The Type of Front Door That Is Right For Your Home

The best home appearance sometimes starts with the type of front door or a new door installation in Clearwater, FL project. We often paint our homes and improve things such as the garage, but we forget the front door brings a charming appeal to any home. No characteristic of the house says welcome like a lovely and inviting front entrance.

Luckily, there many styles to select that ensures you’ll find the right design and the appearance to fit your house needs — for example, traditional, Craftsman, modern, rustic, and, much more. However, you can also choose many materials includes metal, wood, fiberglass, and, glass.

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors will take a look at a few of the designs available on the marketplace and the materials:

Traditional Front Door


Traditional style front doors may feature two to twelve panels. They also could contain glass inserts with scrollwork and colored panes. These designs are available in metal, wood, and, fiberglass alternatives that are pre-hung and prepared to install after purchase.

Customized made choices for garage doors are also offered too. Perfect if you’re trying to accomplish a design in a place where the door opening isn’t standard.

Craftsman Replacement Front Door

These type of garage doors are favorite for homes; from cottages to mountain retreats. Craftsman doors are produced from fiberglass or wood and usually, include straight lines with a Shaker style look.

Craftsman doors may feature one window on top with glass or black- or wood-outlined panes along with two-three rectangular-shaped raised panels at the bottom.


modern type of door

Sleek straight lines are an essential element in modern style front doors but different from Craftsman. You could find square or blocked panes or panels of translucent or frosted glass. Minimalistic but large. Typically, the hardware found on modern doors will incline to the same style of clean lines.

Rustic Front Door

Rustic doors are made from wood and seen on houses and cabins that contain stone, wood, or brick. They could be a rectangular or arched shape. Since rustic doors have a thickness and seem even robust, you may find tough heavy-duty hardware that accompanies them. Scored lines, raised panels and, clear glass are other types of attributes found on rustic doors.

Wood Replacement Front Doors


Exterior wood replacement doors are a favorite option — especially since they may be customized to your homes size and design preferences. Also, wood doors are simple to customize with side lights, decorative glass accents, and, transoms.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that over time wood could warp as a result of the outside elements. It could produce a fault in the air-sealing capabilities of the door.


Consider a fiberglass entrance door if you’d like the appearance of wood with more durability. These doors are stained to offer you the same gorgeous look of traditional wood. Also, you can paint them in a different color of your choice or pre-painted in any color for you.

As mentioned, they stand against dents or scratches and more resilient than conventional wood doorways. Furthermore, these entry doors have an insulated core, which provides protection from the outside weather.



You could also pick the choice of a strong double entry glass door installation for the entrance of your home. Outside glass doors come with many positives including more natural light and better outdoor visibility. However, the glass door could also bring in cold air in the cracks doorway, and the excellent clarity can give your neighbors a quick peek at the inside of a home.


Know that you’re possibly choosing the best choice when it comes to security if you pick a type of steel front door. A high-quality type of front door made of metal can bring insulated foam with a steel panel on both sides.

Usually, it makes for a more robust door and keeps high winds from entering, but if the door suffers a dent, it will be more challenging to fix. If it’s a notable dent or scratch, it could require a replacement.

How To Buy An Entry Door For Your Home?

If you buy an entry door, it will increase your home’s curb appeal and make the home improvement project you always wanted without having to spend too much. A Saint Petersburg front door installation is the start of the homeowner’s voyage through a home. Also, the first part of the home that anyone sees. Ideally, it needs to highlight the character and design of the home. For old and new houses equally, the front door is a crucial point.

When considering a front door, particular objectives need to get fulfilled. For example, security, protection against the weather, and, a door that looks inviting and improves your home’s curb appeal.

Often owners become stuck with the same old door and choose the same wood door since it’s the entry they have always seen on the house. However, wood is not the only material you can purchase but first you’ll have to do a little research to find the right door. Luckily, Crystal Clear Windows & Doors will help and make sure the buying goes a little smoother:

Types of Entry Door Materials

types of doors materials

Fortunately, entrance and outside doors have changed considerably over the last couple of years. Homeowners can now pick from many types of materials. You can find countless sizes and forms, from traditional wood versions to high-tech options made from fiberglass composites or glass, steel to doorways that incorporate a mix of those materials.

Wood Doors Woes

Homeowners love wood doors and why wouldn’t they? Unfortunately, since they’re subjected to climate and wear, entrance doors frequently show their age. Buy an entry door made of wood doors that invite a natural look and feel that the people favor. However, wood doors are vulnerable to the elements.

Seasons of rain and sun finally warps the wood door, crack and, bow timber, since the sunlight’s ultraviolet rays split timber’s natural lignin and moisture shrinks and swell wood fibers. Usually, when given sufficient time, wood doorways give up the ghost.

Doors Not Entirely Made From Wood

doors not entirely made from wood

Another change in the door industry is the lines that distinguished a door-building material from the other have become fuzzy. I mean, often a wood door is not necessarily made entirely of wood. The truth, a few wood doorways have steel insides, and steel doors come with timber exteriors.

A steel or fiberglass door could have a timber frame. And almost any doorway could have a core of foam insulation. Nevertheless, the alternative of fiberglass, wood, or steel for a surface material has an impact on a door look, price, durability, and, security.

Glazed Entry Doors

buy an glazed entry doors

If you are thinking about buying a glass entrance door, then you will have many glass options to pick from, including clear glass, etched glass, beveled glass, leaded glass, and, other ornamental glazing’s.

The windows in doorways are usually known as “lights”. Lights could come standard single-glazed, or for increased energy efficiency they could come dual-glazed, or perhaps triple-glazed. High-performance glazing can also use low-e or another energy-efficient coating to combat the weather.

For top lighting effect, think about getting a door that has a significant glass area. For privacy and security, select one or two little sections of glass or decorative glazing that obscures the view in your residence. Ultraviolet (UV) can damage the flooring, carpets, and furniture so look at glazing that resists UV rays.

Smart Front Entry Door Shopping

buy front entry door replacement for your house

Millwork stores, door makers, lumberyards, and home improvement shops offer many types of doors. Most fabricated doors come from big businesses and have several regional or smaller doorway manufacturers that assemble a specific door. These firms, then send the product to local vendors and dealers.

While purchasing a new front timber door, start looking for high-quality wood, lasting finishes, and, attention to detail. Typically, the more sophisticated the carvings, moldings, and the more extensive and thicker the stiles and rails, the superior the doorway.

Top engineered fiberglass and steel doors have a thermal break –an insulated separation that prevents outside heat and cold from running through the doorway’s skin and framework. Insulation is essential for cold climates, or frost may form in the doors inside the surface.

If you have safety and security in mind, buy an entry door with a glass that is resistant to breakage.

Even though it costs you a bit more, a high-quality door ensures the investment pays you back with smooth performance, energy efficiency, low maintenance needs, and, also ensures a fantastic style for years.

The Advantages of a New Glass Door Installation Project

Your new glass door installation project will set the tone for your entire home. The beautiful glass door creates the first and the last impression you and your neighbors will see. But apart from the aesthetic aspect, the front door also has to be safe and shields your home from the outside world elements such as insects, burglars, and storms.

In the past, a rock or hammer and you will have to say goodbye to your new glass door. However, now new glass panes could now handle hurricanes. For example, new contemporary hurricane window installations glass panes can take on burglars and any storm because of they improve glass materials.

So front glass doors technology are made of toughened glass and are energy-efficient, hurricane-resistant, and ultimately fit your design.

The Advantages of a Full-Glass Front Door

the advantages of a full glass front door

There is nothing like the sun flowing into your home’s living space, such as the front entrance, living room, or kitchen area on a sunny, beautiful day. It’s both pleasant and energizing, plus a reminder of the beauty that lies outside your house. Furthermore, a front glass door provides you with the chance to delight in all its splendor.

With quality-glass entrance doors, sun and a stunning view can flow into your house without insects or the wind entering. Consequently, glass doors provide you with lots of the advantages of an open entrance entry without the issues of the outdoor elements.

Considerations to think About

However, there are many considerations to think about before committing to installing your full-glass entrance door. Initially, take into account the level of privacy your area gives. Do you reside in a rural area with a couple of neighbors or at an extremely populated sector or an apartment complex?

A glass doorway might not provide you with the right privacy you would like if you lived in a populated area. However, a frosted glass will improve privacy, or another perfect solution is to place the doorway on the side or back entry of your house. Now, if you’re a person that privacy isn’t a concern, then the glass door will fit your style very well.

Impact Glass Doors Feature Better Security

front entry door installation

Security always needs to be thought of when purchasing your glass door. Truthfully, there’s the concern that burglars can break glass doors to gain access to your home. Because of security concerns, think about double-paned glass as opposed to one pane. Like I said earlier, some impact glass doors in Pinellas County can withstand storm debris, so why wouldn’t it takes a burglar’s kick or rock.

It also supplies you with a higher degree of safety since the material is more difficult to break. Then again, the extra insulating material will keep cold air or hot air inside your house, lowering your energy bills. The feature is particularly significant when you reside in an unusually cold or warm climate.

Where do you Live can Affect the Glass Door Installation?

Another essential factor to consider might be the range of wildlife in your town. Should you reside in a place such as a wooded or rural area that has many kinds of animals. For example, birds, deer’s, and other creatures, know the animals could run into or attempting to enter your house via the glass door.

Many Glass Door Sizes, Designs, and Selections

size designs and selections

When you choose the right full-glass entrance door for your house, you will discover you have quite a few styles and sizes to pick. For example, new entries have full glass panels and use contemporary hardware plus framing to conventional glass-front doors using divided panes and wooden frames.

You could also pick the kind of glass you would like to have on your door. For instance, frosted glass gives a translucent appearance, enabling light inside while still supplying some amount of privacy.

Also, you could always decide to get a doorway custom produced by working with a local glass distributor and expert. Notably, a good choice if you reside in an old house with door openings that aren’t of a typical size. Additionally, it can be a terrific way to incorporate vintage glass into your property.

Well, if you have any questions or are thinking about getting your new glass door installation project. Plus, many other types, including sunrooms, patio glass doors, and the best hurricane impact windows and doors that kick any storm’s butt.

French Patio Doors VS. Sliding Patio Doors-Winner, Loser, or Tie!

Patio door installations in Clearwater arrive in many styles, but the two most purchased are French patio doors and sliding patio doors. Both door styles offer many benefits, so when comparing French versus sliding patio doors the most ideal approach to pick the correct door for your house is to think about your needs and preferences.

Planning the available space from your home means making decisions that can affect the functionality of your home. Both can fit and work well with the proper installation and floor design so don’t worry!

Quality sliding glass patio doors installations in Clearwater, FL, are inexpensive, sturdy, and stylish, everything you need in your door choice. Both patio doors offer many advantages so read on to find the winner, loser, or if the decision turns into a tie.

French Patio Doors VS. Sliding Patio Doors-Energy efficiency

French wood patio doors

Energy efficiency is a problem that is more relevant today. Thusly, most homeowners are searching for approaches to lower their month-to-month energy bills, through improved home warming and cooling measures. A good way to care about the energy efficiency of your patio door is to look at the glazing features that patio doors bring today and add them to your patio door styles.

However, French patio doors can be viewed as more energy-efficient, as the glass panels can be littler, fixed into wider frames, while sliding doors are only made from glazed panels. Also, remember that they meet in the center and allow air inside! But, there is a method to negate this from either style from being better than the other; by picking the more energy-efficient glass.

The only option of double glazing is now gone. Triple glazing and sound-proof glass styles are common today because of the increased energy efficiency of room no end. Know that these features will also add to a higher price tag.

Sliding Patio Doors give Superior Space Saving

Sliding patio doors save a lot of space, versus French doors need to swing in or out. This is essential when considering the effect on the amount of your porch or deck that is really usable. A sliding glass door makes the most livable space, as it doesn’t require any space to swing.

When thinking about space, door size issues play a role as well. When you have an especially enormous, little, or weird-sized area for your doors, it’s frequently simpler to fill that space with a sliding door. These doors can effectively arrive in different sizes and are accessible in more sizes than French doors.

Two-panel doors can be accessible in five, six, and eight-foot widths and three-panel doors can also come in nine and twelve-foot widths. Maybe you need a much larger patio door then you can go with four-panel doors in 10, 12, or 16-foot widths. Their heights can vary from 6 to 8 feet tall. All can be ordered to your necessities.

Sliding patio doors allow more light in

French Patio Doors VS. Sliding Patio Doors

A sliding door offers two ways to acquire more natural light. With a sliding door with space availability, you can make an opening as large as you want. You can even put a picture window if you’re searching for a way to combine ways to get even more light inside.

The second thing to consider is the door frame. A French door set requires a winder, bigger door frame, which reduces the amount of light that can flow through. Sliding patio doors require less frame width, and the smaller frame implies more glass and more light.

Sliding versus French doors: cost

The expense of installing outside patio doors will play a role in which style is picked. But you may be amazed to know that there is almost no distinction among French and sliding doors costs.

Yes, there are many things or features that can affect the final expense, from the equipment to materials used and glazing styles.

So, who won, sliding patio doors, or French patio doors?

The right response truly depends on your requirements. If you’re searching for a patio door that is practical and doesn’t use a lot of room, then a sliding glass patio door is the best alternative. If you need a traditional look and have more space available, French patio doors could work for you.

Either way, with the features, customization, and energy efficiency choices now accessible with both door styles, you can’t go wrong with either. To answer the above question, although a sliding patio door wins two head-to-head matchups, French patio doors offer many benefits too so, for me is a tie. Need more info, read another blog post below.

How to Find the Best High-Quality Sliding Glass Doors?

Essential Question to Ask before Buying your Front Door Replacement

You most likely invest little energy thinking of your front door replacement, but a quality exterior door installation in Clearwater is essential to the safety of your family and home. When your door shows signs of aging, it could be time to replace it.

Homeowners benefit from the fact that a well-built door lasts more than 20 years. However, to ensure that you’re newly purchased door is beautiful, energy-efficient, and secure for a long time, it’s critical to ask a lot of questions when you talk with your exterior door replacement installer.

Our Crystal Clear Windows and Doors team has helped many clients find and install the ideal exterior replacement door for their homes. Before you buy your new doors, remember the following inquiries.

What is the Best Front Door Replacement Material for your Home?

double-doors with glass

While picking a door material, you must think about value, energy efficiency, maintenance, and style. They usually make doors from one of the following materials:

Wood: Wood entryways come in many styles and finishes so you can make a remarkable door that matches your home’s appearance. Wood doors require more maintenance and can fade or warp after some time when they get a lot of direct sunlight every day.

Steel: It’s difficult to beat the quality of steel. Plus, you can paint to match other outside components and are amazingly energy-efficient.

Fiberglass: For an energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and economical choice, fiberglass is a superb choice. Many companies also offer robust fiberglass doors with the look of genuine wood.

Storm impact doors: Besides preventing storm winds from entering your home impact doors also protect against break-ins and burglaries. It is because of both their unique sturdy frames and their impact-resistant glass. This level of security brings significant serenity and can also bring down the homeowner’s insurance. It seems like a straightforward decision for us!

Exterior Doors with Glass-Exterior doors can come with large panes set in a frame, similar to those used in sliding and storm doors. Also, they can come from materials like hardwood, metal, or composite, with littler windows insets inside the door.

Door Locks and Hardware

While robust locks and door equipment improve your security, they also can enhance the style of your doors. With many choices accessible for new doors, it’s ideal to ask an expert exterior door installer for tips to guarantee that your new locks and equipment give the level of security you need at a cost-effective cost.

A few makers significantly offer modern high-tech devices, for example, a smart lock for an additional layer of protection and genuine feelings of serenity.

Do you want the Doors to Swing Inward or Outward?


While most doors swing inward, the climate where you live can affect your choice. Outward-swinging doors are common for homeowners in areas that experience powerful winds, for example, hurricanes.

These outward-swinging doors help decrease risks that the door gets blown inward besides preventing burglar break-in attempts. Inward-swinging doors are helpful in regions that get a lot of snow. With an inward-swinging door, you won’t get caught inside your home when snow accumulates against the door.

Do your new doors have warranties?

To protect your investment, try to ensure that your new doors have a manufacturer’s warranty. Most door makers offer lifetime or limited lifetime warranties on their items.

Make sure you Hire a Licensed and Insured Contractor

With many so-called experts scamming people today, it’s essential to pick an expert door installer to install your new doors. Ask to see proof from the contractor, for example, insurance or licenses, besides coverage for any laborers who will be on your property.

DIY or Professional Front Door Replacement

Entry door installation isn’t a straightforward DIY project for the local handyman. It’s essential to ask a contractor how long have they been in business, but it’s also critical to know some recommendations.

Checking some reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, and other trusted sites can help you better understand how these companies deal with people. Everyone has had a dispute, but knowing how they deal with it shows you their commitment to customer support.

Also, this can help you ensure they are specialists committed to providing high-quality craft and services.

Hire Crystal Clear Windows and Doors for your Front Door Replacement Project

White double doors installed by experts

Do you need a new front door replacement for your home? At Crystal Clear Windows and Doors, we can install many types of beautiful and energy-efficient doors that will keep your family safe for quite a long time.

From sliding glass door replacements to beautiful double entry doors with sidelights, we’ll help you with making a custom door that you will love forever!

Buy a Front Door Replacement based on the Best Materials

Anyone can buy a front door replacement based on looks and design, but the door material is an essential consideration. Yes, most door materials, for instance, fiberglass and steel doors, have wood frames. 

However, the surface material most impacts appearance, sturdiness, security, maintenance, and cost. So, how to buy a front door, well, our window and door replacement experts will show you below.

Buy Front Wood Doors 

wood double entry door installation

Wood doors are the most popular and probably the most beautiful material. Versatility and beauty are their pros. Natural and custom wood doors come in oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, pine, plus more. You’ll likewise buy front door replacement in multiple paint-grade entries in a few softwood varieties. 

Today, many stock wood entryways combine wood-veneer skins over an engineered wood core. The wood combination reduces the expansion and contraction that cause warping. They’re an affordable option instead of buying sturdy wood doors. Search for durable, furniture-grade facade veneers ranging from 1/16 inch thick and more extensive; anything thinner will damage easily. 

Quality wood windows prevent bowing and warping by laminating two wood parts to make the stiles and rails. The front door manufacturers also use split construction for the door panels, yet they have an insulation core. So, the wood door has an insulation value of about R-5 compared to conventional doors of R-2

Solid wood doors cost the most, while hardwood doors cost even more cash. These wood doors can cost a few thousand dollars for a complete system. That system includes a prehung door in its frame, hinges, locksets, sidelights, and weatherstripping. And that door system doesn’t include the installation.

According to Fixr, wood doors can cost from $800 to $4000.

Buy Front Steel Doors 

Steel Replacement Door with glass installation

A steel door is your most brilliant option if security and sturdiness are the primary concerns. Plus, steel doors are more robust than wood or fiberglass entryways, and they will not crack or warp. You might have to consider that steel doors often have dents, but they can be pulled and fixed with an auto-body repair kit. 

Steel doors cost the least: Prices start at a few hundred dollars, although without equipment or glazing. However, a steel-door system with sidelights and top equipment can almost cost as much as a wood door system. 

All steel entryways have an internal frame made of wood or, for more strength, steel. The experts fill the cavities inside the frame with high-density foam insulation. Premium steel entryways usually have a 24-gauge skin and a steel frame. Yet, some steel doors offer heavier-gauge steel represented in lower numbers. The surface is typically smooth or has a wood-grain design. 

Most manufacturers coat their steel entryways with a polyester finish that requires occasional repainting. However, premium steel doors get a vinyl coating for better weather resistance. Some even have a laminated wood veneer on high-end versions. 

You can buy a steel front door replacement with a prehung system. However, if you’re taking the old door off its hinges and hanging another one, remember that steel doors bring hinges attached or holes for the hinges predrilled. The hinge area on the front door you bought should match the hinge area on the current door frame. A few steel doors bring an extra predrilled hole for better hinge adjustment when installing the door. 

According to Home Advisor, steel doors cost range from $150 cheap to $2500 with sidelights and glasswork.

Buy Fiberglass-Composite Replacement Doors 

Fiberglass-composite doors are robust and almost maintenance-free. These doors are perfect for extreme or humid climates. They look like wood with wood-grain finishing and can be stained to match with different woods colors. Underneath their molded surface is a structure of wooden stiles and rails, including wood edges for the lockset. They fill the voids in the structure with polyurethane foam insulation. 

Fiberglass-composite doors bring extended warranties. For instance, some quality composite doors back their models as long as you own the house. However, since installation affects the lifespan, these extensive warranties typically come solely on complete entry systems that include the frame. 

When you buy a front door, you look for affordability. Well, these fiberglass-composite doors accomplish it. You could pay about $200 but without glazing or equipment. But since the hardware costs are even regardless of materials, a complete fiberglass composite system can cost a few thousand dollars. 

According to Home Advisor, fiberglass doors cost range from $150 to $3000.

Buy Aluminum Doors 

Aluminum doors use an insulation core covered by a metal skin. Notwithstanding, aluminum door models are sold only through dealers. Every aluminum door you buy is custom-built to your opening. Manufacturers offer many choices and come in many styles and colors, with smooth or wood-grain finishes. 

Aluminum doors have an enamel finish, so they don’t need painting and will not rust—no wonder a quality aluminum door brings a 20-year warranty. You can likewise match the color and style of your door with an aluminum storm door. But many of these advantages don’t come cheap. According to Fixr, aluminum doors prices range from $400 to $3000 without installation.

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors your Front Door Replacement Expert

If you’re looking for guidance in replacing your front door, consider contacting our door installation in Clearwater, Florida experts.

How to Choose a Patio Door Replacement for Your Home?

Choosing a patio door replacement is a significant aspect to consider while planning your home’s remodeling project or building a new house. A sliding patio doors installation protects you from the outside elements and upgrades your home’s style and appearance. 

The exterior of your home makes a great impression on your neighbors and friends. Subsequently, it is vital to give a lot of time and thought to plan the patio door installation of your home. 

 The ideal approach to improve the outside look of your home is to select custom patio doors. So, how to pick a custom patio door replacement

 To give you a straightforward experience, we have gathered a few steps to assist you with picking a custom patio door that accommodates your style. 

1 ) Pick a Sliding Patio Doors Style that Matches your Home 

Sliding glass doors replacement

 Many types of patio door replacements are available. The most common ones are below. 

Sliding Patio Doors– To save space, sliding glass doors are created for smooth operation and permit natural light inside the house. 

Double Sliding Patio Doors-These patio doors make an illusion of space. Therefore, they are suitable for larger areas when you want a comprehensive look at the outside. 

French Patio Doors-French Patio Doors can be included in any design style and gives incredible ventilation. 

2 ) Choose the Patio Door Material 

After choosing the style of your custom patio doors, the next thing is to pick its material. There are a few sliding glass door materials, including vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. 

 Vinyl custom patio doors are famous for the following reasons: 

  • They are durable. 
  • Vinyl patio doors can withstand extreme weather conditions. 
  • Vinyl patio doors are energy efficient. 
  • These doors are accessible in different colors and laminations. 
  • Vinyl is more affordable than other materials. 

3 ) Pick the Custom Patio Doors Upgrades Appropriate for your Patio 

Sliding Patio Doors Installation Cost

They are a few choices as far as patio door upgrades. 

Grid Styles-Like the front entry doors, you can include various grids in patio doors—for example, diamond pattern, colonial style, farmhouse style, etc. 

Equipment for the Door -You can pick the best hardware for excellent finishing. Many types of handles are accessible regarding patio door equipment. For example, handles include antique brass, modern and sleek handles, simple and standard handles, bronze and nickel, etc. 

Locking System-Most homeowners require different security measures. For example, you can pick the mortise, key-based, and other locking systems for your sliding patio doors. 

Colors-You can pick a color for your patio doors depending on your home style. Try to make sure that it complements your house. 

4 ) Other Thing to Consider

Besides what I mentioned above, consider these essential factors below: 

Certified Energy Star Patio Doors 

Consider choosing certified Energy Star energy-efficient outside patio doors for your home. It can lessen your utility bills at home. 

Impact Resistant Doors 

If you live in a hurricane-prone region, consider the impact-resistant window patio doors. These doors can withstand hurricane winds and water from strong storms.

5 ) Hire a Reliable Patio Door Replacement Contractor

It is where a Tampa window replacement contractor comes to save the day. We can offer a few patio door choices to help you transform your dream house inside your budget! 

If you are interested in knowing the cost of a patio door, get in touch with us.

When To Replace The Front Entry Door with a Double Door?

How do homeowners know when to replace the front entry door? It appears these days people don’t use their front door as much as before. With garage doors and side doors, most individuals don’t consider their front entryways essential anymore. However, it is wrong to neglect a door that improves your home’s curb appeal and provides security to your family.

Besides security and aesthetics, people consider replacing their old single-pane, non-energy efficient windows with new replacement windows in Clearwater, Florida. Yet, they don’t think about their front doors as energy wasters. As a result, your home can be wasting energy, meaning higher utility bills, and the cause can be an old door. 

If you want to find an energy-efficient and beautiful front door, consider installing a double entry door. Think about these five different ways you can check whether you need a front door replacement

  1. The door is Difficult to Open and Close.

A door that is difficult to open and close can feel unpleasant. If you think your door sticks in the winter and simple to open and close in the summer, that is a sign of energy-wasting. If it’s sticking into the door jam, your entryway most likely has an exposed area down the sides or top or bottom where you can see the light. 

Plus, if you see the light from the inside or outside with a closed door, there’s an issue. If your still unsure, take a lighter or candlelight and put it around the edges. What happens to the flame? When the light moves just outside the entryway, it shows leaking air, so you’ll require a front door replacement. Consider asking an expert installer to install a modern house double door to enhance your home’s look and energy efficiency.

  1. Does the Front Door have Moisture Between the Glass Panes? 

    front door issue-moisture between the glass panes

Many modern doors today have double-paned glass. Usually, in old doors, the seal between those two panes will fail and lead to moisture or build mold between the sheets of glass panes. Regrettably, it is frightening to find mold in an entryway. With windows, most homeowners neglect their windows moisture issues because windows are of inorganic materials. It makes it simpler to wait to replace the window since there is no fear of mold spreading to the rest of the home. 

However, the urgency for a replacement front door should be faster regarding a wood front door. Not long ago, most residential doors had a wood core or frame. When your door has a seal failure between your door’s glass panes, the mold is surrounded by organic material toxic to humans. When your front doorway is hidden or doesn’t get much sunlight, it can be a significant issue. No homeowners want to hear mold remediation; usually, when you have an entryway with moisture between the glass panes, it’s time to replace the front entry door, preferably a double entry door. 

  1. Do you have a Warped, Cracked, or Weathered Door?

Front doors can take a beating over their lifespan; for example, they experience slams, kicks, and even climate changes like cold and hot temperatures. Most old strong wood doors have many years of experiencing climate changes and people. So many of these wood entryways have contracted and expended over countless winters and summers that they have cracks, warping issues, and have experienced extreme weather conditions. 

Inspect your door, look for light coming into the room from the outside or inside. Unfortunately, some of these entryways have stress fractures in the grains of the entry. Sadly, these stress fractures allow outsiders to see inside your home. 

  1. New Front Door Improves a Homes Curb Appeal 

    the advantages of a full glass front door

The front door is the first thing people compliment or hate when they visit your home. I know it’s not essential to care what people think but let’s be honest, styles change significantly, and we want our homes to be in the discussion. Unfortunately, front doors appear to take the most beating and usually require a change. 

Remember, the front door sets the tone for the entire house, particularly when people come knocking. Replacing your front door with a double entry door can be one of the best investments that you can make to enhance your home look. Also, you can increase your energy efficiency while adding beauty to your home’s look offers with a new double door. 

  1. Can you Replace a Single Front Entry Door with Double Doors?

    brown wooden entry front door

Our experts at Crystal Clear Windows and Doors can help if you want to replace your single door with a double door. But, like always, make a good investment by installing new modern double doors with sidelights that will lower your energy bills and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Impact Window and Door Items provide Homes Protection

Here in Florida, everyone understands the significance of impact window and door items that will resist extreme hurricane winds. Today, newly built homes in prone hurricane regions need to have hurricane windows and doors

However, most homeowners nowadays don’t know much or are familiar with the benefits of these products. Therefore, when you want to install new hurricane windows in Tampa, FL, what should you have to know as a customer? 

Our experts will help you get familiar with impact window and door items to comprehend their pros and even cons. Here are some details to kick you off: 

How Manufacturers make Hurricane Windows? 

hurricane Andrew FEMA 1992

After Hurricane Andrew destroyed homes in Florida in 1992, the state improved its building code requirements to address the many window failures during that storm. So, they needed some help, and the car industry for glass solutions that were also impact-resistant was their Godsend. 

Manufacturers responded quickly by making hurricane-resistant windows. The manufacturers made these windows with reinforced frames and tempered laminated glass. What type of glass is that? 

Types of Impact Window Glass 

Tempered glass is more than 5 times stronger than glass that isn’t tempered. The manufacturers make it by heating and afterward quickly cooling the glass off to room temperature. An incredible advantage of tempered glass is when breakage happens; it breaks into many small harmless pebbles that fall all over. Thus, it is likewise named safety glass. 

Laminated glass is made by joining two pieces of glass and a layer of vinyl, which bonds the two pieces together. As a result, when the glass breaks, the glass won’t shatter and fall to the ground in many pieces. Instead, the vinyl interlayer will hold the broken glass together in its original shape. 

Tempered covered glass is a hybrid of the two glass types, tempered and laminated. It combines the strength and safety of tempered glass with the impact resistance of laminated glass.

Pros of Hurricane Windows in Florida

top impact window and door items

You may imagine that the essential advantage of impact windows is they prevent water and debris from entering and unleashing destruction on a home. Although that is true, the best benefit of hurricane windows is actually structural. Most destroyed homes in a storm happen because of the unexpected changes in pressure that happen when the home’s windows and doors fail, and a blowout occurs. The quick increase in air pressure can collapse the home, blowing the rooftop off and collapsing the walls. Different pros of impact windows include: 

  • There is no visual sign that you have installed a hurricane-rated window. 
  • They are energy-efficient. 
  • Impact windows lower sound pollution like cars and people.
  • You can probably lower your insurance rates by hiring an expert impact window company to install impact windows. 

Cons of Hurricane Windows 

When you live in a hurricane-prone region, the pros of impact windows appear endless. However, that doesn’t mean the cons don’t exist. They do, and they matter. As you assess whether it’s the right time to upgrade your home’s storm security, think about the following points. 

  • Some low-quality hurricane windows will begin to yellow, making visibility difficult through the window. 
  • Even though impact windows can prevent hurricane winds from entering a home, no window or glass is destruction-proof. 

Impact Window Installation

A reliable window company should install your impact window and door items to perform under the extreme conditions they will encounter. Unfortunately, not many contractors can install the many different impact windows and doors available. 

They probably won’t have a particular knowledge needed to install a specific maker’s hurricane-rated window system, or they may come up short on the training or skill. Ensure your installer can do the window installation properly, so you keep away from any future warranty voidance issues. 

So the cost of hurricane impact windows in Florida is worth twofold when a hurricane hits your neighborhood.

Our Impact Window Company Offers No-Cost Consultation 

Homeowners that decide to install the best impact windows in Florida will rest much better knowing their house is ready for anything Mother Nature throws and even a criminal too. 

The pros of purchasing and installing hurricane windows are worth every penny. But, not sure; call us or stop by our showroom in the Clearwater area.

7 Sliding Glass Patio Doors Essential Maintenance Tips

Congrats on buying and installing your sliding glass patio doors in Florida since these beautiful doors are a great feature to have on any home. Besides allowing air to circulate and natural lighting to enter, they also extend out living spaces to the outside. Nice! But, our homes’ outside items always require a little maintenance if we want them to stand the test of time. 

Well, sliding patio doors need care too, and common issues like derailed entryways, obstructed or sticky tracks, and destroyed rollers can cause many struggles. 

Therefore, before regretting your purchase, resolve minor issues to prevent expensive problems in the future. Our patio door installation experts can offer some tips for free that will help your sliding patio doors work smoothly. 

  1. First, Clean the Sliding Glass on your Patio Doors  

    sliding glass patio door maintenance

By cleaning windows with a cleaner and newspaper, you can remove sticky finger marks. Clearwater beaches, ocean fog build-up, dust, and grime. By routinely cleaning glass, you can remove dust and debris build-up in the frame and tracks allowing for perfect door functions. 

  1. Wash Down the Frame 

Washing the door’s inside and outside the frame will keep them looking perfect and prevent weather damage to the outer frame seal. A light dust cleaning, followed by a warm light soap water combination, is adequate. Please, do not use harsh chemicals as they can damage the door frame’s finish. Consider re-varnishing the sliding doors with wood frames after the first varnish has started to wear out. 

  1. Clean the Sliding Glass Doors Track 

Usually, sliding patio door tracks go through unforgiving wear from home inhabitants with their pet’s hair, children’s crumbs, and outside dirty shoes. But season temperature extremes and blown-in trash can also expose these doors to costly repair issues. Therefore, I suggest cleaning the tracks and rollers every month. 

To start with, use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris, dirt, and dust. A warm soap water solution will assist with cleaning away the dirt. Next, think about using a butter knife to clean grooves and complex tor reach spaces. An old toothbrush makes an excellent tool for lifting stuck dirt and debris in small areas. 

  1. Lubricate the Sliding Glass Patio Doors Tracks 

Lubricating tracks will stop doors from sticking and becoming difficult to open. Try to lubricate the tracks when they’re clean and free from dust. When the tracks are dirty and you’ve been dealing with a sticky door for quite a while, consider removing the tracks entirely so you can easily clean and lubricate the rail. 

Please don’t add any lubrication to aluminum sliding tracks since it can gum up the rollers and cause issues. Aluminum tracks will not rust, so keep off the debris and dirt. 

  1. Remove Patio Glass Door Weatherstripping 

Old and weak weathering strips on your door won’t protect your home from cold or moist temperatures. You can replace old weatherstripping by removing old strips, cleaning the surface of dirt and debris, and putting in new weatherstripping. Ensure it’s aligned correctly, and you follow the item’s directions. 

  1. Replaced Old and Worn Out Rollers 

For old and challenging sliding glass doors, remove the rollers for a quick investigation. You can clean dirty rollers and, after lubricate, and reinstall them correctly. However, if the door rollers are damaged, replacement is your only choice. Ensure you adjust the rollers accurately and tinker with the adjustment screws until movement is flawless. 

  1. Check the Sliding Patio Door Panels Alignment

Harsh knock, lousy installation, and wrong door treatment like slamming can cause misalignment and shaky movement. Also, built-up debris may make rollers have a bad alignment. You can cure this by changing the roller screws or eliminating the door and setting it out from top to bottom. 

In Conclusion

sliding glass door installation

Installing a quality sliding glass patio doors from a reliable Clearwater window company will likewise mean a longer life. If issues appear to be premature, check the warranty as you still qualify for factor repairs and maintenance. 

When the patio doors are past their prime, contact an expert to discuss the cost of installing a sliding patio door replacement that offers better insulation, security, and lifespan.

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