House Replacement Windows Tips for a Perfect Home Design

The perfect house replacement windows can increase the appearance and comfort of your home and our window installation in Largo, FL, experts will show you how. Regardless if you have old or damaged windows or just hoping to give your home a new makeover or renovation, there’s much to consider.

There are many window styles to browse from and materials besides energy efficiency and if they are perfect for your location weather. Purchasing windows that aren’t proper for your home can be an enormous slip-up.

However, with these home windows installation in Clearwater tips, you will pick the perfect windows for your home.

House Replacement Windows Style

Do you know how many window style choices are accessible? Distinct styles may work better for specific rooms, and a few styles may even look better when they complement each other. Styles include:

Double-hung: Traditional double-hung windows are perfect for almost any room. They bring two sashes that slide vertically and tilt-in for straightforward cleaning.

Sliding: Sliding windows have a few sashes and slide right or left.

Casement: They hinge these types of windows on one side and open with a crank.

Awning: Awning windows come hinged at the top and open outward. People usually place them below larger fixed windows to permit ventilation.

Picture: Picture windows don’t open but allow plenty of viewing and natural light.

Bay: If you’re searching for a sensational view, bay windows are a decent decision. Three windows extend from the outside wall, with the middle window usually fixed, and two operable side windows.

Bow: Bow windows open up any space to the outside. At least four windows form a curve and you can fix the windows or make them operable.

Garden: You typically find garden windows in kitchens and come out from the home to permit the ideal amount of daylight to flow through the four sides for your growing plants.

Hopper: Hoppers or known as basement windows have hinges at the bottom and open inward at the top.

House Replacement Windows Performance

home window replacement helps with performance

If you have old windows then, they may leak air, hard to open and close, don’t lock right, or in terrible shape, or just aren’t performing properly. Your windows should increase the performance of your home, not make it worse. While thinking about the performance of your new house replacement windows, remember these things below:

Glass: Double or triple panes of glass with gas fills provide multiple times the insulation of single-pane windows, while the correct Low-E choice help maintains the temperature of your home.

Energy Efficiency: U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and Visible Light Transmittance all help to ensure your windows have the right amount of energy efficiency your home requires, saving you on heating and cooling costs.

Sound Resistance: Keep the noise of your neighbor’s kids outside under control with sound-control windows.

UV Resistance: UV rays can damage your furnishing besides cause’s skin cancer. So, search for windows that give coatings to keep those unsafe rays from ruining your inside plus keep your family safe from skin burns.



To truly design your windows to your one of a kind of taste you must choose details. Regardless if you’re looking for a classic, modern, colorful, or traditional, you can find a window design to match your home’s style.

Color: Pick from many interiors and exterior colors for your window frames and trim accessories.

Designer Glass: If you’re searching for elegance, then the designer glass is for you. Classic and original patterns include old-world style and sophistication while Contemporary styles offer traces of Deco and Modern Prairie.

Shapes: Maybe a round window will suit a space better than a normal square shape or rectangle? Yes, try it out! Curves, geometric forms, and round or half-circle windows are unique shapes.

Finishing Touches: Grilles and equipment in unique patterns and finishes will complete the windows you decide for your home.

Understanding the Different Window Materials

Another essential thing to consider is the window frame materials. What type of materials can you pick or is it best for your needs? Does each material have pros and cons?

Aluminum frames come lighter and don’t warp or shrink after some time. But they do transfer heat quickly and can be challenging throughout the winter.

Plastic and vinyl typically cost less than aluminum. These frames arrive in many finishes and one of the least expensive materials. They likewise don’t warp or shrink.

Picking a quality window frame that functions well regardless of where you live is an excellent place to start. What are some other sturdy materials?

Steel window outlines are an excellent decision. Since steel is sturdy, the frames are frequently thinner compared to different materials.

But steel frames cost a lot of money to make and transfer heat quickly. These frames don’t do well in humid areas where moisture can cause erosion.

Most homeowners love wooden window frames because of their natural beauty. They’re also robust, cost-effective, and among the best insulators. Also, there’s no lack of wooden frame styles and finishes but needs regular maintenance.

Try to match the house replacement windows to the look and style of your home

While picking the correct house replacement windows for your home, remember these points above. We likewise urge you to find the right installation experts to help you during your home windows project.

Remember, your house replacement windows will last a long time when installed correctly, so give Crystal Clear Windows and Doors a call.

How can Low-E Windows Installation protect your Homes Interior from UV rays?

Modern Low-E windows installation will ensure that you can enjoy the daylight while protecting your significant interior things from sun damage. Our home window installation in Largo, FL, experts know there’s nothing better than the bright summer day.

Blue skies, warm temperatures, and splendid sunlight to help the skin– what’s not to like? What you probably don’t know while getting some rays of the warm sun is the effect the sunlight might have on your home interior.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun go through your single-pane windows, affecting your home’s energy-efficiency and damaging your home furniture. When you have old, obsolete single-pane windows, you may think about buying blinds or adding window tints for a temporary fix.

But, for a better solution, our Clearwater home windows installation experts recommend updating to modern Low-e windows installation.

What’s the big deal with damaging UV rays?

 UV rays originate from the sun and are a type of radiation. Almost every day we’re exposed to UV rays because we go outside to the park to run or do an errand. However, these rays also enter our homes through windows. Without protection, these UV rays can be dangerous to your home and your health. Often, you may notice the color of the paint on your walls or your furniture fading because of lengthy periods of sun exposure. Regrettably, prolonged UV exposure could prompt burns and skin cancer to people.

Most UV rays will enter your home through obsolete single-pane windows. These windows are regular builder-grade with cheap glass. Unfortunately, single-pane windows allow about 90% of UV rays into your home, giving no protection against damaging radiation. Sometime you will see exorbitant energy bills—the heat from the sun will easily go through your windows, making your AC system work more to cool down your home.

How can Low-E windows installation protect your home?

If you notice any signs of sun damage on your furnishings, we recommend replacing your windows with modern Low-E window replacements. Modern high-quality windows bring Low-E glass coating, which is an excellent coating that reflects sun rays and the heat of your windows.

Some quality Low-E glass comes with silver oxide, a cost-effective alternative that offers unrivaled reflection capabilities. This unique coating works with Argon gas sandwiched in between the window-panes to make your windows more energy efficient.

Double-pane or Triple-pane windows installation

Replacement windows arrive in many glass alternatives so you can pick the best windows for your home. If your windows situate in a well-shaded location, you may consider double-pane windows that feature two panes of Low-E coating glass. These windows offer the best value for homeowners who are searching for affordable energy-efficient options.

But, if you’re searching for the best energy-efficiency and protection money can buy, then triple-pane windows are the best options. These windows offer all the advantages of double-pane windows but with an extra pane of glass, blocking 90% of UV rays from entering your home. If you’re looking to prevent furniture or interior wall paint from fading, then we recommend these windows.

You can also upgrade your triple-pane windows to Ultimate Triple Pane, including all the advantages of standard triple-pane windows with extra coats of Low-E glass on both sides of the window. These triple-pane windows block 97% of UV rays from penetrating your home.

 LOW-E window installation

Low-E Window glass replacements

Installation of low-E windows, which come covered in microscopic layers of reflective material, to block UV damaging rays. You cannot see the coating as its invisible to the naked eye, however, it reduces the amount of UV rays that penetrate your home.

Besides the film protecting you from UV rays, it also keeps the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Specialists have estimated that 70 percent of energy lost in a home escapes through doors and windows. Low-E windows installation will help keep the heat in during those extreme winter months.

Low-E glass is accessible in a variety of window styles. For example, enormous bay windows, casement, or sliding windows. Adding this replacement home improvement to your home will guarantee that your floors, furnishings, and walls don’t get damaged with sunlight.

 Make the right decision

Low-E windows installation is a splendid choice for all homeowners who want their investment to pay off. Wood replacement triple-pane windows projects return up to 78.8 percent of ROI. Most people love daylight getting through the windows, but nobody wants to get skin cancer or have fading walls.

 Including awnings, overhangs, or trees to shade your windows will seriously restrict the measure of sunlight coming through. If you like sunlight like most people and don’t want your windows covered, Low-E windows installation can work well for you.

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors

home windows installation experts

If you see fading on furniture, walls, flooring, call us today. Your investment in replacement Low-E windows will save cash in the long-term, as your decor and floor will last longer. Low-E windows are low-maintenance and you can clean them the same way as regular windows.

When you want to begin your window replacement home project, schedule an appointment with our Clearwater window experts.

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Top Reasons to Replace Your Windows This Spring

From cleaning gutters to painting your wooden fence to replace your windows, spring is an extraordinary season to get things done around the home. Open your home window replacement in Clearwater to enjoy some outside fresh air and get ready for some fun, right?

But then you notice those obsolete looking and fray windows. What now? It may be a smart thought to start your spring home improvement projects with fresh new window installations!

Nothing upgrades a home’s curb appeal like windows. If you want to shine bright in the neighborhood, replacing your old drafty windows is a decent start. At Crystal Clear Windows and Doors, we can assist you with picking the ideal window for your home.

When is it time to replace your windows?

old house window

The windows you have can cause a lot of headaches without you even knowing. Yes, getting new windows is a tremendous investment, so it may entice you to put the job off one more year but don’t. If you notice any of these signs, then now is the perfect time for a home window update.

Drafts-The expense of a window replacement is practical when compared with the rising energy charges you will get this summer if you don’t take care of those drafty old windows!

Damage-If your window frames are warping, fragile, or cracked, and broken then no amount of spring cleaning or fixes will get the job done.

Noise- As activity increase outside, you may see that your old windows aren’t soundproof anymore.

Inoperable- Windows that don’t open, close, or lock properly can be hazardous all year!

Condensation-Condensation can be a significant sign of poor energy-efficiency, which means you must turn on the AC more to keep your home comfortable.

Why are replacement windows essential for your home?

replacement window in Clearwater

Getting new windows is an excellent spring home improvement project for many wonderful reasons. If you’re attempting to persuade yourself or your loved one into purchasing replacement house windows, then read these five significant advantages:

Style-From classic double-hung windows to beautiful bay windows, your home will look incredible all year round.

Security: Today’s windows offer improved security features such as sturdy glass and locks, which can help prevent home intrusion.

Energy efficiency- Throw away those old single panes and upgrade to double-pane windows with argon gas-filled for greatest performance.

 Function-Don’t wrestle to open, close, or even clean your windows anymore. You will enjoy operating your new modern replacement windows that function smoothly.

Value-The style, security, energy efficiency, and function that new windows provide will increase the value of your home for a long time!

When you replace your windows with energy-efficient windows you increase your home savings

If you don’t replace your windows with new replacement windows it can affect your energy bills. According to ENERGY STAR, an average home can save $280 per year after replacing their single-pane windows with triple-pane windows in southern zones. And homeowners replacing double-pane windows save $126 every year.

Top energy-efficient windows help keep the cool or warm temperatures inside your home. This can help you save money on your heating and cooling costs. Plus, your indoor environment won’t be compromised.

Replacement windows offer better protection

home windows installation in Spring

Another advantage of high-quality replacement windows is that they protect your home against the climate. These unwanted elements include harmful UV rays and noise. Some window makers offer items that have energy-efficient glass.

Some window models have low-E glass choices, which filter 95% of harsh UV rays. Sunglass also gives protection from heat gain. With high-performing glass alternatives, you’ll feel more secure in your house.

Faster installation during the spring

Replacement windows and the installation procedure require some time and hard work. Since the sun is out for a couple more hours during spring that means your installation professionals have more time to complete their job.

These experts can work nonstop to ensure they rush nothing and everything they do everything right. In the spring, the experts have more hours in the day to do more work, meaning you’ll have your windows ready sooner.

Spring in Clearwater offers low humidity, low heat, and somewhat cloudy days. This means the ideal conditions for a specialist to install replacement windows!

How Do I Find a Reliable Replacement Window Company?

So, if you are searching for a Clearwater replacement window company that installs and recommends quality items and expert installations at a reasonable cost?

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors can install any of the best brands of custom, energy-efficient windows for your Clearwater home.

Best Replacement Basement Windows for your Home

Need replacement basement windows but not sure where to start? Our window replacement in Clearwater, FL, expert installers made this guide to help our clients assess their choices and make the best decision for their new basement windows.

 Perhaps you have a living space in the basement, but don’t spend time down there since it feels more like a cave. It’s usually an issue because of the windows. In the basement, it’s difficult to find the right window solutions that give proper light and ventilation.

 However, today there are many window replacement companies in Clearwater, FL that can install a basement window. They can improve the usability of your basement so you can spend more energy there. Here are some alternatives to consider if you are considering replacement basement windows:

Windows Replacement for Basements

basement window grid

In basements, there are some factors to consider. Efficiency is the primary need since you will spend more time in the basement and may need heating/cooling. Purchasing an energy-efficient window for your basement will cost you a little more money but it can help with your utility bills. And an egress window will suit your needs and meet your building code requirements.

Cutting an opening if one doesn’t exist will add to your labor cost. But this will permit you to pick the size and kind of window you want to install.

Design alternatives like grids and colors are significant for finished basements. You’ll want the colors of your windows to mix in with the rest of the basement for better curb appeal. Even though white can blend well, you may need a wood-grain interior to match the color scheme.

Replacement Basement Windows Sizes

Basement window sizes will vary. There is no standard size, but there are some common ones people use more often. The best solution would be to get a window that is custom measured for your opening, guaranteeing an air-tight fit.

You could likewise get stock sizes from your hardware store or online store but may need to re-do the frame to fit the stock size.

Do you want energy-efficient glass in your replacement basement windows?

energy-efficient basement windows

When replacing windows in your home, energy-efficient glass is essential because the glass is the biggest part of the window. And you will need a lot of glass for your windows. But windows in the basement have significantly less glass so energy-efficiency windows aren’t as significant.

Usually, all new windows are double pane, and rarely will you see triple pane. You can likewise find a standard upgrade, like an invisible Low-E coating and argon gas sandwiched in between.

Often, the energy savings you’ll get from triple pane windows, Low-E, or argon gas do not merit the additional cost. This is because the window is so little and won’t get a lot of sunlight. This is particularly true if you didn’t finish your basement and you don’t invest a lot of energy there.

A top issue with energy-efficient windows is the air can come inside the window. Yes, even the best energy-efficient window won’t stop air leaks if it’s not installed correctly. So, an excellent solution is to seal the outside with a spray foam insulation.

What type of frame is best for your replacement basement windows?

The most common replacement basement window material is wood. However, it doesn’t bode well to use wood unless you have a particular desire to use it. In pretty much every home, using the vinyl window is more than adequate since wood frames need more maintenance and cost more.

Most homeowners use wood on their exterior home windows or even composite, but use vinyl in the basement. Yes, if you have a finished basement, then it makes sense to use wood or composite frame materials, particularly if you want the beauty of wood to match the rest of the house.

Transom Windows

transom window

These are thin, fixed windows that typically go above doors. Transom windows are an incredible solution if you want to add more daylight to your basement.

They don’t need to go over a door since you can put transom windows high on the wall. In the basement, these will get the most sunlight and will make the room look taller and bigger.

Awning Windows

These windows hinge at the highest point of the assembly and push outward. The bottom opens and the top makes a roof over the opening. These are normally littler windows but wide. These are an extraordinary alternative for the basement since you can put them higher on the wall and the roof shields the opening from debris.

This method of installation also permits you to open the awning windows on rainy days.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows operate like awning windows, yet upside down. So these windows hinge at the bottom of the assembly and the top opens. Hopper windows also can either push out or pull inward to open.

Much the same as awning windows, they are short, yet wide and can function higher on the wall where needed. These are a decent alternative for ventilation in a basement since it will draw humidity in and out.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a standard choice for most homes and can work in practically any place. Because their operation is basic, their sizing is versatile, and they require no more room to extend outside. Sliding windows can work as egress windows in the basement.

These windows can work as an exit if there should be an occurrence of an emergency since there are large.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are another extraordinary choice since both of the panes slide down and up inside the frame. Once more, such as sliding windows they don’t extend outside, are simple to work, and can work as an egress window.

Another advantage with double-hung windows is that you can open both the top and lower sash simultaneously. This is useful for natural ventilation since cool air gets in through the bottom and warm air exits out the top.

Need assistance picking the right replacement basement windows? Crystal Clear Windows and Doors can help. Our window specialists can assist you in finding the best solution for your home and basement.

They will walk you through the right materials, designs, glazing alternatives, and different technologies.

How can a Replacement Window Project Return your Investment?

A replacement window project can make your home more comfortable for your family, more energy-efficient and gives your home a unique makeover. A replacement window in Clearwater is one home improvement that offers everything with little money losses.

Replacement windows can likewise increase the price of your home, which means this project also gives an incredible return on investment (ROI).

Also, you can enjoy this cheap replacement windows project without wasting all your hard-earned cash. Yes, replacement windows can be an expensive improvement, but one that is worthwhile. Below, I will offer you some tips to avoid overspending on your window project.

Why are you replacing your windows?

Why are you replacing windows?

It is significant you know from the start why you are doing a replacing windows project. For instance, is it for a home design that’s essential to you? Do you need more durability and better quality materials so you may lower your utility bills? These variables can significantly impact the cost of your replacement windows, which is the reason you must know your priorities.

Therefore, if a dealer offers an extra option for your windows like low-E coating, you will know if you need it, despite the seller’s viewpoints. More features can increase your window prices, so significantly, you must know what you need. So, try not to spend on added features that you don’t require or are not in your budget.

Pick Your Replacement Window Project Materials Carefully

The reason for replacing your windows can likewise impact the material you pick. Regarding value, wood replacement windows cost the most, trailed by fiberglass. And vinyl, which is the most affordable material for replacement windows. Every replacing window material brings benefits and drawbacks, so consider these before deciding on a choice.

For instance, you may want wood replacement windows, but you may need to compromise to stay inside the budget since wood windows cost more and more expensive to maintain.

Common window shapes cost less

replacement window shapes and designs

Usually, the cheapest replacement windows are the most common shape styles. If you want something unique, for example, a hexagon, triangle or another shape that isn’t viewed as normal, you will pay more for your replacement windows.

Also, this is true for your replacement window opening choices. Single-hung, double-hung and sliders are the cheap choices, while casement, garden or awning designs can cost more.

Negotiate prices

Regarding overspending on your replacement windows project, probably the best tip we can offer you is to negotiate prices! Many homeowners are reluctant to negotiate the cost of their replacement windows, yet many window companies offer a price match guarantee. It means if another business says they can match and beat the window prices, you can ask your current company and see if they can lower the prices.

Plus, don’t get tricked by low costs. If the value looks unrealistic, it presumably is. Great quality replacement windows are a well-worth investment. Besides, you will also pay more overtime for low-quality window materials and installations.

A replacement window project returns high ROI

Yes, a vinyl window replacement project in 2020 can offer an ROI of up to 72.3 percent, according to Remodeling’s Cost versus Value report. Plus, a replacement window goes past the sticker price and ROI. So, replacement windows are an incredible way to enhance the home look and maintain the ideal functioning of your home.

Quality replacement windows installed by a reputable window expert will offer you huge savings in energy, temperature, comfort, zero or minimal upkeep and a home that looks beautiful from top to bottom.

Pick the Right Replacement Windows Expert

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors experts

Remember, to hire the best windows and doors experts for your modern home improvement project. You may have chosen the best quality replacement window materials and glass, but if the contractor wrongly installs your replacement window, then you will lose all your benefits.

Consider choosing a home improvement expert that everyone knows for their reliability, proficient, efficient and sticks to safety and quality standards. This will assist you with preventing losses associated with poor installations performed by a lesser-quality contractor or company.

If you’re still unsure, go with Crystal Clear Windows and Doors. Our team has the experience and smarts to deal with your beautiful windows installation.

Replacement Casement Windows Installation for a Home

Replacement casement windows are extraordinary for when you’ve decided it’s time to replace your home windows. But you still must pick which window style is best for your home. That is the reason for understanding the custom options of each kind of window since is an important part of the buying process.

Casement windows replacement is one of the most popular styles of house windows in Clearwater, FL. They will give the home a modern, clean look that you will cherish. Once installed, the inside and outside of your home will look better.

Let’s find out how a replacement casement windows installation enhances your home beauty:

What is a Casement Window?

Replacement casement windows outdoor view

Casement windows are hinged along the edge and open outward to the left or right. People call them crank windows because of the cranking mechanism that is used to open and close the windows. Some casement windows have a fold-down handle that makes working them straightforwardly. Plus, these casement windows likewise open to a 90-degree angle.

Therefore, making cleaning the inside and outside of the window simple from inside your home. These windows also have screens inside the window, while other replacement casement window styles have screens externally. Others bring vinyl casement window screens that can match the inside color of the window, making the screen look like it’s a part of the window.

Awning Windows and Casement Windows

Casement and awning windows are similar in style. However, the difference between the two is that casement windows are hinged on the side of the window, while awning windows hinge at the top.

Casement windows are perfect for openings where the height is greater than the width, while awning windows are perfect for openings where the width is more than the height.

Benefits of replacement casement windows?

Benefits of replacement casement windows

If you’ll like to add a design element to your home, casement windows work best. A few high-quality casement windows give clean, straightforward lines to complement the design of the modern homes or to upgrade the appearance of a traditional home.

Casement windows likewise furnish you with an unobstructed view on the outside because of their smooth design and maximum visibility of glass. Also, some casement windows models have fold-down handles that function admirably to open and close for the lifespan of the window.

These bring hook-shaped locks on casement windows. They embed each hook into the frame, so burglars can’t touch them. Making these windows difficult to break into. This window style is perfect for situations for a homeowner that have small kids or people concerned about security.

Casement Window Installation

When a homeowner needs natural light, casement windows will be ideal for your space. Since casement windows open outward 90 degrees, they provide natural light and ventilation for your house. So, they work admirably in rooms where a homeowner requires a lot of ventilation.

For example, the kitchen and restroom. And where the owner wants an unimpeded view, for example, a living room or traditional sunroom.

Configuration Options

Two brown wooden replacement windows

Casement replacement windows come designed in many sizes and options to address the homeowner’s needs, preferences and style of the home. The custom choices include:

  • Energy-efficient glass
  • Custom designer glass
  • Custom window grids and grilles
  • Interior and exterior colors

Hardware finishes

Casement windows replacement likewise offers many options to boost your view. These casement windows can include one-light fixed, one-lite vented, two-lite horizontal, two-lite with stacked transom, and three, four and five lite designs. Despite the configuration you pick, your windows will still work the same.

Why Choose Stanek Casement Windows?

With many replacement window businesses accessible, it’s difficult to tell which brand to pick. Home replacement windows are an investment that should last forever. Stanek uses FIBERMAX® reinforcement, which increases the quality of your windows.

These come with a fully reinforced sash and frame ensure the durability of your window, with extra stainless-steel working components that give maximum strength. Plus, a multi-point cam locking system that locks your window at a few points with one simple-to-work handle, furnishing you and your family with added security for your home.

Stanek also offers many custom options, which permit you to make a personalized window ideal for your space. Stanek replacement windows are likewise maintenance-free and don’t need to be sanded, painted, stained or refinished. Plus, they offer many glass options to meet your energy needs.

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Impact Windows Upgrade In Clearwater, FL 6 Reasons Why You Should

Impact Windows Upgrade, Here are 6 Reasons To Make it Happen! 

Thinking about high impact windows Upgrade? You’ve done some research, but you feel you need more valid reasons for new impact windows for the final decision. Read this on impact windows replacement! We understand and also know that it is a small project and that you need to have the right information before you start writing checks.

Well, folks, you’re in luck because in this article we are going to give you six solid reasons why you should choose high impact windows. Well, folks, you’re in luck because in this article we are going to give you more solid reasons why you should choose high impact windows in Clearwater, FL.

Save Over $1,100 on 4 energy-efficient impact windows!


If you live in Clearwater, FL and Pinellas County you know the unbearable heat of the summer. We understand that’s why impact windows are incredibly resistant against heatwaves and noises. This saves you money and allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet and live comfortably in your home. As a homeowner, you know all about bills getting out of control and sometimes not even knowing why they are so high. High bills, especially in cities that typically experience sweltering summers. If you opt-in changing your current traditional windows with high impact windows, you’ll certainly increase the energy efficiency. As a matter of fact, it has been shown that inefficient windows consume over 40% of your home’s annual energy budget, wow! Another important feature that these windows have is that they have a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) reduction. The advanced technology used in these windows offers increased levels of visible light transmission into your home, giving you the important benefit of energy savings.

Boost Security With Impact Doors & Windows

Hurricane-windows-upgrades We understand that it’s a significant window project! You need to have the right information before you start writing checks. The advantages of high impact doors and windows are that they protect your home from impacts and robbers. Burglars have met their match there is no chance for prying open windows or breaking them to get it. Now you can have peace knowing your glass doors and windows protected by having these systems in place.

Let’s look at corrosion & window resistant.

a paradise in the middle of a hurricane We assure you these types of windows can withstand winds that are 80-100 mph. But there are some people who live in damp or semi-arid zones also face another challenge, salty humid air. This is bad for your air conditioning systems and also corrode your doors and windows. One advantage of impact windows is that they are made with special corrosion-resistant treatment. This allowing for protection from wearing away at the windows.

Insurance Window Replacement Discounts:

High impact windows made especially to withstand hurricanes and considered to be windstorm protection systems. Some home insurances approve these window replacements for deductions. Because of this, insurance companies may offer a deduction on insurance premiums. Another thing to look into is to see if you qualify for a wind mitigation insurance rebate

Impact Windows UV Protection:

Protection from UV light is necessary, this light not only affects your skin but also ruins your furniture and other valuables in your home. When installing a high impact window, you are eliminating chances of any skin disease caused by UV light. High impact windows have Low E Glass Coating, window tinting, and double glazing which will increase energy-efficiency. In conclusion, Your home should be well protected, and if you live in South Florida, you definitely need to upgrade your windows but also thinking of all the other features that are beneficial to you. I hope these tips have helped you with your decision, good luck with your project.

Tips To Hire An Impact Window Company

Hire An Impact Window Company

Impact window replacements like any home improvement project are something dire to plan. Some projects may be more significant than, and some may be more expensive than others. Whether you are upgrading your windows to high impact windows, you need to know how to hire the right Impact Window Company professionals. In this article, we are going to give you some tips to use before you hire a High Impact Company. setup

Confirm the contractor credentials and Reviews

Some window installers call themselves experts, but they need a valid window installation license. A reputable impact window company will post its licensing information on all marketing materials, including their websites. Verifying the companies has a state license number, it’s not quite enough. Research with the issuing local government institution to see if the license is current. another thing you can check, any recent legal issue or complaints with the license within the past few years. Use the internet it’s a when wanting to verify info, getting a review, etc.

Verify workers compensation and general liability insurance

This is a very delicate matter and also very important for both party the worker and the homeowner. When hiring a company that has adequate insurance is essential for protecting your interest. God forbid a worker should sustain any injuries while performing a job on your home, this ensures that you are not held legally and financially responsible for the damages. Some companies sometimes will post copies of their insurance certification on their website; it is important and better to receive these documents directly from the insurers instead. To be on the safe side!

Experience says a lot in Window installation contracting!

crystal clear windows and doors Experience is vital when looking for the right impact window company. A reputable company that has been around a few years or more are more likely to have a great relationship with the top supply companies, not only that but may also have excellent training practices for their workers and technicians, and a better handle on how these projects should be managed. From the get-go when hiring a company with a lot of experience, you are guaranteed to get better results.

A physical address is a must

Don’t make the same mistakes a lot of homeowners make, by handing over a hefty deposit to a company that does not have a landline telephone, a physical address or contact info. It’s sad to say, there are a few slick fly-by-night operations in the high impact window industry. keep an eye so far for companies with an address, license, and insurance. These types of companies are more than likely to be legitimate and trustworthy.

Get references (no less than 5)

is it time to replace your old windows or upgrade your existing windows   When you’re in business no matter what industry your references are vital. So your past jobs should back you up on your next project. Looking at a company’s past projects will allow you to assess the artistry and skill that these professionals lend their work. Call past clients and asking them if they were satisfied with the process and overall results. Also, ask about any material-related delays, if clean-ups efforts were performed on time. One more thing,  issues should have been handled in a timely matter. OK, folks, here you have tips to consider before you hire a high impact window contractor, keep an eye out on our impact windows and doors blog, where we’ll continue to talk about other suggestions. Good luck with your upcoming projects