows, and how it’s a significant investment. Our blog posts showed you how it has a high ROI, and you are ready.

But you are not sure about the brand to choose, and the type of material for you. Do you wonder if the window installation company it’s essential? Does all this make a difference? 

What are the best Impact windows and doors brands?

pgt winguard logo
  • PGT WinGuard
  • Custom Window Systems
  • ProVia Custom Windows
  • Simonton Windows

All known for their quality, styles, and strength, in other words, they are the best brands. In our opinion, PGT impact window installations are the top brand right now however, you can choose any of the brands above.

Impact Window Material Options


There is four main option to consider when it comes to high impact windows: Aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Now let see how these products compare and contrast with each other.

1.    Aluminum: it’s strong, weather-resistant, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance and it’s also recyclable. The downfall is that you need to paint it.

2.    Vinyl: It’s an excellent insulator, high energy performance, low maintenance, and low costs. The only drawback, recyclability is still being thoroughly researched.

3.    Wood: It´s an excellent insulator, high energy performance and recyclable, the downfall is that it rots and it warps, and it requires high maintenance. 4. Fiberglass: This is a good choice for style and strength. This comes from the use of polyester resins mixing with fiberglass to make the window stronger. Therefore it’s replacing a lot of wood windows.

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors installs and replaces windows, doors and creates beautiful sun-rooms. We operate in all Pinellas County replacing windows and the Tampa area. We give you an in-home estimate and 20% off if you replace all your windows in your home!


Are some homeowners still in limbo about impact windows & doors? 

So, let make some last valid point to close the chapter on high impact windows. They are designed to higher performance thresholds for your home’s glass doors & windows. The benefits are much more significant than the cost when replacing old windows and doors.

For instance, the ROI you will get.  Remember that the performance it not for hurricane or storm situations, but also the longevity of the product that makes it worth buying.

In conclusion, whether you’re building a new home or thinking of upgrading your old windows, you know now that windows are a crucial element of every home or commercial structure. And if the building is located in a hurricane-prone area, high impact windows are the best option to ensure safety and protection.
Good luck with your next home renovation project.

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