Should I Add a Sunroom or Room Addition to my Home?

Should I add a sunroom or room addition is the question that many homeowners find themselves asking. There are multiple benefits of a sunroom contractor near me adding extra space to your existing home, including the advantage of additional space and the potential to increase resale value. Sunrooms or solariums are popular options for those living in pleasant climates, and homeowners can easily customize them to fit individual needs and desires. 

However, room additions allow homeowners to increase the square footage of their property, providing them with another area in which they can enjoy particularly beneficial for growing families.

The decision between build a sunroom or room addition is difficult, but it’s not! Which will you choose? Well, allow us to help.

 What is a Sunroom? 

sunroom addition before construction process

Sunrooms, better known as screen rooms and solariums, can be three-season sunrooms and four-season sunrooms. As the name suggests, three-season sunrooms are less insulated, and you can use them in spring, summer, and fall. Four-season sunrooms are more like a room addition because they’re insulated to accommodate all four seasons.

Now, a solarium is a type of four-season sunroom that has a glass roof. Moreover, all sunrooms provide a lot of sunlight, thanks to the glass walls or ceiling, and, as well as access to the outdoors. 

What is a room addition? 

room addition matching original house
room addition matching original house

A room addition is a room that is added to your home and made from traditional building materials. A room addition needs a foundation, doors, and windows, and interior and exterior finishes. 

Now, room additions can be traditional or modern. A conventional room addition uses materials like wood siding and asphalt shingles to match the exterior of your house. 

On top of this, a more expensive option is a modern room addition which has an interior with sleek countertops and hardwood flooring. Now, the interior of the room requires built-in electrical access, insulation, and paint. Probably installation or connection to an HVAC system for heat or cold.

How Much Does it Cost To Add A Sunroom?

gorgeous sunroom

When you are thinking about adding a room to your house, it is essential to consider construction costs. 

Multiple factors contribute to the cost of installation, including size and location. Now, for homeowners interested in sunrooms or solarium, this option can be more affordable than adding their home.

Sunrooms can come in pre-fabricated kits or custom-built to the homeowners’ specifications. Pre-fabricated kits can cost less than custom-built sunrooms, but not always. Depending on the customization the homeowners require, pre-fabricated sunrooms can cost more money than custom-built room additions.

Often, most sunrooms don’t require a foundation, but you may need one, which may increase the overall cost for the room. To install a sunroom also will require a building permit. All sunrooms require sunroom installation services and tools, which can increase the overall price of the sunroom addition.

According to Forbes, sunroom costs are below: 

3-Season Room Cost

  • Average Cost $25,000
  • Highest Cost $40,000
  • Lowest Cost $10,000

4-Season Room Cost

  • Average Cost $45,000
  • Highest Cost $80,000
  • Lowest Cost $15,000

How Much Does A Full Room Addition Cost?

Full room addition costs compare to a sunroom addition, with parts and labor plus a building permit. Furthermore, the increased materials can drive up the cost, and room additions take more time to build than sunrooms, increasing the labor hours and the price. 

According to HomeGuide, a room addition cost ranges between $22,500 and $74,000. Furthermore, 20×20 family room costs $48,000 on average, a 12×12 bedroom costs about $17,300, and the cost to add a bathroom starts at $18,000.

How will you use your Sunroom or Room Addition?

Before you decide which one to build, consider knowing the primary usage of the room.

Sunrooms don’t offer privacy, but they do bring the best sunroom window replacements so they’re best for areas that don’t require it. Popular usages of sunrooms are family rooms, playrooms, and hobby rooms, allowing a convenient place with natural light to relax.

You can use full room additions for something personal, like a more oversized bedroom, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, or a home office.

Sunroom Installation Experts

There are many benefits to adding square footage to your home. Benefits include having an additional space that you can spread out, and homeowners can customize their addition to fit their needs and desires! But deciding between a room addition or a sunroom is difficult because there are many reasons why one might be better than the other. 

However, if you live in a climate that experiences harsh winters, then to add a sunroom addition would not make sense. On the other hand, if you live in a temperate region where summers are hot and humid, then installing a solarium could be beneficial for cooling off during these long months of summertime.

7 Pros of Installing a Sunroom Addition Near Me

The sunroom addition near me can be an excellent room addition to your home. Expert sunroom installers in Clearwater can design them to provide you with extra space and the ability to enjoy sunlight and fresh air year-round. Sunrooms are great for entertaining guests or just spending time alone. They’re perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning and watching as the day unfolds before you!

Sunroom additions also make your home more valuable. You can turn it into a relaxing space or use it for entertaining guests. Whatever you decide, the sunroom should be one of the first rooms that need to be added to your house when building brand new homes in Clearwater.

This room has become popular amongst homeowners because they enjoy having sunlight while still not paying high utility bills.

  1. Enjoy a Higher Real Estate Value

Sunroom addition near me enjoys a higher real estate value than other home improvements. People will see the benefit of building a functional sunroom in the home while increasing its curb appeal.

In many cases, sunrooms have been known as being one of those additions that adds more square feet than any other room addition project with a substantial return on investment (ROI).

For all of the sunroom installations near me that we complete, homeowners can expect to see a good increase in their home value.

  1. Sunroom Additions near me can Lower your Energy Bills

    sunroom installation experts

With a sunroom installation, you will give yourself a room addition with much sunlight for hours on end.

The sun’s rays will give you warmth in the colder months while helping your home be more energy efficient. 

Because sunroom additions near me are so beneficial, they can also reduce an individual’s energy bill! So, yes, sunrooms are energy-efficient home improvement projects.

  1. Enjoy more Natural Light

You can have natural light from the sun enter the space, but you’ll also enjoy its warmth, unlike being outside and getting sunburned. It makes a sunroom the perfect place to relax with a morning coffee, read a book, or read off your tablet with a cup of tea. 

  1. Use The Sunroom Addition Space for Hobbies

Do you enjoy reading, writing, or like to work out in your home gym? No matter your hobby, a sunroom is a place to use as a place for this hobby. You can use your sunroom addition in any functional space you desire.

  1. A Sunroom Addition Makes Space for your Plants

A sunroom addition makes the perfect place for your plants to live and enjoy the natural light. With sunrooms’ oversized windows, plants that typically need lots of sun to survive will flourish. 

While a sunroom isn’t the same as a greenhouse, it’s a close second. Even during winter, your plants can have access to all the sun they can handle. You’ll love coming home to see your three or four-season sunroom and seeing all the plants you can enjoy

It is a great way to bring nature into your sunroom addition without sacrificing comfort! 

  1. Sunroom sunlight Boost your Mood

A sunroom can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder. So, no matter the outdoor temperatures and how difficult it can be to enjoy your Vitamin D outdoors, you’ll have the sunlight you need within the comfort of your home.

You’ll feel happier, more productive, and overall just better about yourself. While nothing can cure depression, adding a sunroom had been known to do wonders to people’s moods. 

  1. Enjoy an Excellent Entertaining Space

    Sunroom replacement windows installation

Do you enjoy entertaining a large number of people in your home but feel your living room is inadequate? Well, consider adding a sunroom to entertain instead? The best place to host a gathering is in a warm and sunny space. Your guests will love to spend time in a warm oasis while you entertain them in style.

All in all, the best windows for sunroom options are a great way to bring more light and warmth into any house since they’re outdoor rooms that allow for all the benefits of nature inside! These sun-filled glass additions have been around for years, but now’s their time to shine.

If you need some help replacing sunroom windows or want to install one, consider contacting a sunroom installer near you. Sunroom installers near Florida can help you turn your sunroom into the space of your dreams.

Top Sunroom Window Options for Energy Conscious Homeowners

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors believes top sunroom window options are essential features for homes since they can brighten up the room and add value to your home. Options include durability, transparency, beauty, and, sometimes, flexibility to open or slide.

Three chief factors influence the type of sunroom window installation near me: the kind of window, the glass, and, also the material. The type of sunroom window and sort of window glass is what will be discussed, so stay with me:

Top Sunroom Window Type Options

sunroom window types

The types of windows rely on several factors. Firstly, determine how you’re going to utilize your sunroom such as a home office, garden, or for social parties. Rooms that are three-season and four seasons utilize both sliding and fixed windows. All these windows are custom created and made to the sunroom specifications. It permits the sunroom installation to have beautiful windows, which also are energy efficient.

When picking a sunroom design, it’s important to take into account the climate, the time you’re going to use the sunroom, and the direction of the sun. These variables will ascertain the sort of glass but also the window kind.

Traditional Windows you can use on your Florida Sunroom

  • Hinged windows- There are two sorts of windows: casement and awning. The differences between both would be the hinge location and size. Awning windows hinge out of the top to prevent rain from penetrating while allowing hot air to escape from the warm sunroom. Casement windows with screens open to ventilate the room and open from the side.
  • Sliding windows- Sliding sunroom windows are energy efficient and accessible to meet the aesthetics of your home. All these windows slide horizontally, letting you utilize your space more practically and enable you to see outside without an obstructed view.
  • Bow and bay windows – These types offer a more expansive perspective and allow more sun to enter the space. Constructed to extend out of the sunroom to produce a space for reading or a dining room area.
  • Fixed windows-Sunroom windows that don’t free seem a waste of room space but are perfect for regions of the room which are high and hard to access. They’re also insulated and draft-proof, so they are ideal for use in cold climates.
  • Double-hung windows — All these windows are a gorgeous alternative for just about any home. They are simple to wash or clean and provide maximum ventilation. These windows are offered in many styles and colors; every window may be custom built to fit your requirements.

Top Types of Sunroom Window Glass Options

type of sunroom window glass

Deciding on the window glass is equally crucial as the features that we just went over. For homeowners, all windows look the same; however, the glass will dictate the sunroom’s allure, feel, and functionality. Kinds of glass for sunroom designs comprise of:

  • Single-glazed — A window with some UV properties or insulation.
  • Double-glazed — Two layers of glass with gas or air trapped between for better insulation. Double-pane windows usually, use argon gas (six times stronger than air).
  • Triple-glazed — The most expensive window glass, but the best at preventing heat loss. These windows could use either krypton or argon gas.

Another element in the insulating properties of glass is Low-E coating. Start looking for a soft coat that allows light but reflects heat. It keeps your room cooler during summer and warmer throughout the winter.

Another consideration when picking glass is security. Look for tempered glass, which crumbles as it breaks rather than breaking into hazardous shards.

Certified Sunroom Replacement Windows are Perfect Place to Start

Sunroom replacement windows

Since sunrooms have 50% or more glass, picking panes that don’t conduct hot or cold air is essential. You’ll have to choose an adequately rated glass for its U-factor or something called SHGC. 

The U-factor of the glass shows its solar heat loss coefficient, or its capacity to retain or lose heat. The lower the U-factor, the better, so a window made of single-pane glass has a U-factor of 1.1, it loses a great deal of heat. I recommend adding a glass of a U-factor of under 0.3. A few manufacturers likewise cover panes with plastic film, which gives extra energy efficiency. 

Now, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) or the amount of solar radiation that penetrates the glass. The lower the SHGC, the less solar heat it transmits and the higher its shading capacity, which is better in a warm climate. Then again, an item with a high SHGC rating will gather more solar heat throughout winter, better for people that live in a cold climate. 

Sunroom Replacement Windows Increase Insulation 

If you are building your sunroom, pick a design that is not difficult to insulate, for example, one with a ceiling and rooftop instead of floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Also, hire a top sunroom builder to decide the type, quality, and level of insulation your design permits, given your climate. Finally, insulate the space over the ceiling and below the floor, just as in between glass panes. 

Sunroom Replacement Windows can Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Do you want to use your sunroom all year? Consider connecting the room to your home’s HVAC system or installing a heating unit or cooling system. 

When you design your sunroom, ensure you love it! Then, relax, read, and entertain your guests. Likewise, use this bright space as a mini-greenhouse to begin early seedlings for your garden and grow plants that you can move to different parts of your home. Moreover, grow spices, herbs, and sprouts you can use for remedies or cooking. 

We can Install the Perfect Custom Sunroom Windows

So, are you considering building a sunroom that doesn’t send your energy bills through the rooftop? Or possibly you have built your sunroom. However, you don’t use it much since you haven’t added any of the top sunroom window options discussed above, or either it’s either too hot, too cold, or drafty? 

A sunroom is extraordinary for many reasons, like an office or a place to read a book. However, if the windows don’t insulate properly, you will not get much usage out of the space for most parts of the year. 

Buying energy-efficient replacement windows can decrease your utility bills. To guarantee a fruitful sunroom replacement window installation, consider booking a Clearwater, Florida window company, like Crystal Clear Windows & Doors.

Florida Sunroom Impact Glass Has Added Benefits

Yes, top sunroom window options can have impact windows. The triple layers of impact glass bring benefits over regular solarium panes:

  • Impact window sunrooms are more energy-efficient. The summer heat won’t get in, and the AC system’s cool temperatures won’t get out. Therefore, sunroom impact windows combined with insulated walls and roofing systems will save you money on energy bills.
  • Sunroom installations near me are quiet as the glass layers protect against sounds like loud cars, dogs, and even neighbors.
  • Florida Sunroom windows decrease harmful UV rays, providing homeowners health benefits and less fade for your furnishings.
  • Florida sunroom impact glass also protects from windborne objects and human-produced hazards like a children’s baseball or an intruder throwing a rock trying to break in.
  • Sunroom window glass is made in layers of sheet of glass and plastic. These layers make the panes flexible, and they give significantly greater security against impacts: In the uncommon case that the glass breaks, it looks like a spider web of small pieces instead of dangerous shards. The plastic middle layer holds the pieces together, not allowing them to blow into the room.

Sunroom Installation in Clearwater

Sunroom installation near Clearwater

After homeowners construct the house, they frequently add sunrooms as an interior living space that extends into nature. There are many styles and designs of sunrooms. The best designs usually combine with your current structure and match your home, not something that sits aloof.

Nice visibility is the biggest benefit a sunroom window installation delivers. They’re likewise affordable compared with traditional construction. Sunrooms frequently use existing bases like sturdy yards or wooden decks instead of strong shingles.

Consider your sunroom installation as a modern patio. For quite a long time, American homes were constructed with front or back patios where families would gather and sit to appreciate the outside while being mostly unprotected. Well, unprotected because downpours and wind or fly’s, and bees sent individuals hurrying inside to watch nature from the living room window.

Sunrooms construction in Clearwater has changed what we think about our patios. As innovation advanced, the modern materials offered uses where outside spaces were captured and contained for multi-weather living. Sunrooms are currently built of lightweight and innovative items like:

  • Aluminum
  • Structural vinyl
  • Engineered roof panels
  • Insulated glass
  • Solar-treated, Low-E glass
  • Radiant heating and air conditioning features

What can you use your sunroom installation near me?

People use their Clearwater sunroom addition variedly. Yes, sunroom additions allow natural light in, and people can enjoy great views of the outdoor. Also, sunrooms add space and usefulness for a wide range of activities. Some uses are:

  • Sitting and enjoying a coffee while viewing the outside but protected from the elements
  • Relaxing in the sun without sunburns
  • A sanctuary for reflection and to gather thoughts
  • Enjoying afternoon tea with a good book
  • Perfect home office
  • Television or music rooms
  • Children’s play zone
  • Comfy space for family parties
  • Exercise and workouts room
  • Greenspace for plants and birds

Sunroom Installation Service-Tips for Choosing a Dependable Contractor

Not only will the sunroom installation service tell you the addition is the best investment you have ever made, but you will know too when sitting in it. Adding a sunroom to your home was always your dream, but it won’t be a reality until you thoroughly research your options. 

Getting insights before installing a sunroom addition takes due diligence and time. However, the research will be worth the time. 

Our sunroom contractor near me experts will provide you some tips to make an informed decision and enjoy the sun without bugs!

Pros of Sunroom Additions

A sunroom addition gives an extraordinary place to relax following a difficult day of work or at home from parenting. These sunrooms permit you to feel the outside as you sit in a comfortable chair without the danger of sunburns. Many homeowners use these rooms for reading, meditation, or growing plants. 

There are many different things you can do with this space, so get inventive! Furthermore, transform it into a place where your children can do schoolwork. They function admirably for entertaining, as well, particularly if you connect them with a patio or outdoor kitchen. 

A sunroom is an intermediary between the outside and the remainder of your home. If you want an easygoing place, you can use it as a space to remove dirty shoes or a place to dry the dog. However, most homeowners will like the investment to pay off in relaxation time.

Replacement sunroom windows can add much natural light to your home. Besides improving the home’s ambiance, it will save you cash on your energy bill. With natural light coming into your home, you will not consider turning on an overhead light until nighttime. 

Costs Of Sunroom Installations

Sunroom installation service near Clearwater

The pros of having a sunroom added to your home are impressive. And now you might be wondering about the cost of sunroom and sunroom installation service and labor charges. I know nobody wants to hear this, but it depends on many factors. 

The cost of your sunroom addition depends on the expectation of its usage, the amount of time you plan to spend in your sunroom, and if the use will affect the size. Construction size is an excellent indicator of the expense of adding a sunroom to your home. Moreover, the quality of materials you pick and the level of design you utilize can affect the sunroom price

Sunroom cost also depends on the below factors: 

  • The region you live. A few areas like high-demand cities can be more costly to build a sunroom than rural regions with lower labor rates. 
  • The location of your sunroom. Do you have troublesome site preparation issues or difficulties in building with your current structure? Regrettably, the destruction of old construction may likewise cost more. 
  • Energy-efficiency. Some high technology, energy-efficient items are accessible, but the cost will increase steadily. 
  • Finish surfaces. Stone flooring, tile installation, electricity, and millwork can drive up the cost. 
  • Hire a reliable sunroom contractor. Companies with a lot of experience and pedigree may quote higher estimates than start-up businesses. However, hiring a contractor at a low cost might cost more in the end. 

How to Select A Quality and Reliable Sunroom Contractor? 

sunroom contractor and company

The selection of your sunroom contractor might be the best idea when planning a sunroom addition. Quality, reliable sunroom contractors and companies charge a reasonable cost for their labor and accomplish excellent results. 

Of course, not all sunroom contractors are equal in skill and ratings. Ensure you research a sunroom supplier as thoroughly as you explore the design and materials you wanted. 

A few significant things to consider before hiring a sunroom contractor are: 

  • Sunroom experts know everything about sunroom construction. Their experience in sunroom design and installations is huge. However, it takes experience to make a reliable sunroom without leaks and structural issues. 
  • Best customer service. Many sunroom companies near me talk about customer service but don’t deliver much. Great companies have extraordinary employees who take care of their customers’ needs. Investigate the company reviews and pay attention to what past clients said. 
  • Ensure the sunroom contractor has insurance and a license. 
  • Make sure they have examples of sunrooms they’ve built for other clients. Then, visit their website images or visit their showroom since the investment is high caliber. After, you will either fall in love or want to leave the scene. 
  • Also, ensure the expert handles all the different parts of sunroom additions. It will include the building permits and inspections. 
  • They give outstanding warranties. A reliable sunroom contractor stands behind their work and backs it with a warranty. They have the experience to have excellent relations with their material providers and installation teams that reduce the chance of issues. But, when problems emerge, they’ll handle them without BS. 

Choose a Sunroom Installation Service like Crystal Clear Windows and Doors 

We are easy to speak with and don’t use sales pitches. Our quality sunroom installation service invests time in providing the right information and allowing the client the space to make the decision. 

5 Benefits of Installing a Sunroom Addition in Florida

The main reason homeowners install a sunroom addition in their home is to have a relaxing warm indoor oasis that allows them to get away from the cold. 

Yes, a sunroom installation in Clearwater is an excellent way to make the most of your patio while protected from the elements like rain and mosquitos. 

A sunroom addition may be at the top of your list of home remodeling projects. Sunrooms can give your home the warmth of summer while increasing the value of your house. 

Let’s go over five benefits of installing a sunroom in your home: 

  1. Increase Real Estate Value with a Sunroom Addition in Florida

    Sunroom installation near Clearwater

Yes, sunrooms increase the value of a home! It is the top benefit of adding a room addition to any new area to your home, and looks good. An added sunroom to your house will order command a higher real estate value. A sunroom addition will increase your home’s value significantly. 

When considering if the project is worth it, consider the size of the project you’ll make to install the sunroom. Moreover, the advantage you’ll receive after installation and the 50% return on the money you spend

An easy way to know if installing a sunroom addition is beneficial to your home is by looking at installations around your neighborhood or city. Get a statement on how much land esteem a completed sunroom would add to your home. While every sunroom addition is unique, we’re confident you’ll receive a good ROI. 

The truth, a potential home buyer will happily pay extra cash for a home that includes a valuable sunroom. Often, a sunroom facing an extraordinary and lavish patio or some other similarly beautiful view can command a hefty price increase. 

  1. A Sunroom Installation can Reduce your Electric Bill 

If you like paying high electricity bills, then good for you, however many of us don’t like paying high electric bills. I understand that you need light to see, meaning you need light to see, correct? 

Well, with your Florida sunroom windows, you have an entire room full of sunlight that you can use for a long time. Don’t worry; even on cloudy days, the sunroom will have sufficient light to see. Using your sunroom as a family space for indoor activities or personal means you can reduce your energy use. 

Depending on how long you spend in your sunroom, it can reduce your energy bill expenses.

  1. Sunroom Addition Allow Natural Light 

It’s nice to see the sun come in through the windows and sit near it, but often, there’s always a tree or an obstacle that doesn’t allow that sunlight to last. But with a sunroom addition, you can enjoy the light regardless of where you sit. 

You will enjoy the light from the sun! But, you will likewise enjoy the warmth— making a sunroom the ideal place to relax with a book, coffee, and newspaper. Your body can also enjoy the benefits of added light in your home, both for your health and happiness. 

  1. Experience Health Benefits

    Modern Sunroom Additions-living room

There are many health benefits that a sunroom addition can provide people. Adding a sunroom will increase your sunlight exposure, which the sun help promote health benefits to your body. Here are some of the health advantages you can enjoy by investing in a sunroom addition. 

  • Lower Cholesterol: often, sunlight exposure can reduce high cholesterol. 
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Some amount of sunlight exposure can do wonders for your blood pressure, bringing it down to more manageable and less dangerous levels. 
  • Stronger Immune System: Staying under the warm sun can promote white blood cells to increase, giving your immune system a boost. 
  • Vitamin D Boosts: Vitamin D can keep you healthy and plays a part in keeping your bones strong and supporting your cardiovascular health.

  1. Use the Sunroom Addition for Hobbies

Do you appreciate arts, pottery, scrapbooking, reading uninterrupted, writing, and even bird-watching? Whatever hobby you like, you can use the sunroom addition as the headquarters for this practice. You can build a sunroom into any functioning space you want. 

Or make a space solely for your hobbies and creative pursuits. You don’t need to use the other cluster-filled rooms like the basement or garage anymore. 

Things To Watch For When Purchasing a Sunroom

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors realize customers should consider purchasing a sunroom to sit and unwind during their time at home. Have you wished you had free space for your family members and friends to socialize? Now’s a beautiful time to turn your patio or deck into that sunroom you always wanted. Not all of the sunroom additions are the same as it depends on your requirement! There is something about a sunroom that makes you want to take your clothes off, throw a robe and, relax in the sun’s warmth. You have come to the ideal location if you’re searching for the right sunroom inspiration. Below are a few things you ought to be aware of before buying a sunroom and how glass door installation specialists respond to the client’s worries.

Decide on the location before buying a sunroom

decide on the location
When picking a display or glass addition, deciding the area sun exposure is your first step. In northern climates, a southern exposure is better since it’s going to receive the most light. From the south, a southern exposure means additional cooling costs will be necessary, which is expensive. Eastern sun exposure requires less cooling as it allows the sun in the morning and offers shade during the rest of the day. Now, a western exposure will expose you to the harsh afternoon that must get shaded. Northern exposure provides less light and slight shade the majority of the day. In the North, it will produce a cool area but a little moist.

Evaluate the worth and the price of a sunroom

Ensure the dealer supplies a complimentary, no-obligation consultation and appointment at your house to supply you with the right cost. Consultants can provide advice about the best places to install your sunroom. Look out for companies that offer sunroom prices over the phone without coming by to survey your home. It can hide the real amount of a sunroom and add additional costs later on. Scheduling a consultation will be the best method to make sure you could compare the prices before purchasing a sunroom.

Type of glass for your sunroom addition

type of glass
Four-season chambers, sunrooms, and greenhouses are enclosed with glass and roofed with glass or polycarbonate. A glass roof gives the most clarity. Start looking for the U-value of the glass polycarbonate; it’s a measure of how much heat the material conducts. The lower the number, the less the heat moves through, so select the lowest U value for the most energy-efficient area.

Examine the roller wheels on doorways and windows

Both the sunroom windows and doorways are of crucial significance when constructing a sunroom. The outdoor feel is not only provided by the caliber of the doors and windows, but they are an integral element in sunroom insulation that permits you to amuse your guest in your four seasons. It is the rollers that keep doors and the windows working efficiently, so keep them well maintained. Steel wheels on stainless steel tracks would be the ideal method for doors and windows to move.

Select your materials before purchasing a sunroom

select your materials
What type of climate do you reside in? How can you utilize your sunroom? These questions can allow you to determine what materials are ideal for you.
  1. Planning to cool or heat your sunroom through extreme temperature, proceed with vinyl. Vinyl is weatherproof, durable, energy-efficient, and ideal for year-round usage.  Plus, vinyl is also the less expensive alternative. Vinyl has become the material for the supports. It requires minimum maintenance and gives the very finest in insulation and durability. It’s available mostly in white. Vinyl supports are multiwall, which means that they have an inner reinforcement of aluminum or galvanized steel.
  2. Aluminum is not as good an insulator as vinyl. Many rooms that use vinyl supports for both aesthetics and insulation have aluminum as the roof construction for extra strength.
  3. Wood is the most expensive material and perfect for screen rooms as it easily attaches to the screen mesh to the timber. Wood requires frequent maintenance.

Adding a Sunroom Addition-Four Special Benefits

People think about adding a sunroom addition to enhance their home and to improve parts of the house. Take advantage of this project and make a home improvement that boosts a part of your home.

Homeowners have many options; our replacement windows Tampa Florida experts believe the advantages of adding a sunroom can help your home’s value and function.

Enclosing your deck to make a sunroom makes this home improvement worth your time and energy besides being a good ROI.

Replacement sunroom windows are a fabulous addition to any home, and anyone can enjoy them. They offer many benefits that you, your family, and visitors can appreciate.

Since we believe in the significant benefits that sunroom provides, our experts will discuss four special sunroom benefits. Everyone knows a sunroom addition is a work of art, but there are other benefits I will speak about below.

Sunroom Additions Provide People Health Benefits

Cost to build a sunroom addition in your home

A sunroom addition provides many health benefits to homeowners. By adding a sunroom, you’ll increase your exposure to daylight, which in turn helps your general health. Below are some benefits you can expect to appreciate by investing energy in your sunroom addition.

  • Lower Cholesterol: Exposure to a limited amount of sun can help decrease high cholesterol.
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Minimal exposure to the sun can lower your blood pressure. It can come down from a high amount to a reasonable and less dangerous level.
  • Stronger Immune System: Under the warm exposure of the sun, your white blood cells will increase, providing your immune system a good boost.
  • Vitamin D Boosts: Vitamin D plays a significant in keeping you healthy. Plus, vitamin d contributes to maintaining strong and healthy bones and enhancing your cardiovascular health.

Use your Sunroom Installation near me to Entertain Space

Do you regularly appreciate entertaining loved ones at home? Why not add a sunroom installation to entertain guests while keeping them warm in winter? There’s no better spot to have a party than this warm and sunny space. Your visitors will want to have a good time here while you entertain them in style.

You can have an early brunch or a book club meeting? What about a night of cocktails or tea time during winter? Regardless of the event, a sunroom is an ideal spot to entertain friends. In the end, what’s the point of having a great place if you cannot share it with friends and family?

Make a Bright and Sunny Office Space

Finding a way to work from home can be complicated for many reasons. Yet, finding the best spot to work can annoy us the most. It would help if you eliminated distractions while also finding a place that maximizes your productivity. I know for sure you wouldn’t like to work from your bedroom or the kitchen, where your mind will still be in-home mode instead of work mode.

As an alternative, use a sunroom as a home office. The sunroom addition room has many benefits compared to regular spaces. It means you can work from there without being upset or disturbed by different individuals from the family who may likewise live there.

Furthermore, everyday life distractions can often distract or affect our workload, meaning the switch wasn’t positive. Instead, a sunroom addition can provide you a bright space to maximize your day.

Create a Sunroom Addition for Yoga

If you like morning yoga, stretching, or some sort of calming activity, then a sunroom addition can work marvelously. At the same time, Relaxing in the daylight while stretching will enhance your health, mood and provide much tranquility.

Daylight can relax you while being surrounded and protected by the windows of your sunroom. You may even keep plants inside the sunroom since green plants provide fresh air. With the mix of green plants and sunlight, besides protecting pests like mosquitoes, you cannot pick a superior place to relax and improve your health.

Also, it’s more unlikely that you will get interrupted when you practice yoga in your sunroom. For example, if you decided to practice in the living room or somewhere where foot traffic occurs in your home.

Cost to Build Sunroom Addition in your Home

No one really knows the cost to build a sunroom addition because pricing is complex and has many factors to consider. But don’t worry our sunroom installation in Clearwater experts can help.

Would you like to hire an expert sunroom company near me to add a new sunroom addition to your home? But you are hitting a wall trying to find solid information regarding the cost of the project? Regrettably, solid information is hard to find even if you look online.

Building a sunroom addition isn’t just a custom project, but it’s also a permanent structure that you add to your home. It requires building codes and guidelines used during the construction of your home. The building codes and home construction guidelines combined with other factors, requirements, and custom choices, makes cost complex.

What Factors go into determining the cost of a sunroom addition?

Sunroom installation near Clearwater

Sunroom cost involves many factors, some factors you have control over, and others that you have less control. Below are factors that affect the complete cost of building another sunroom.

Sunroom addition building factors that you control:

  • The size of the sunroom, for example, the sunroom height, width, and rooftop projection. Clearly the bigger the room, the more materials you will require to finish the project, adding to the overall expense of the project.
  • The functioning of the walls. How do you imagine using space? Ask yourself these quick questions. Are screens enough? Do you need stronger sunroom glass? Is single pane glass adequate for the planned usage of the room? Maybe you’re considering using double pane glass or high-performance glass instead? Your choices sway the cost of a sunroom addition.
  • The kind of roof. There are a few alternatives to roofs. Your vision for the sunroom, space requirements, style, and budget are factors in figuring out which roof is right for you. Custom wood roofs tend to cost the most for difficult rooftop lines. However, most clients favor panelized roof systems that use the most recent insulated foam panels. And structural I-beams offering less maintenance than regular roofs. You may browse a gable roof style or single slope.
  • Added features, for example, skylights. Skylights offer an abundance of natural light and view on the sky. Yet, skylights will add to the total cost of the sunroom project.
  • The kind of materials. Depending on the sunroom that you want, there are the options of thermally engineered and non-thermally engineered aluminum and structured reinforced vinyl. These above materials offer high performance and great views just as good ventilation.
  • Wood has been a popular material choice for sunrooms. It’s hard to beat the elegance of wood sunrooms. Wood also withstands temperature extreme changes. However, the cons of wood sunrooms are their cost and their vulnerability to rot and termite damage.
  • The wall design. With sunrooms, you have control of the configuration of each wall. It means you can pick whether you need patio doors with or without transoms. Or a combination of patio doors and windows with knee walls and transoms, all windows with or without transoms, and so forth.

Sunroom addition factors that you have less control

  • The local and state building codes.
  • The permits you need to start and finish the work? These depend on your city and state.
  • Do you have a current foundation that can be used? If not then it’s added to the cost of the project.
  • If you intend to use your current deck, ensure is it in compliance with current building codes?
  • Do you want to use your current concrete slab, pad, or foundation? Well, make sure it meets current building codes.
  • Does your area have a specific snow and wind load requirement?
  • Do you want to condition the space with AC and heating?
  • Should you consider any property zoning requirements?
  • Can the builder and team access the property easily?
  • Should you follow any design parameters when you live in a community with a homeowners association?

How much does your sunroom addition installation cost?

Sunroom replacement windows installation

So, how much does a sunroom installation cost? Well, it depends. Just like the sunroom addition, the labor depends on how much time the experts and team will spend working in your sunroom, and the size. Size, in sunroom addition construction, is a huge indicator of the cost.

Also, the quality materials that you select for the construction and the expert window installer you hire. According to FIXR, labor and installation cost ranges from $4,000 to $10,000.

Sunroom installation cost depends on some factors below:

  • The area you live in. A few regions like popular cities can be more costly than smaller cities or rural areas with lower labor rates.
  • The location of your sunroom. Some homeowners have preparation issues or difficulties in tying with the current building structure. So, the demolition of old construction is imminent and can cost more.
  • Energy-efficient. Many high tech glass are accessible and excellent for energy-conscious homeowners. But it can increase the cost of the construction.
  • Finished surfaces. Elegant millwork and stone flooring can increase the labor cost.
  • Hire a reliable sunroom builder near you. Established companies may charge more money than a contractor. Picking a contractor because of the low price can be a greater cost in the end.

How much do sunroom additions cost?

Sunroom Design Ideas

According to HomeAdvisor, a sunroom addition can cost from $8,000 to $80,000, with an average cost of $30,000. According to FIXR, a sunroom addition cost from $8000 to $90,000 and average $45,000. We can see projects that range higher and some lower, depending on the scope. However, don’t get scared. Sunroom addition costs depend on what you pick and what the local and state building codes require for your area.

Remember, the more the sunroom needs to be built and with higher stringent codes, the higher the cost. However, if you have an up to code space and can be enclosed, the lower the cost will be. Also, we offer financing options to help make your room possible.

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors

So, yes building a sunroom addition can be complex because every sunroom is custom to the client’s preferences. Thus, it’s essential to contact an expert who can build the sunroom correctly to your needs. Crystal Clear Windows and Doors guarantee to finish the sunroom addition to the building code standard.

While the sunroom project feels expensive, they increase your home’s value and bring a lifetime of joy to homeowners who had lived in darkness. A sunroom creates a space like no other in your home. The sunroom is the most used and loved space in your new home!

If you want to make a dream come true, call Crystal Clear Windows and Doors today to plan your free sunroom addition home estimate.

Adding a Sunroom? Top Energy Saving Tips

An excellent sunroom builder near me can install a sunroom addition as an incredible method to expand your home’s living space and extend it toward the outside. A sunroom addition can give a liberated area from mosquitos, flies, and different pests. Trust us; you will appreciate the sun in harmony. They can protect you from any wind, rain, or other climate conditions that may hamper an outside get-together too. Plus, if you have pleasant views around your property, a sunroom likewise assists you in exploiting the views. , is an incredible home improvement project that adds value and extends your living space. Plus, it allows you to appreciate the outside without leaving the comfort of your home. There are many sunroom types and choices to browse, which gives you the flexibility to pick the sunroom that best meets you and your family’s requirements. We can use most sunrooms in the summer when the sun is hottest and the climate is warm. It is unfortunate when summer is finished since you will stop using your sunroom, right? However, now it’s possible to make your sunroom addition a space you can appreciate all year round, even during winter?

Three-Seasons Sunroom Addition

Modern Sunroom Additions-living room A three-season room isn’t designed to be heated and cooled every day. However, with a space heater, or electric fireplace, you can use a three-season room regularly in a cooler climate. Depending on the type of climate in your region, the time you can use your sunroom may fluctuate. The three-season sunroom you pick is another crucial factor in how warm your room stays in the winter. The best three-season sunrooms offer added weather protection and draft resistance, which enhances the use of your room. Plus, interlocking sashes on the sliding doors give added protection against the elements. The glass in your windows can likewise matter in the way you can use your three-season room in the winter months. Some three-season rooms come standard with single-pane glass, but upgrade to double-pane glass whenever you like. A third rare but alternative is Stanek Custom Windows Comfort-Gard® PLUS high-performance glass. This glass upgrade doesn’t darken your room. Besides, this glass keeps heat, which keeps your three-season room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Adding A Sunroom Four Room Addition

If you want to add space to your home that you can heat and cool all year, a four-season room might be the perfect solution. Since four season rooms have a thermally designed frame and 6-inch roof system, these sunrooms can be temperature controlled with a room heating or cooling unit. The triple polypropylene weather-stripping with a fin seal gives you more protection against drafts, which helps keep your room warmer in winter. Also, interlocking sashes on the doors help seal out the weather elements. These double-pane glass enhances heating and cooling performance better than single-pane glass and blocks UV rays more effectively than standard glass. When designing a four-season room, you can also upgrade or opt to the
. This window glass option is energy efficient for your four season room and can also offer you the most protection from frigid winter climate.

Traditional Sun-room/Home Additions

sunroom design ideas
Since you can connect the traditional sunroom to your hhome’sHVAC system, a traditional sunroom can extend your home, offering you the same heating or cooling options as the rest of the house. You can likewise pick a variety of windows to customize your sunroom further. Today, quality Stanek double-hung windows are a magnificent way to protect you from the brutal winter climate. They bring a triple weather seal and various bulb seals that give them a solid rating in the industry. Suppose you consider adding functional space to your home that you can use all season; it’s essential to consider the cost. For example, traditional sunroom additions cost more to build than three-seasons or four-season sunrooms because of the amount of work and materials needed to create these spaces.


Adding a sunroom addition or a home improvement to your house is significant, so you must make the right decision. At Crystal Clear Windows and Doors, we can help you build it in whatever configuration, style, and features you like.

Four Modern Sunroom Additions Room Use Ideas

Modern sunroom additions have many advantages such as, enhancing your home value, decreasing your electric bill, and boosting the ambiance of your home. However, once you build it, what would you use the sunroom installation in Clearwater? The top ways homeowners use a sunroom depend on some things, such as the size of the sunroom and what purpose or function will the sunroom provides.

In all honesty, many sunroom addition ideas exist besides a proper sitting area. You can use a sunroom as an office, living room, lounge area, dining room, extra room, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Living rooms can surely relax you, but often you need the space for something else. Let’s look at the top four modern sunroom additions that you can use to transform your dull space.

Using a Modern Sunroom Addition as a Home Office

According to Flex Jobs, 3.9 million United States employees work from home half of the time. This means theirs a rise in the interest of at-home office space and using a sunroom as an office could be the solution. Having a different space to switch your mind from home mode to work mode is useful. However, having that home office space also brings the extra advantage of limiting interruptions from the rest of your family members.

Another advantage of having a sunroom as a home office is that sunshine can make you more productive. If you work from home, you’ll likewise enjoy the IRS Home Office Deduction when tax time comes around.

You don’t need to work from home to enjoy the benefits. This space is incredible as a place to store your computer, laptop, and smartphone. It can likewise work for storing significant documents and office supplies.

Use Modern Sunroom Additions as a Family Room or Living Room

Modern Sunroom Additions-living room

Are you bored with your current family room or living room space? Maybe it’s the location in your home’s floor plan that you don’t like. If both things apply to you, and your sunroom has the space you need, consider using your sunroom as a family room. You’ll have the advantage of outdoor living inside space.

Sunrooms are regularly their own refuge, hidden from the rest of the home, surrounded by daylight, all year long. This area makes it a great addition to your family or living room. Homeowners invest a ton of energy in family rooms, so a significant benefit of using a sunroom as a living room is natural lighting. Usually, particularly when the days are longer, using a sunroom addition as a family room can assist you with using less power.

Use a Sunroom as a Dining Room

You could use your sunroom as a dining room. Do you want to move your current dining room because you want to redesign the space or use the space for a different purpose? If it is true, moving the dining room into the sunroom could be helpful in freeing up extra space in the home and making your sunroom more useful.

Do you lack a proper dining room space because the house design isn’t right? Often, a bar or small kitchen and a breakfast nook are all you have. Therefore, you may want more space for entertaining guests—and using your sunroom as a dining area that allows for beautiful ambiance. Also, if you have a little sunroom then make it into the ideal breakfast nook.

No matter the situation, use a sunroom addition as a dining room can be an incredible way to free different zones of your home and give seating to loved ones when you have them for a dinner party. Surely, nature gives your guests perfect views of the outdoors besides entertainment and décor to your dinner visitors.

Using a Modern Sunroom Addition as an Extra Bedroom

modern sunroom additions-extra bedroom

If you need an extra room for visitors, think about using your sunroom. While you may want your sunroom for entertainment or for relaxation, this space functions admirably as an extra bedroom. The size and shape of the sunroom will determine the design of an extra room. For instance, if your sunroom is thin, consider a daybed at one side of the room. Besides the fact that this helps extend the space, it also offers you the chance to use the room as a sitting area when you don’t have visitors around.

You can make a comfortable ambiance for visitors by using a sunroom as a spare room if space isn’t an issue. The natural light makes a bright living space and instead of decorating the walls, you have windows that give visitors a beautiful view every time they visit. Add a seat or sofa, recliner, perhaps a little desk, and you’ll have the extra room you need while transforming your sunroom into a space that works for you.