Can Custom Storm Impact Windows Prevent Burglary in Central Florida?

When you are trying to think of ways to protect your home, one thing that doesn’t come to mind is custom storm impact windows. People think about smart deadbolt locks and an alarm system but not a way to protect their windows. However, one way burglars gain access to a house is by breaking the glass of a window or door and unlocking it from the inside. If they can do this before anyone notices them, they have gained access with relative ease. The hurricane impact-resistant windows in Clearwater, Florida, can deter these criminals because they cannot break through them without being noticed by passersby outside. Let us examine some reasons why impact windows stop burglars below!

The best Impact window replacements are sturdier than regular single pane glass windows. Yes, the glass can break, but it won’t puncture, preventing an intruder’s easy entry. Also, remember the more time spent breaking a window, the more likely a neighbor will notice the commotion and call the police before anything can happen inside of your home! It is precious because a burglar will just need to break the glass and turn the latch to enter the house with regular windows.

Storm Impact Windows Made to Take the Hit 

DP rating impact windows

Top manufacturers make custom storm impact windows to resist the impact of fast-flying debris. So, it would be unthinkable for a burglar to get through the glass by breaking it with a rock or hands. With the best storm impact windows, it is impossible. So, it bodes well to install impact windows on your property, the glass is made to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds; it could indeed prevent an individual with a hammer or rock. 

Custom Impact Windows can Splinter, But Not Shatter 

The manufacturers that make hurricane impact windows made them like your vehicles’ windshield. They come with many glass layers divided by a middle layer of plastic material that holds them together if an attack occurs. 

Rather than breaking as a standard glass pane of glass, the window splinters yet hold together. It means that regardless of whether a burglar tries to break the glass, the individual won’t walk into the home. An impact window makes it unthinkable for anyone to have a straightforward break-in. 

Impact windows take More Time to Break 

While impact-resistant windows aren’t indestructible to penetrate, they take longer to break. To break an impact-resistant window, a burglar would cause a commotion and probably get caught. Getting through impact windows usually takes significant work and energy, forcing intruders to stop. 

Criminals typically need a fast in and out method when committing a crime. So, they don’t get caught, but with impact-resistant windows, their ability to quietly and quickly enter a home goes out the window. 

Do You Need Storm Impact Windows? 

custom storm impact windows

The regions that need custom storm impact windows and other impact-resistant items like storm doors are near the coast. Or in an area that witnesses nasty weather and high winds. For example, residents in Florida require impact windows and doors by building codes. And residents near them would most likely need impact windows because of their protection near the hurricane-prone region. 

Now, with the burglary prevention bonus, you might consider having impact windows installed in a region where burglary is common. No one needs to see their windows broke into and all valuables looted. 

So, “Do you need impact windows in Clearwater Beach?” Yes, if you live in a region prone to dangerous weather, for example, residents of Louisiana and Florida. But our impact window installers can also install hurricane windows and doors to prevent burglary and other crimes in areas where the crime rate has increased.

Best Windows Materials for New Construction Windows Installation

Regarding new construction windows installation and replacement windows Clearwater installation, both styles have their benefits for home improvement and usage. Builders and homeowners usually install new construction windows in new homes and replacement windows in redesigns, but there are exceptional cases. With new construction window installation near me, methods, quality, performance, and comfort may vary but works great for new homes.

So, if you are a homeowner or home builder, consider the construction windows to install in your new home or business building.

Consider these factors below while picking the best windows for new construction.

Design Differences in New Construction Windows

Manufacturers typically make new construction windows for new homes or other new buildings, for example, a home addition. For instance, these windows have a part called a nail-in frame, which permits the windows to be nailed directly onto the home’s framing.

However, it doesn’t mean you can only use them on recently built homes. There are certain special cases where new construction windows installation functions best for replacing existing windows.

When to Use New Construction Windows

new home construction

When your home’s window frames are in lousy shape, replacement windows won’t be the ideal option. The Window Company or contractor must remove the current window frames and replace them. It requires a lot of labor and carpentry instead of new construction windows installation.

If you want, you can still use replacement windows; however, new construction windows are more substantial and won’t lessen your view. Remember, replacement windows fit inside the current window frame, so you end up with less glass, hence a smaller view.

Best New Windows Installation Materials for New Construction

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the best window materials suitable for new construction window projects:

  • Vinyl windows are reasonably priced, energy-efficient, and don’t need much maintenance. These window frames come typically in white, limiting the so interior and exterior styling. However, you can paint vinyl in many custom colors.
  • Fiberglass windows are sturdy, robust, and appealing. Plus with practically no expansion and contraction, which leads to less air filtration. They cost more, but the advantages could merit the cost.
  • Aluminum windows are affordable and low maintenance, perfect for huge window openings. Yet, without the proper inside components, aluminum windows affect your energy usage.
  • Aluminum-clad windows offer the stylish of wood inside the home and sturdiness and weather resistance of metal on the outside. These windows cost more than regular aluminum.
  • Composite Wood windows look like wood in recently built homes with none of the disadvantages. You get the naturally beautiful look of wood, the low maintenance of vinyl, and the metal’s durability. The investment in composite wood windows can be the highest of all materials.

Best Styles for New Window Construction


The style for new buildings and homes may vary from room to room. Here are some applications for popular window styles for new construction windows:

  1. The most used or popular styles of windows in residential construction projects are Single-hung and double-hung windows. These styles operate perfectly for any room in a home.
  2. Sliding windows offer a more broad view making them ideal for living and dining rooms.
  3. Casement windows can pivot outward like an entryway because they’re hinged. Their straightforward operation makes them perfect for behind kitchen counters and living room sofas.
  4. Awning windows are hinged at the top and pivot outward, allowing for installations on high walls that provide ventilation without sacrificing security in restrooms and closets.
  5. You cannot open the picture and geometric windows because these windows are fixed. They come in many sizes and shapes, permitting you to add natural light and views of the outside where you don’t require ventilation, for example, stairs and high on vaulted ceilings.
  6. Bay and bow windows make dimension by projecting out from the foundation, creating a dazzling stylish, improved appearance and more generous space inside the home.
  7. Garden windows look like small box bay windows. You can install garden windows behind the kitchen sink. Plus, the deep sill and glass shelf make this the perfect spot to grow spices, herbs, and little houseplants.

Choose the right Energy-efficient Glass Option for your New Construction Window Replacements

A significant part of the new construction window is the glass package. Many glass alternatives, for example, gas fill, multiple glass panes, and Low-E, would affect your window’s energy efficiency. 

Gas fill- The manufacturers can add Argon or Krypton gas in between the glass panes of your windows to give more protection than only air. 

Low-E- The manufacturers place Low-E film inside your window panes. It reflects infrared light to help keep heat inside in the winter and outside during the summer. It can likewise protect your furnishing from fading caused by sun exposure. 

Double-pane or triple-pane glass-Triple-pane windows are more energy-efficient and more resistant to condensation. It makes triple-pane windows perfect for winter temperatures where homes will more likely hold more significant moisture levels. However, these windows cost more than double-pane windows, so their advantages won’t offset their expense in summer. 

ENERGY STAR Certified Windows

If you want to install the best energy-efficient windows for your region, consider Energy Star certified windows. ENERGY STAR is a government program that utilizes specific criteria to define a quality energy-efficient window.

The guidelines determine by measuring four parts of the window: the glass, the gas, the spacer, and the reinforcement. The mix of these factors makes up the ENERGY STAR performance level. 

Consider Custom Style Choices for New Construction Window Replacements

Consider custom window replacements to match your home design. For instance, if you need a bold color outside your home, browse various colors, like tan, pine, and chocolate. Or, consider a perimeter grid pattern for grid styles. 

Send your Custom Construction Window Replacements to your Window Company 

Since now you know what you want for your new construction windows, what’s next? Now, begin designing your windows with Crystal Clear Windows and Doors. After you’re finished picking the windows you need, we can easily find you the right replacement window manufacturer, so they can start making your windows. Then, begin the window replacement and installation process with us.

Best New Home Replacement Windows for Resale Value

The best new home replacement windows can increase your home’s value and curb appeal. However, not all home windows offer the same benefits. 

The value of your house is essential for many reasons. The increased home value is the main factor behind an appraisal, for example, should you attempt to refinance. Moreover, home windows installation can help improve the total cost of your home or make an attractive home improvement project in your eyes or the guests. 

All home improvements can affect the overall value and resale value of your home. But not all upgrades are the same as far as what value it adds to the house. The truth, new windows are one of the best home improvement options you can invest in. Installing new house windows in your Clearwater, FL home gives you many benefits old windows don’t. 

To choose the best new windows for resale value, consider the things below. 

Yes, Windows Offer High Resale Value!

Fortunately, new home replacement windows bring attention and excitement to potential homebuyers. New windows mean that a homebuyer will not have to replace them. Another reason people will love the new windows is that it promotes the home better home energy efficiency. 

You can expect an ROI of about 68% with new windows. However, you can often get more of a return if the window brings additional features. 

Which are the Best New Home Replacement Windows for Resale Value? 

window installation Pinellas, County

If you expect to receive a high ROI when replacing your old windows, you’ll need windows that are beautiful, robust, and energy-efficiency. Consider these high-quality windows below: 

Top-quality vinyl windows: Vinyl windows exist for more than 50 years since they’re cost-effective, simple to make, and these windows don’t need paint. A viny installation is less than wood frame installations. That is the reason many people picked them. You likewise don’t have to paint them. However, I don’t recommend painting vinyl windows since they don’t hold paint well. 

If you’re concerned about heating & cooling costs, vinyl windows can be appealing as they provide good insulation. They also never need to be re-painted or touched up,

Wood windows: Wood is the most stylish window material. The natural appearance of wood is more breathtaking than other windows. You can also paint or stain wood windows to match the style of the home. The wooden windows also arrive in many types: double-hung windows, bay window replacements, awnings, and more. 

A wooden frame also keeps warmth in and cold air out even in the coldest time of the year since they’re great insulators. Changing old windows with wooden ones can reduce utility bills, too. 

Double-pane Energy Efficient Windows 

Double-pane vinyl windows can reduce energy use in winter and the hot summer season compared with old single-pane windows. 

Homeowners can expect excellent energy savings with durable, energy-efficient windows. Unfortunately, the regular windows don’t perform like high-quality ones. 

Yes, energy-efficient windows reduce your home’s energy usage. However, it doesn’t just save cash but likewise minimizes fossil fuels helping Mother Nature. 

Double-pane paned windows assist in keeping the outside noise from entering your home. Energy-efficient windows can be a wise investment to get peace from busy intersections and loud animals or neighbors. 

Consider Matching the Windows to your House Design

home windows installation

While choosing new windows to improve your home value, try to match your window types to your home’s design. Why? 

Well, something remarkable like bay windows can be fantastic for your house. However, picking a unique bay window and setting it in an odd spot may be bad for potential buyers. 

Consider double-hung and casement windows to improve your home value since these windows are appealing, straightforward, and versatile. 

The Value of Curb Appeal 

So, new windows offer an incredible ROI as far as curb appeal. While low quality, broken windows can turn away a buyer before they enter your home, new windows can add appeal and charm to make buyers consider buying your home. 

When to Replace Home Windows

Usually, residential windows can last up to 20 years. Nonetheless, well-maintained windows and specific materials like vinyl frames can last up to 40 years

Contact Crystal Clear Windows & Doors

Contact our expert Clearwater window replacement company today when searching for new windows installation that offers the best resale value or ROI.

Our window installation specialists can show you the best home replacement windows for your budget and taste.

7 Pros of Custom Window Replacements for your Home

Custom window replacements offer significant advantages for business owners and homeowners, so the decision is clear. Pre-manufactured windows are more affordable since they are mass-produced. However, energy-efficient custom windows are the best replacement windows in St.Petersburg

Install your home window replacements to your style and know these windows offer other significant benefits which standard ones can’t give. Therefore, save money on electric bills, and appreciate the benefits of custom windows. 

Remember, windows provide a view into the outdoors. Getting daylight and wind inside can make your day more agreeable. Can you imagine a house without windows! How dim would it seem and awful for everyday oxygen levels? I know everyone has AC, but fresh air is different for daily life.

Windows provide light to your home and serve more than just outside decorations. Unlike standard windows, custom windows help you meet your particular need in your home or a specific space in your office building. 

Although the benefits of custom windows are unique, let us take a closer look at the different pros of custom windows installation. 

1. Custom Home Window Replacements Improve the Beauty of the House

home windows installation

Custom home windows improve the house’s look as they have been designed and installed to complement your furniture and interior design. Unfortunately, stock windows are mass-produced, and regrettably, they all start looking the same. 

Custom window replacements can offer a home an entirely new look, styles, or complement the house too. Custom home windows permit you to customize your home’s appearance to give you a look and feel you want. 

2. Custom Replacement Windows Enhance the Homes Energy Efficiency

Custom windows can fit perfectly into your window opening. That leaves no way for air leakage around your window frame. 

So, there will be no air loss around the window openings, meaning you will have low-energy bills because of the reduced cooling or heating charges

3. More Comfort 

Old or obsolete windows will have gaps around the edges of one pane which can allow drafts. In addition, it eliminates the insulative capacity of the airspace inside the panes. These issues cause certain rooms to be colder or warmer than others. 

Balancing all of the rooms in your house can be complicated when you cannot control some window airflow. 

If you install new custom windows in your office or home, they will insulate the space better and offer better comfort. Plus, custom windows provide better comfort than standard windows and old windows. 

4. Home Custom Windows require Professional Installation 

Usually, almost any installer can install regular windows. However, when you want to install custom window replacements, you will need a professional home window company. Believing this is a DIY gig can cause a more significant issue. Yes, even the most minor error can cause drafts that will eliminate many of the benefits a custom window gives. 

Furthermore, having the window installed by experts will give them more lifespan and better functionality. That is why it’s significant you contact the Florida best window and doors company like Crystal Clear Windows & Doors. 

5. Custome Window Replacements Bring Versatile Designs and Style Options 

home window replacement installer

The design options are plenty when you consider custom windows for your home. Custom windows offer many styles and features that can match your tastes just as needs. 

With so many designs options available, you can customize the appearance of each room. From the many colors to finishes, you will have a ton to look over. The style options include double-hung and casement windows.

6. Custom Replacement Windows Offer Better Security 

Burglars love to break in through doors, but they also like to enter through windows. If you feel uncertain about your neighborhood crime and feel your old windows don’t provide a barrier against intruders, consider custom impact windows. 

Impact replacement windows can protect the house from intruders who rely on rocks and hammers to break into a home. You can likewise save your home from Mother Nature hurricanes and even the passing noises of cars and loud neighbors with the improved soundproofing glass.

7. Cost-Effective

While custom window replacements might appear to cost more cash upfront, they give you more control over the expense and investment over the long haul. First off, manufacturers make custom window options better.

So, these windows last more and lower the probability of spending more cash on future replacements. Likewise, when you create custom window replacements, you have significant input in the materials and design, making the investment part of you to enjoy for a long time.

5 Things to Know Before Stucco Window Replacement

Before attempting a stucco window replacement, consider hiring a window installation company to make the process much easier.

Choosing to replace the windows in your house isn’t a simple decision. But, if you experience high energy bills or your old windows are warping, and weather damaged beyond repair. A Clearwater Florida window and door replacement company can do the proper windows installation to keep your family comfortable. 

Remember the following five things before you start your window installtion process.

  1. What techniques are used to Replace Windows in Stucco Walls? 

Window installation companies will have their favored stucco installation technique. For stucco, specialists should know the potential dangers and delicacy of stucco walls. They may have their technique, or they will do one of the following methods below: 

Replacing windows can frequently mean tearing out the stucco around them and eliminating the window frame, fin, etc. Then, the new opening is re-waterproofed for another window installation. However, when this is done on a stucco wall, there is the danger of cracking the stucco and exposing it to moisture. It can allow water infiltration issues later on. In addition, the technique is labor-intensive and may even require hiring a contractor to fix or remediate the stucco of the home. 

To keep the stucco intact, consider another technique. It includes cutting down the current window frame to accommodate a replacement window or retrofit window. Then, the installer places a windows with a Z-bar flange over the old window frame. The advantage of this technique is that the current waterproofing and stucco are not upset. 

2. Different Types of Window Frames for Stucco Walls 

window installation Pinellas, County

Now, you may find many types of window frames or window flanges. Pay attention since this will decide the scope of your installation — the amount of labor and expenses.

The replacement windows for stucco projects will either have a stucco flange or a nail flange around the frame. 

Stucco Flange Window Frames-Stucco flange window frames are called flush fin or jump frame windows. They make the removal process somewhat simpler since it just requires a pocket installation. A pocket installation uses insert windows and is made in flush-fin and block fit frames. The expert removes the current window’s sashes, but the frame is left and often trimmed to install these windows. 

The expert sets the new window inside the already set up window frame, and the stucco flange conceals the current frame from the outside. This strategy works the best when there is no water infiltration or structural damage to the window opening. Different window installation companies have their own favored techniques for stucco window replacements. 

New Construction Window Frames

New construction windows installation has a nail flange or called a nail fin. The installer sets the nail fin about an inch from the face of the window frame. When installing windows in a new wall or opening, you’ll need to use new construction window frames. 

If the expert tells you to use construction frames for the window replacement projects, you’ll have to remove almost all of the current stucco. And afterward, the expert has to rebuild the stucco after installing the new window. 

  1. Damaged Stucco can Deteriorate and Crack 

Stucco is usually durable, yet it’s really water permeable. When stucco has uncovered cracks, moisture can prompt mold and wood rot. You can repair the windows, but consider the remediation process as the better technique for a superior long-term solution. 

The remediation technique includes eliminating the stucco and tending to root issues and causes. It will cost more cash and tedious process. However, make sure to fix existing problems before you start your stucco window replacement project

  1. Eliminating Stucco Can Be Dangerous 

Removing stucco is a difficult job. The material is sturdy, and many different risks are at play. So, be careful with the dangers of asbestos. While stucco made today doesn’t have this material, stucco installed on old houses between 1940 and 1990 may have asbestos in the plaster. Also, eliminating stucco requires cutting through a wired mesh that can get in your eyes if you dont wear goggles. 

  1. You Want an Experienced Contractor for your Stucco Window Replacement 

Not all window companies can handle stucco window replacements. So, while hiring an impact window contractor in Clearwater, FL, ensure to do your research and read reviews. 

Hiring a dependable window replacement company can save you time and cash.

How to Choose a Replacement Window Company?

It can be challenging to pick the best replacement window company to buy new modern windows. If you buy Clearwater windows and doors from the wrong seller, you probably will get windows that waste energy and don’t provide the comfort your family requires. So, you’ll want the home window company you pick to offer the best items, and you’ll likewise need to get the best customer service also. 

The investment is significant regarding impact window Clearwater, FL, installation. Unfortunately, some people take the planning process and picking the right company for granted, leaving them with undesired results.

Here are a few hints you should remember when you’ve chosen to invest in replacement windows and you’re attempting to hire the right company to work with. 

Things to Look for in a Replacement Window Company or Contractor 

The Best Home Window Replacement Company

How long has the local window replacement company been doing business in Clearwater and surrounding cities? A company with a long track record means that many homeowners and other people have to trust them for many years.

It is also valuable to know if the company produces its windows or install replacement windows made by other trusted companies. Preferably, you would want to buy windows that have been made in the USA and ensured to fit your window frames. 

Expert Replacement Window Installation 

Replacement window installation is essential for your window’s performance. So, you’ll need to ensure that any replacement window company you hire can give expert installation.

When someone installs windows incorrectly, it can shorten their lifespan, and it can likewise lessen the windows performance. Look at some online reviews of the home window company you hire to ensure they can offer expert installtion. 

Reviews and Credibility

You have to trust the replacement window company that you work with to ensure peace. You can build up trust with the home window company after you’ve investigated their history. Also, know the many years they have been installing high-performance windows.

Customer reviews will likewise tell you how reliable any company is and how credible they are. If you are not sure, consider asking the company for references so that you can believe their credibility

Licensed Home Windows Contractors 

By checking the permit, you will know for sure that they’re certified to work with home window replacements. Many companies say they have a license knowing they don’t have it since most people won’t ask for proof. But still, ask them either way. To give you peace, request to see the license documentation from the replacement window company you will hire. 

Warranties or Work 

Often, the thing that separates a company is the quality they provide with their windows. Ensure to understand the window warranty before purchasing. Also, It’s a brilliant idea to know who is responsible for the different types of services covered in the warranty.

Lastly, how to contact the company for window problems when needed. But remember, the replacement window company also offers a craftsmanship warranty or labor warranty, so if you have any issues, call them right of way.

Customer service is Number One 

A straightforward installation process starts with excellent planning. A reliable window company will guide the buyer through the whole process of picking their windows. They can help you find the perfect window style for your beautiful home, plus the glass type for your region and the materials and frames.

The pre-planning process should include a review of the installation process, so it’s seamless. In addition, a trustworthy replacement window company should have experts who can provide repairs and parts if the window ever gets damaged.

Are your considering replacement home windows for your home. Please, consider hiring a window replacement contractor like Crystal ClearWindows and Doors with the license, reviews, credibility, and best customer service in Clearwater and surrounding cities.

5 Pros of Installing Single Hung Windows

Installing single hung windows can be an incredible choice for anyone that has considered replacing the windows in their home. Single-hung window replacements in Clearwater, Florida is different from other windows because they open vertically from just the bottom sash. Thus, single hung windows use no inside space. 

Builders and homeowners love single hung windows since their popular for many reasons. For one, there are many types to pick. Therefore, our window installers near me will show you the five pros below to help you decide if single hung windows are right for you. 

1. Security 

Single hung windows have one lock and one method of opening. Because these windows open one way, their locking system has less chance of failing. Furthermore, you will remember to lock your windows with just one lock, making single hung windows the security choice. 

2. Save Energy by Installing Single Hung Windows 

home window company

Single hung windows have less space for air infiltration since they only move in one direction. As a result, it will make them more energy-efficient even when the windows get older. Single hung windows will increase their efficiency because of the energy-efficient glass, frames, and insulation. 

The better insulated your windows, the less you’ll spend on monthly heating and cooling costs. Plus, the less danger you’ll have of moisture entering your home and making issues with mildew and mold.

3. Save Space 

Single hung windows can add significant sunlight and air to a room without having to construct since these windows don’t open outward or take any inside room.

In addition, it will permit your space to feel greater in smaller rooms like restrooms or guest rooms, besides high-traffic areas like doorways and hallways. 

4. Save Cash 

Single-hung windows are more affordable because these windows have fewer moving parts

Single-hung windows operate more efficiently than double-hung windows, which makes single-hung windows less expensive. When a homeowner needs to replace their windows on a two-story home, experts recommend picking single-hung windows for the first floor and double-hung windows installation for the second floor. 

However, ensure the window collection offers a similar profile on both window styles. So, top and bottom windows appear the same from the outside but provide more comfort from the inside. Also, the homeowner can save cash by installing single-hung windows on the lower level. Consider double-hung windows on the second floor when the windows you buy have double tilt-sashes. 

5. Versatility 

Single hung windows offer many choices regarding style, wood, trim, shape, and finishing options. 

Single-hung windows come in many shapes, including: 

  • Eyebrow – these windows have a curved top edge that looks like a human eyebrow. 
  • Unique shape – these windows come in many geometric shapes. 
  • Arch – these windows come rounded at the top, looking like a half-circle. 
  • Gothic–gothic windows are arch windows, with the curve being sharper and less round than a regular arch window. 

With so many choices of wood, trim, and finishing, you can ensure that your single-hung windows blend well with the style of your home or business. 

Hire an Expert to Install your Single Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are a cost-effective choice for homeowners who want to improve their home’s look and energy efficiency. When looking to replace all of your home windows or on the first floor, the savings you acquire from picking single hung windows can be significant. 

Are you considering a single-hung home windows replacement project? Then, make sure you contact Crystal Clear Windows and Doors today. We can design, assemble, sell, and install your new replacement single-hung windows. All of the items we use are simply the best materials, so you’re ensured the windows will perform as great as they look even after many years. 

Replacement Windows for an Old House Guideline to an Amazing Project

A replacement window for an old house and even a new one can improve the look of your home but with the help of local home window installation experts. The logistics and working of windows is something that homeowners don’t consider until something goes wrong. For example, air leaks, water infiltration, thermal, foggy glass, and insects are some reasons homeowners should consider quality Clearwater replacement windows and doors.

The replacement window for old house sales strategies is frequently aggressive. Since profits can be high, a few businesses use unpleasant strategies to make a deal. We advise consumers to gain a few quotes and teach themselves some window insights before signing any contract.

Plus, hire a professional contractor like Crystal Clear Windows and Doors for your installation!

Window Replacement Costs

two open replacement windows

The total sum of replacement windows depends on many factors, for example, location, materials, kind of glazing, and the type of window. Usually, the total cost for homeowners with a standard 3-bedroom house would range between $3,000 to $10,000.

A few homeowners will try to cut expenses by contracting a handyperson and having that individual replace the windows. However, since the expert window installers have perfected the installation procedure and regularly work in big teams, you may not spend a lot of money and time as you might think.

Remember, these professional companies have insurance and can give you a warranty which a handyman can’t guarantee. Although replacement windows for an old house may end up being a significant investment in your home, this project will usually give back a good return on investment.

Should you purchase single-hung windows or double-hung windows?

Both single-hung and double-hung windows have a lower sash (or pane) that slides upward. You can unlatch the window and slide the lower sash up when the temperatures get too high or hot.

Yet, with single-hung windows, the upper sash is fixed and unworkable. Plus, only the lower sash slides down and up. 

Regarding double-hung windows, the two sashes can move. This is particularly important for second-story windows since it permits you to clean windows from the inside. Likewise, if you have little kids, you can open only the upper sash, leaving the lower sash set up to keep your child safe.

If none of the circumstances applies to your home, purchase double-hung windows. But you can save some cash with single-hung windows. Besides, with fewer moving parts, the single-hung windows have less maintenance and fewer chances of failure.

When to Replace Windows

Replacement Windows for an Old House

If people installed replacement windows in ideal conditions, for example, during the spring and summer months, then the expert installers will go broke. Although embarking on a replacement windows project seen difficult all year long, you can replace your windows in a severe climate, snowstorms, and even hurricanes, too.

One drawback of planning this project during calm seasons is that everyone is making the same home improvement. You may end up waiting a while for installation or not even possible.

However, it is smarter to have your windows replaced in a better climate. When the professionals are working under pressure, they may rush the job. Caulking may not set well in chilly temperatures. Moisture can also impact the tight tolerance with window installation.

Don’t DIY replacement windows for an old house

Replacement windows for an old house gig is an example of why it is beneficial to have experts take on a home improvement project. Expert window installers carry out this responsibility all year long, and they have the essential tools and abilities expected to complete the job.

Yes, mortgage holders can save some cash by replacing their windows. However, DIY replacement window mistakes can cost you a lot of money, particularly if air leaks or if you break a window pane. Also, if you’re installing windows on upper floors, you will have to work with ladders meaning it can get dangerous for you and your helper.

Types of Window Frame Materials

Types of Window Frame Materials

Homeowners worried about keeping the classic look of their home. So frequently, they will dismiss installing vinyl windows for wood materials. However, vinyl windows are worth a second look. Vinyl framing materials prevent energy loss and don’t require maintenance or painting, and less expensive than wood.

Metal windows can match the style of contemporary homes. Fiberglass-framed windows are more robust than vinyl windows while using fewer materials. It is significant since it expands the glazing, therefore giving you more light.

Double-Pane windows are perfect replacement windows for an old house

A double-pane window comprises two sheets of glass with an air or inert gas, for example, krypton or argon in the middle. Just one double-pane window can decrease your energy consumption, so imagine what five or more double-pane windows can do for your home’s energy bills.

Double-paned windows have an R-value that ranges from 3 to 3.7, while triple-pane windows have an R-value of up to 5, making them more effective at blocking heat flow. It means both double-paned units and triple-paned windows could lower heating costs better than single-paned windows.

Remember, triple-paned windows cost more than double-pane windows, so make sure you add the cost to your total window value.

Best Home Window Frames for your Clearwater Home Project

Picking the best home window frames for your new home window installation in Clearwater’s home project is essential not only to your house look but usefulness. Window’s style and operating mechanisms aren’t the only things that homeowners need for window buying. There are other practical things you must consider when buying comes around.

Consider cost, the insulation, window frame material, glass features, and much more. Usually, you will pay more for home window replacements in Clearwater that have more insulation and more ability to protect your home from the elements. However, it is also a smart move, in the long run, to install the best home windows money can buy.

Manufacturers make window frames of wood, cladding, vinyl, fiberglass, or metal. Higher-quality windows have better weather-stripping to keep air from filtering in around the sashes.

Let’s go through some benefits to consider; however, it’s also significant to talk with a window expert to help you pick the right window for your location, situation, and budget.

Best home window frames factors to consider

Window frame factors to consider

Most windows come with a sticker rating that provides performance scores for some important factors:

R-value measures the window’s capacity to stop heat transfer. It just means how the window keeps extreme temperatures outside and comfortable temperatures inside. The higher the R-value, the better.

U-factor is the opposite of the R-value; it measure’s the propensity to transfer heat, and the lower the U-value, the better.

Solar gain or solar heat gain coefficient, or SHGC shows how much the window will heat a room when the sun shines. Solar heat gain is great when the climate is cold, yet it can raise cooling costs throughout the summer. The higher the number, the higher the heat gain.

Manufacturers measure wind resistance and air leakage in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The lower the numbers (70 degrees F and one for 0 degrees F), the better the seal.

Vinyl Window frames

Vinyl window frames are the most economical choice and practical for many applications. In lower-quality models, the weather- stripping isn’t tough enough for extreme weather, and some plastic parts can break, particularly when you tilt the window for cleaning.

However, high-quality vinyl window options are available more than aluminum or wood windows. Also, the thicker frames help enhance energy efficiency by providing more insulation to the seams, lowering the amount of air leaking through the window. The energy efficiency in vinyl windows has proven to reduce energy bills.

Mostly, high-quality vinyl windows are an extraordinary choice and one excellent option accessible today. Their energy-efficient, sturdy, weather resistance, and low-maintenance necessity make them the perfect candidate for homeowners searching for replacement windows.

Wood Windows

house wood frame windows styles

Wood windows cost more than vinyl and need more regular maintenance. Such as sealed with paint or finish to stop rotting and sun damage. But woods have natural beauty and natural insulating properties, and people love the way it looks at their homes.

The manufacturer makes some wood windows with stain-quality, yet some windows that use wood with joints won’t look great stained; instead, plan to paint.

Cladding windows

To make a wood window increasingly sturdy, many producers apply a cladding of aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass to the outside portions only. You can paint aluminum as long as you first apply a primer.

Typically, people can paint tinted vinyl and fiberglass with no issue, yet paint may experience difficulty sticking to white vinyl.

Aluminum Window Replacement

Aluminum replacement windows are robust and durable. Also, aluminum looks more modern and functions admirably with sleek and modern home styles. They let in a lot of daylight and need little maintenance, particularly when they come painted. They won’t wear out in sunlight, and they won’t rot or mold from the wear issues that affect wood, vinyl, or fiberglass windows.

One disadvantage of aluminum windows is they aren’t well energy-efficient. Although makers do all they can to boost those energy-efficient window numbers compared with other choices, they miss the mark regarding efficiency. Aluminum windows cost more than vinyl or fiberglass but a somewhat less expensive than wooden windows.

Fiberglass Windows

A few producers make fiberglass windows. Fiberglass is sturdier than vinyl, less likely to contract and expand, and less prone to warp.

You can protect it with a fresh paint job, but manufacturers apply a hard finish when it’s first produced.

Glazed Panes

Single-glazed windows, with a single pane of glass in every sash, are the cheapest. However, they permit a lot of heat transfer, making for increased heating and cooling costs.

Double-glazed, likewise known as insulating glass (IG) or thermal glass, significantly increases a window’s energy efficiency. They seal the two panes with an air space between them that makes the insulation. The thicker the air space, the better the insulation.

You can also find triple-glazed windows with three panes and two air spaces. These aren’t common since the added insulation they offer isn’t considered worth the extra expense.

You can instead enhance the double-panes energy insulation by requesting it with argon or krypton gas between the panes as opposed to air. Eventually, the gas will leak out, but gradually, after 20 years, the pane will lose only 10 percent of its original gas.

How do I Know if My Home Windows Need Replacing?

Often, homeowners don’t check the conditions of their home windows to see if they need replacing. When your home has aluminum or wood-framed windows, you may not see the issues they cause the right of way. Usually, old houses with the original windows are regularly due for a home windows Clearwater FL, project upgrade. However, there are some simple ways to check if your windows need replacing in your not-so-old home. 

Quality installed home windows play vital roles, improve your home’s look, increase the amount of natural light in your home and lower your house energy bill. When you have old, obsolete, and damaged windows, besides being a security issue, old windows can ruin the comfort of your home. 

Therefore, it’s essential to know whether you need to hire a window replacement contractor to install modern windows. Let’s see the most significant signs that you need a new window remodeling plan. 

Replace Home Windows when you Receive High Utility Bills 

apartment-bay-energy-efficient windows


On cold days, the windows feel colder than the rest of the home. So, if you touch the glass, it feels cold. The warm air from your heater gets cooled down when it’s near your windows. Besides being uncomfortable to stand next to these windows, it’s a waste of energy! 

Now, try to grab a candle and hold it by your window frames and move it around each corner of the window. When the candlelight flickers or the smoke moves, drafts are going through your windows. Imagine how much warmer and agreeable your home would be if you seal those openings up.

As the temperature drops during winter and climbs throughout summer, your heating and cooling bills will fluctuate too. If you have old windows typically, part of the heat created by your heater and the cooling from your AC will go to waste. While old windows are single-paned and vulnerable to leaks, modern windows are energy-efficient and will keep the air from transferring in and out of your home. 

Consider replacing those leaky windows with windows that bring argon gas and low-emissivity (LoE) glass to save money on utility bills. Low-E window glass can keep heat out during the summer months and warmth in during winter. It will significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs and give you more comfortable living space. 

Lousy Window Operation 


Try opening and closing all your home windows to check for smooth operation. When the windows require some force and pressure to open or stay shut, it’s time to consider replacement windows. Homeowners shouldn’t struggle opening their windows; they should easily open and close them.

Rotting Frames and Leaky Windows 


Significant signs that you need replacement windows are rotting window frames. When wooden window frames are exposed to moisture for a long time, they can start to fail. Moisture damage can likewise cause a serious rot problem not too far off, causing serious safety issues. If you notice decay on your window frames, your home windows need upgrades. 

You may likewise see that you have windows that leak, also called leaky windows. At times, your windows might be leaking terribly to the point that they leave a pool of water on your floor. 

Maybe your thinking the windows water leakage doesn’t justify the home window renovation since the leaking will stop in the summer. Remember that moisture fuels the growth of mold, regardless of how much little water is present. The more time you take to replace your windows, the higher chances of windows creating a more significant issue. 

Sometimes your windows leak because of lousy installation or a failed sealed unit. You might think to repair them instead.

However, you could fix your windows, but you wouldn’t fix the issue. Consider this, your leaking window is an issue, but it’s not the problem. Moisture buildup is the biggest problem for your windows as it’s an indication of something bigger. The best way to fix leaky windows and guarantee that the windows are safe again is replacement windows. 

Replacement Home Windows Improve your Homes Soundproofing 

PGT Home replacement windows

Can you hear vehicles while they drive by or when they come down from down the road? Single-pane windows transfer sound vibrations from the street into your home. Before you know it, all the noise, including the neighbor’s chats, will add up, and you can say farewell to the peace. High-quality energy-efficient windows will absorb these sound waves before they enter your home, keeping your home peaceful. 


Window Condensation is a Significant Issue


Often, homeowners see condensation on their home windows. First, investigate which kind of condensation you are witnessing since that not all condensation is awful. Depending on where the condensation is showing up on the window, it may not be a reason for concern. Nonetheless, if you do see condensation in between the two panes of glass, it is a sign that your windows’ seals have failed, and it’s the perfect time to replace them before they fully leak. 

If you invest in home windows, you will help your home’s value, improve energy efficiency, and enhance your home look. Modern replacement windows will likewise increase the amount of natural light in your home while stopping UV damaging rays and soundproofing your home from noisy cars and neighbors. Windows are a great investment that provides an excellent ROI, too.