5 Tips For Hiring A Hurricane Window Company

What you need to consider before hiring a hurricane window company? We are pretty sure you love the view from your windows, but due to natural disasters, is a must to consider impact windows. Today we share tips with you to help you choose the right company.  We will show the essential facts you have not considered, this may sway your decision.

You have reached us to know more about what options you can find and how to choose a suitable company. Day after day, we have more natural disasters, especially hurricanes. You got tired trying to protect your windows with wood, which is inefficient. Windows’ frames end up deteriorating and even breaking by using old ways. You waste time placing and removing the material used any time a storm is coming.

Now, what offers you a hurricane window company? Current companies offer resistance materials to stand hard storms in many styles, which adequate to your expectations. We can find all we need and even things we did not think possible, but we were looking for our entire life.

Hurricane Sliding door replacement by, Crystal Clear Windows & Doors

Impact Windows Brings You Efficiency and Beauty.

Any time you are looking for the best option for your window, we know you want to be very informed. You can be sure that the best hurricane window company will offer you the top brands. We can assure your house will look sophisticated and be safe against any weather conditions in your area.

These days you can find companies offering windows with more advantages than you think. Always ask for hurricane windows and doors with energy efficiency, this saves you around to make your home more comfortable without sacrificing house style.

You should be reviewing companies in your city since it will haste a quick response. The TOP hurricane impact windows & doors will give you beautiful results. All the services and products offer to you by the best local company are designed to bring you the best performance to meet your criteria fully.

Hire A Window Company That’s Has Certification & Insurance

impact window installation in Clearwater FL
Our Crew replacing windows in Clearwater, FL professionalism at it’s best!

The best company is not only the one that suits your expectations with proper solutions but also backed by appropriate authorities. This matter goes beyond the certified skills offered; it also covers every single product and service advertising.

Look for a company that goes beyond installing products and gives services, but provides you a list of clients and 5 Star reviews. A warranty focus on your needs is one for a lifetime that will bring you peace, knowing that you spent your money and entrusted the best.

Crystal Clear in Pinellas County Offers Financing!

Research for a company that offers you payment options according to your budget. You can get weekly, biweekly, or monthly payment installments and even agreements of how much you can pay every time you make payment.

There are multiple options, thus you can review to get what you need avoiding paying interest or high fees. In our commitment to satisfying customers, additionally, we have a partnership with  Hearth Financial that can offer you a loan if needed. Their requirements can be few since they focus on crucial matters as it is your safety due to weather conditions.

Remember to request free estimates from the companies rank as the best ones to compare products and services offered at the best price. Your friends and coworkers can help you to find more options with their referrals about companies they have used they considered to be the best.

We Offer Free In-Home Estimates For 3 or More Windows and Doors!

You can always make a list of every possible question, and by reading our blog search for the answer. When you are ready to install new hurricane windows then, call us! The friendly specialist in charge of your request will clarify any doubts you have about the process.

We offer discounts if you are hiring a hurricane window company and replacements. We also do sun-room additions, and also we have too stores fronts. The first one in Clearwater, FL, as well as a second in St. Petersburg. We service for now by appointments only, by all means contact us. We provide, email, chat on our website and of course phone calls.

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How Much Money do Replacement Windows Cost?

If you ask me about replacement windows cost, I will say, “It depends on a lot of factors that can benefit your budget or exasperate it”.

While picking the correct window installation Clearwater, you’ll need to know the advantages of energy-efficient models, why to replace obsolete windows instead of repairs, or essentially just change designs.

The replacement window project is a simple job for Crystal Clear Windows and Doors experts. However, installing windows wrongly can prompt numerous issues like air leakage and loss of energy.

Many quality home window replacements bring warranty. But it may get void if you mount the window wrongly or don’t use a professional window installer.

So, replace home windows Clearwater with the right contractor for accurate installation. It can be dubious to find the correct contractor, particularly if you haven’t worked with one.

To avoid problems later on, call Crystal Clear Windows and Doors. Now, let’s find out the cost of replacement windows.

Should I replace rotting and damaged window frames?

Before you acquire replacement window costs, it’s essential to check the current window frames for damage. But if you have wood windows inspect for rot from humidity and pests. When the window’s frame is soft, splitting, or shows big signals of wear and tear, replacement windows it’s the answer.

Common window frames include wooden frames and vinyl frames. Vinyl frames are cheap compared with wood. Vinyl also has big pros like a high lifespan, and the frames are straightforward to clean and low maintenance.

Although wood frames are beautiful and stunning they require more maintenance, and replacement window costs can be high. Wood frames also need staining and paint. If you don’t maintain them correctly, they peel and rot because of water damage.

Expect the total cost for installation and materials to increase when you desire wood frames on your windows.

More reasons to replace old obsolete home windows:

  • Reduce Your Energy Costs
  • Make Your Home More Secure
  • Improve your Curb Appeal
  • Make Your Family More Comfortable

Double-Pane Windows Replacement Cost

Home Replacement Windows in Clearwater

Double-pane windows bring benefits like energy efficiency and even limit noise pollution.

This window glass is available with many encasement types, yet it conveys an added price tag.

  • Double- pane glass includes a sealed space that is filled with inert gas. This protected space regulates the outside weather extremes and the house temperature.
  • This window glass construction helps with climate control and combined with an airtight home, you can save money on utility costs ($280 up annually on energy bills).

For the right double-pane window installation, find a reliable Clearwater contractor and window manufacturer.

For a standard energy-efficient vinyl window, you may pay somewhere in the range of $300 to $850 including installation.

Have you considered High-Performance Glass?

Depending on where you live and more importantly your wallet, consider investigating specialty glass You can get triple-pane windows for higher energy savings, impact-resistant windows installation for regions with storms, or windows with shades built between the glass for modern living.

These high-performance replacement windows cost a bit more, but the added advantages might merit the added investment.

Would You Like to Replace Windows?

Before you create replacement window costs estimate, it’s essential to know some prices and considerations.

  • The average cost for a standard size vinyl window can range from $125 to $386 per window, without installation.
  • For a wood replacement window costs, you may pay from $200 and $1,000, or $700 on regular windows including installation.
  • Wood frames can rot or swell because of the weather elements, and they need regular maintenance to keep them excellent. However, they do give amazing temperature insulation.
  • When the expert needs to remove the whole window and framing (down to the studs), you will pay more for the labor cost per window installation. The expert window installer calls this “new construction” windows and requires more work at your expense.

Even though the total cost to replace all the home windows look high, consider it an investment. Therefore, expect your home’s value to increase.

Cost of replacement windows in Material

new energy efficient window replacements

Replacement Window Material Prices are without labor:

Frame Type Average Cost

Wood $275 – $850

Composite $325 – $975

Fiberglass $200 – $750

Clad $300 – $900

Vinyl $100 – $650

Aluminum $175 – $400

Window Installation Costs

According to Angie List, window replacement costs on average $175 to $700 per window. Quality windows can cost $800 to $1,200.

According to HomeAdvisor, window installation average costs $5,615 total, or range $2,952 to $8,750. Labor costs $150 to $800 per window depending on many factors.

Modern home windows upgrade your house natural light and make it comfortable to live in. A great quality window is a significant investment.

Top Cost Factors

energy efficient window replacements

Other than the work and material cost, different factors affect cost includes:

• The requirement to replace the existing frame down to the studs.

• Double-or triple-pane windows.

• Types of insulating gases in the high-performance glass.

• Exterior accessories like decorative awnings.

• Types of window designs (Bay, bow, etc.)

• Where you live.

• Hiring a contractor or a reliable window company with experience.

• Unforeseen structural issues.

Why Hire a Professional Window Installer?

There are many benefits to hiring a professional window installer. A professional window contractor will know how to handle construction issues and any other things that may emerge through the course of the project:

  • Knowledge of mold- Mold is a significant health problem, especially in humid areas. Mold and mildew can destroy wood.
  • Rooted wood damages by bugs or the weather elements can seriously affect the integrity of your wood windows frames.
  • Structural integrity: All outside walls are load-bearing so, only a licensed contractor should make changes to load-bearing structures.
  • Good at measurements: It’s not only measuring the opening by length by width. Measurement must include trim, pulleys, and stop strips. If the Window Company or contractor fails to measure these variables correctly then it won’t fit.
  • Age and codes: Old homes might not have standard-size openings, so an expert requires removing the frame and installing another supporting structure. If you have an older house then changes must meet current code requirements.
  • Kind of glass: Depending on the region, tempered or security glass might be needed. People who live near the beach require hurricane impact windows.

Hiring reliable and trusted window companies Clearwater FL should be the solution for the best installation, consider calling Crystal Clear Windows and Doors.

How Much Do Patio Doors Cost?

Patio doors cost aren’t an issue regarding remodeling the back of your property since a patio door installation is an excellent feature to have. Besides providing convenient back access, they also allow natural light and a nice patio view.

Homeowners use patio doors to go into the yard, patio, or garden. If you hear the traditional patio door, it means sliding doors. However, now it frequently includes French doors and bi-folding as well.

The kind of replacement patio door Clearwater will depend on the size of an opening, design, and budget.

Each type of patio door has its pros and cons for various applications. In this post, our patio door company Clearwater experts will investigate the key contrasts, applications, and patio doors cost.

3 Types of Patio Door

Sliding Patio Doors Installation Cost

With modern patio sliding doors, you have the best flexibility when installing patio doors. You can tailor your opening to the patio door you want to use.

However, when you have a new patio door fitted in a current opening your options are limited. The tree patio doors are French doors, patio sliding doors, and bi-folding doors.

French Doors

French doors work best on small openings. Their design looks like swinging or double doors but opens outwards.

French door uPVC is well known, regularly fitted with extra side or top lights to fill the entire opening. Different materials, for example, aluminum can be made wider and taller. Also, you can have less material but more glass inside a French door design at an increased cost.

French patio doors are more secure because of their multi-lock systems and many have passed through PAS024 security testing.

A huge benefit of French doors is that you can open a single door for access. Opening one door is convenient and you will be thankful when the weather is rough. However, when you have great weather, you can open both doors wide.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors open by sliding along on horizontal tracks. If you have a small space outside then these doors can work perfectly. So, when your yard or patio is small, sliding patio doors will fit better than both French and bi-folding doors. A big advantage is they can’t be blown shut, as swing operated doors.

Also, sliding glass doors can straightforwardly fit inside larger building openings. Aluminum provides more sizes, more glass, and less material. You will need to use high-quality rollers to make heavy doors simpler to slide during entry.

Sliding door innovation has advanced from single tracks up to three. Multiple door designs can slide independently, giving the best flexibility to functioning. You will find two to four-pane sliding doors, you can see bespoke designs.

Built-in multipoint locks are used where the panels overlap providing greater security.

Bi-folding Doors

Bi-fold and Multi-Slide Patio Door Installations

Bi-folding doors are top regarding the opening of your home, even at the corners. The fully opening operation is the greatest advantage, covering the widest building openings. For those looking to break the boundary between the interior to the outdoors, the other doors can compete.

Different designs will give flexibility. Yes, bi-folding doors provide the most suitable opening. For little openings, you won’t get more opening than French doors, plus, but you lose the ability to open a single door.

Consider installing a single swing opening door since one side can provide access without having to completely open up your home.

Bi-folding patio doors can cost a bit more than French doors and sliding patio doors.

How much it cost to replace a sliding patio door or to install it?

impact sliding patio door installation procedure

Sliding Glass Door Prices

  • simple sliding door costs $300 to $800 for 6-foot plain glass panels in an aluminum or vinyl frame.
  • Mid-range sliding glass doors costs range from $800 to $2,000 with energy-efficient double pane glass.
  • Top-quality brands like Andersen, Pella, and Marvin sliding door costs range from $1,500 to $5,000.

Multi-Panel Sliding Glass Door Prices

  • Multi-panel sliding glass doors cost $600 to $7,000. (Depending on the number of panels).
  • A 3-panel sliding glass door costs range from $1,000 to $5,000.
  • 4-panel sliding glass door costs $2,500 to $7,000. Regularly, one panel remains fixed, yet a few models permit all the panels to move.

Wood Frame sliding door material-Pros and Cons

Price $1,000 – $2,000 up

  1. Pros
  • Provides high performance
  • Natural splendor
  • Insulating properties
  • Simple to fix
  • Suitable for extreme weather
  • Durable
  1. Cons
  • Regular maintenance required
  • Can have a high cost

Clad Wood Frame sliding door material-Pros and Cons

Prices $800 – $2,500 up

  1. Pros
  • Not much maintenance
  • Many color alternatives
  • Paintable
  • Has a wood feel
  • Weather-resistant
  1. Cons
  • Can be costly
  • Requires upkeep on the inside side

Aluminum Frame sliding door material-Pros and Cons

Prices $250 – $1,300 up

  1. Pros
  • Sturdy
  • Simple to maintain
  • Light and simple to operate
  • Affordable
  1.  Cons
  • It can dent kind of easily
  • Scratches also easily
  • You have to research and demand quality
  • Thermal barrier issues
  • May rust with humidity

Fiberglass Frame sliding door material-Pros and Cons

Prices $400 – $2,000 up

  1. Pros
  • Can look like wood
  • Doesn’t need maintenance just cleaning
  • Energy-efficient
  • Effectively handles all weather
  • Long lifespan
  1. Cons
  • Costly

Vinyl frame material-Pros and Cons

Prices $300 – $2,000 up

  1.  Pros
  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • Doesn’t rust, corrode, and rot in wet climates
  • If you like it can look like wood or other natural materials
  • Lightweight
  • Long lifespan
  1. Cons
  •  Flammable
  • Can crack or warp with quick temperature changes
  • More fragile than fiberglass
  • Won’t last as long as fiberglass or wood

Cost to Build Sunroom Addition in your Home

No one really knows the cost to build a sunroom addition because pricing is complex and has many factors to consider. But don’t worry our sunroom installation in Clearwater experts can help.

Would you like to hire an expert sunroom company near me to add a new sunroom addition to your home? But you are hitting a wall trying to find solid information regarding the cost of the project? Regrettably, solid information is hard to find even if you look online.

Building a sunroom addition isn’t just a custom project, but it’s also a permanent structure that you add to your home. It requires building codes and guidelines used during the construction of your home. The building codes and home construction guidelines combined with other factors, requirements, and custom choices, makes cost complex.

What Factors go into determining the cost of a sunroom addition?

Sunroom installation near Clearwater

Sunroom cost involves many factors, some factors you have control over, and others that you have less control. Below are factors that affect the complete cost of building another sunroom.

Sunroom addition building factors that you control:

  • The size of the sunroom, for example, the sunroom height, width, and rooftop projection. Clearly the bigger the room, the more materials you will require to finish the project, adding to the overall expense of the project.
  • The functioning of the walls. How do you imagine using space? Ask yourself these quick questions. Are screens enough? Do you need stronger sunroom glass? Is single pane glass adequate for the planned usage of the room? Maybe you’re considering using double pane glass or high-performance glass instead? Your choices sway the cost of a sunroom addition.
  • The kind of roof. There are a few alternatives to roofs. Your vision for the sunroom, space requirements, style, and budget are factors in figuring out which roof is right for you. Custom wood roofs tend to cost the most for difficult rooftop lines. However, most clients favor panelized roof systems that use the most recent insulated foam panels. And structural I-beams offering less maintenance than regular roofs. You may browse a gable roof style or single slope.
  • Added features, for example, skylights. Skylights offer an abundance of natural light and view on the sky. Yet, skylights will add to the total cost of the sunroom project.
  • The kind of materials. Depending on the sunroom that you want, there are the options of thermally engineered and non-thermally engineered aluminum and structured reinforced vinyl. These above materials offer high performance and great views just as good ventilation.
  • Wood has been a popular material choice for sunrooms. It’s hard to beat the elegance of wood sunrooms. Wood also withstands temperature extreme changes. However, the cons of wood sunrooms are their cost and their vulnerability to rot and termite damage.
  • The wall design. With sunrooms, you have control of the configuration of each wall. It means you can pick whether you need patio doors with or without transoms. Or a combination of patio doors and windows with knee walls and transoms, all windows with or without transoms, and so forth.

Sunroom addition factors that you have less control

  • The local and state building codes.
  • The permits you need to start and finish the work? These depend on your city and state.
  • Do you have a current foundation that can be used? If not then it’s added to the cost of the project.
  • If you intend to use your current deck, ensure is it in compliance with current building codes?
  • Do you want to use your current concrete slab, pad, or foundation? Well, make sure it meets current building codes.
  • Does your area have a specific snow and wind load requirement?
  • Do you want to condition the space with AC and heating?
  • Should you consider any property zoning requirements?
  • Can the builder and team access the property easily?
  • Should you follow any design parameters when you live in a community with a homeowners association?

How much does your sunroom addition installation cost?

Sunroom replacement windows installation

So, how much does a sunroom installation cost? Well, it depends. Just like the sunroom addition, the labor depends on how much time the experts and team will spend working in your sunroom, and the size. Size, in sunroom addition construction, is a huge indicator of the cost.

Also, the quality materials that you select for the construction and the expert window installer you hire. According to FIXR, labor and installation cost ranges from $4,000 to $10,000.

Sunroom installation cost depends on some factors below:

  • The area you live in. A few regions like popular cities can be more costly than smaller cities or rural areas with lower labor rates.
  • The location of your sunroom. Some homeowners have preparation issues or difficulties in tying with the current building structure. So, the demolition of old construction is imminent and can cost more.
  • Energy-efficient. Many high tech glass are accessible and excellent for energy-conscious homeowners. But it can increase the cost of the construction.
  • Finished surfaces. Elegant millwork and stone flooring can increase the labor cost.
  • Hire a reliable sunroom builder near you. Established companies may charge more money than a contractor. Picking a contractor because of the low price can be a greater cost in the end.

How much do sunroom additions cost?

Sunroom Design Ideas

According to HomeAdvisor, a sunroom addition can cost from $8,000 to $80,000, with an average cost of $30,000. According to FIXR, a sunroom addition cost from $8000 to $90,000 and average $45,000. We can see projects that range higher and some lower, depending on the scope. However, don’t get scared. Sunroom addition costs depend on what you pick and what the local and state building codes require for your area.

Remember, the more the sunroom needs to be built and with higher stringent codes, the higher the cost. However, if you have an up to code space and can be enclosed, the lower the cost will be. Also, we offer financing options to help make your room possible.

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors

So, yes building a sunroom addition can be complex because every sunroom is custom to the client’s preferences. Thus, it’s essential to contact an expert who can build the sunroom correctly to your needs. Crystal Clear Windows and Doors guarantee to finish the sunroom addition to the building code standard.

While the sunroom project feels expensive, they increase your home’s value and bring a lifetime of joy to homeowners who had lived in darkness. A sunroom creates a space like no other in your home. The sunroom is the most used and loved space in your new home!

If you want to make a dream come true, call Crystal Clear Windows and Doors today to plan your free sunroom addition home estimate.

Replacement Windows St. Petersburg Tips to Detect Window Issues after a Storm

Since your replacement windows St. Petersburg protect you from the outside weather, they are significant features of your home. When your home survives a storm and the windows get broken during a storm, consider calling a window company in St. Petersburg to replace them right away. The expert’s St. Petersburg Window Company will restore your security, privacy, and give you back the peace of mind you just recently lost after the storm passed.

However, it’s not straightforward to see window damage. And if it goes undetected, it can cause greater issues—like energy losses and structural issues that can allow water to penetrate.

Often, you may see your neighbors replacing windows in the St. Petersburg Florida area when a storm passes. You may also see an insurance agent talking to the homeowners and taking down notes. Usually, the insurance agency wants to help but you have to call and be persistent for the service to reach you promptly.

So, it’s significant for homeowners to identify home damages particularly windows and doors after a lousy event. Regardless of the storm (hurricane, tornado, and hail) you have come across, you have to figure out how to spot signs of damages.

Sometimes, the house looks good on the outside but it isn’t in good condition. Thus, you lost the insurance protection because when you notice the issues times passed-by making your claim irrelevant.

If you’re approved, think about switching to hurricane impact window replacements for higher security and protection from storms.

How to assess storm home damages?

Before assessing the outside of your home for damage, ensure the storm has passed and it is safe to go outside. If you see dangers like downed power lines, electrical perils, or flooding, stay away from the region and quickly call authorities.

Often, everything looks good outside but be on the lookout for potential dangers—particularly on rooftops. Roof issues after a storm can cause structural issues and dangers that are out of your line of vision. Therefore, check for fallen trees or branches, free or broken shingles.

Signs of storm wind window damage

 High winds can knock down trees or break branches, damage rooftops, and — in extreme cases—even break home windows. After a hurricane, tornado, and other Mother Nature related tempest has passed, check for these signs on the outside of your home:

  • Shattered or broken window glass panes
  • Cracks, holes, or dents in glass
  • Damaged or dented frames
  • Chipped or cracked paint, siding, or wood

Signs of Water window damage

You can easily identify broken glass and dents from wind damage. Yet, the effects of water damage can be more difficult to see. Untreated water damage and leaks can allow mold. Mold can influence your home’s foundation and structure and even can cause death.

Check these significant places for flooding and leakage.

  • Windows: Look for fog between glass panes
  • Ceiling: Look for water spots, and yellow, or brown staining
  • Walls: Check for signs of splitting, peeling, or bubbling in the paint.
  • Attic and basement: Check your attic and basement for leaks, or a moist, wet smell, which occurs after 48 hours after a storm.
  • Flooring: Look for holes or curling flooring, wood that feels soft to touch, or wood and laminated floor expansion, which happens when the material gets waterlogged.

Call the Insurance agency and a Find a St. Petersburg Windows Contractor

window installation company Clearwater FL

If you recognize any of the damages above, it is essential to contact your homeowner’s insurance. After being approved contact a St. Petersburg window contractor like Crystal Clear Windows and Doors to help stop future damages and fix your home.

  • Document the problems and damages

Don’t touch anything, take notes and many photographs of all the problems and damages to the areas. The documentation will be significant when you present your insurance claim. The more detailed pictures the better especially if you have many windows that need repair.

  • Clean up potential perils

Board up any broken windows and clean shard glass that can hurt someone.

  • Present your claim

 Now, you can report the damages to your insurance agency. The sooner the better. Insurance agencies have a limit of filing claims inside one year of the storm damage. Consider contacting your insurance agency by cellphone and email.

 Use a folder and document all your conversations, details, and dates. Submit photos and any receipts, for instance, if you’re staying in a hotel when you can’t live at home.

  • Make a meeting with an insurance agent

 The insurance agency will make an appointment for an agent to drive to your home and evaluate the damage. It is significant that you get at least two estimates before you meet with the agent.

It can help you have an expert benchmark for the job cost. Ensure you get the estimate first before meeting your insurance agent.

  • Contact a reliable window replacement company or contractor

 Contact a reliable window contractor or company to assess the window replacement cost. They will offer complimentary project quotes that you’ll provide for your insurance agent at your meeting.

Most window experts have experience with storm-damaged homes. So, try to ask your expert window contractor if they can be available to ensure you get a reasonable assessment.

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors your window replacement Tampa expert

Buy Hurricane Windows and Doors

Hopefully, with the help of your expert window contractor, your window replacements will be approved. Any changes in the first estimate need to be recorded in writing. The task is done after it has passed city inspection and you’re happy with the finished work to your St. Petersburg home’s windows.

If you live in a high storm risk region, consider hurricane impact windows. The expert will install these hurricane windows overtop your present windows to add another layer of protection against the storms.

Do you have storm damages or want to upgrade from outdated regular windows to impact windows? Don’t worry, we can help. Get a free estimate from us, your dependable window contractor in St. Petersburg. If you need an impact window installation near you, call us today.

Are Florida impact windows worth the cost?

I remembered 1992 Hurricane Andrew 282 km/h winds and, if my parents had installed quality Florida impact windows and doors, I’ll probably would I’ve forgotten this horrible experience. Back then and even more today, hurricanes are a major problem for everyone that lives in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and yes, Florida coastlines. Hurricane numbers have increased in numbers and, if your city missed it by a few miles, another one shows up the next week or month.

I believe impact window installation in Clearwater is essential for all residents living by the coastline. There’s no debating this issue anymore. And trust me as someone who hired a professional impact window company to replace all the regular home windows, it takes a big load off when hurricane season comes along.

I do not look for plywood or have to put up my shudders and take them down a few days later. Its time consuming and a lot of work. It’s not like a DIY home improvement project that you will see the investment pay you back.

Boarding windows every time a hurricane points your way cannot be good for your heart. Also, with a boarded home, you can see much particularly when the lights go off. Consider, calling hurricane impact windows contractor so you can have peace of mind.

Below, I will tell a true story that I remember back when hurricane Andrew passed my house 28 years ago. Now, you will understand why I and many experts recommend impact windows and doors.

Hurricane Andrew 1992

Houses were built in the 1990s usually differently, some out of brick and sadly for Homestead made of wood. My house was made of brick but still was no match to what Hurricane Andrew did to it. We lived on the second floor and we felt like everyone back then, that it wasn’t that bad.

The second floor faced the street so it had two windows and if I remember correctly two on both sides. Well, many of our windows needed home window replacements because there were old and needed a crank to open. Back to the story. As the hurricane approaches, we kept hearing the same crap about how we should go to a shelter. My parents dismiss these notices since we lived in Miami, not in the eye of the storm.

It wasn’t going to hit us directly so we boarded windows like everyone else but we stayed. If we had impact windows and doors we would have only looked for necessities like life supplies. Instead, my dad was up a ladder dangerously high while the wind was blowing. I was glad he came back down from the ladder since a lot of people fall and die falling off ladders.

I stayed outside until the winds and rain got stronger. The day turned dark rather quickly. There was a weird silence for a few minutes like something was coming. The wind started howling and started picking up speed.

Hurricane Andrew touchdown

At that time we didn’t understand the heat and darkness that using plywood causes, unlike today’s impact window replacements. Did I forget to mention that my dad didn’t board all the windows? Yeah, he said we should leave one open.

Well, a small one that we can open in case of an emergency to allow some light in. So, I looked outside the window with my brother to see the mayhem that was about to take place. Of course, my parents cared about us and every few minutes they will scream to stay away from the window.

When I realized the hurricane Andrew was passing is when I saw debris fly by and hit a parked car. The hurricane wind was picking up speed and gust. Then we heard a loud crash or boom and the chimney fell from our house to the outside stairs below. Crap I said this is for real! A few minutes later we felt the walls moving and heard loud bangs on the walls and thumps on the plywood and we all got scared.

2nd-floor story unfolds

Since it was a duplex, the old neighbors from downstairs called us to come down. Well, my parents agree and we ran downstairs. As I went downstairs it looked dark but not dark but black. I know it doesn’t make much sense but the sky wasn’t dark it was black at 4 PM. And it was cold for the first time, I laughed because if you know Miami you know how hot it is or can get.

The fact remains that we went downstairs to hide from the hurricane. As we sat there in the dark because high winds knock off the power we started playing games on our smartphone. Just kidding, the last part was a joke but it’s kind of sucks to be an 11-year-old kid with no entertainment. If anyone from the 90s reading this, you understand how boring it was correct?

We had a candle and we all sat quietly for a while hearing the howls and broken branches falling on top and near the house. At least the old couple gave us candy and boiled hot coffee with a gas kitchen, the candy was kind of hard but the coffee was pretty good.

Like an hour had passed when we heard a window break and my brother looked at each other with a smile. Smiled because my dad went to check and realize it was the small window that we used to look outside a few hours ago. So we were happy our faces weren’t there when the glass broke. Later on, a loud bam hit the house and it was debris like pieces of wood, rocks, and stones that flew off from other neighbor houses.

Post-Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew total destruction

The wood plywood didn’t hold up either. One window survived because it didn’t face the street but the other two windows were broken when a tree branch fell. My mom told dad he should have cut the tree but he didn’t listen much.

After a few hours, the storm passed and we came outside just to see some homes without roofs and windows destroyed. Our roof was banged up and the side’s walls all had holes like from flying debris and some even had holes that we later had to fix.

So we went upstairs to check the damage. The broken windows allowed some flooding from the constant rain and all the furniture was thrown everywhere. Well, we threw most of the furniture away since they were beaten up and wet. It was a sad night but we felt fortunate after seeing the news about the total devastation of Kendall and Homestead.

Today I realized that if we had installed impact-resistant windows I wouldn’t remember this story so vividly. I mean I’ve probably would be scared but not like 28 years ago.

Although when today I hear hurricane I don’t look for plywood or shudders which I might be biased but it’s a lot of work.

 Instead, I hired an expert window company to install impact windows and doors on my home and my parent’s 2nd-floor apartment. Yes, it looks like my parents like the second floor.

How can Florida impact windows and doors benefit your home like it does mine?

Clearwater Florida impact windows and doors

So, now I stick the middle finger at the next hurricane while waiting for it in my house with my smartphone and gas generator. I don’t worry much about storms unless category 5 comes along. But I still feel confident these sturdy impact-resistant windows will hold up.

Also, I don’t care much about burglars and noise like before. When burglary goes up in statistics people have to close and lock the windows and doors like their terrified. And they should be afraid, a burglary can turn into a horrible home invasion situation when people are home, one that they won’t easily forget. But today I don’t worry about break-ins like before.

Because recently my son hit the impact-resistant window with a baseball and nothing happen. So I was pretty pleased and didn’t ground him. Imagine a burglar trying to break the window, sorry on the first try the intruder will know what they’re up against.

No more noise like before either, cars honk, people scream, dogs bark, and birds chirping early in the morning but I don’t hear them anymore. Thanks to my installed impact windows and doors, I don’t worry anymore about the noise. Energy efficiency is down, I didn’t think it was important until I was paying over $300 on my energy bill.

Now, I pay in the low $200 so I’m Ok with those numbers.

Florida impact windows and doors replacements worth every penny!

Trust me you will like not having to run around trying to find or put up your shudders every time a storm is projected to hit your city. With my Florida impact windows and doors, there’s no more running around as their fixed and don’t need much maintenance.

My PGT windows bring a limited lifetime warranty. So, to answer the question, are hurricane impact windows worth the cost in Florida? I say yes there worth every penny.

Top Reasons to Buy Hurricane Windows and Doors This Hurricane Season

 When hurricane season comes around, experts recommend homeowners to buy hurricane windows and doors to protect their expensive home from total destruction. People living by the beach enjoy their day: walking on the coast, enjoying the wonderful sunlight, and cool winds.

However, the main breach of the building during a storm is the windows. Non-impact windows won’t face the winds, debris, weather changes, and projectiles like impact windows Clearwater FL. Poorly built windows won’t protect your family and valuables from a storm or even a criminal.

Trust us, when winds get inside a home during a storm, the roof won’t survive. Everything inside will get blown out like if a grenade exploded. Now, if a burglar breaks your window you may lose all your valuables plus a sense of “no security” that may last a lifetime.

A hurricane impact windows installation Clearwater will let you appreciate nature. Also, allow the sunlight into your home and even provide a beautiful view without the worry of a runaway baseball ruining your day.

Look at some things impact windows offer below:

  • Provide security from burglars
  • Lower energy bill
  • Lower insurance cost
  • UV Ray Reduction
  • High resale value
  • Sound reduction
  • Security from strong hurricanes and tornadoes

 Hurricane windows offer better security from burglars

impact windows Clearwater

The laminate glass used in impact-resistant windows includes another layer of protection. It means intruders won’t come inside your home with just breaking your window with the rock technique.

If you buy hurricane impact windows and doors you will discourage burglars from breaking into your home, and ensure your family and home.

Lower energy costs

Top-quality impact windows bring many glass alternatives. Depending on the glass option, energy efficiency can win and help homeowners spend less on energy bills. Tinted laminated glass is the most affordable impact window option. Yet, insulated laminated glass with a Low-E coating would bring considerably higher energy savings.

While insulated laminated glass cost more, they offer the best energy efficiency available. These quality impact windows work best for warm climates, for example, Florida.

Buying hurrian windows and doors will lower insurance costs

 Mostly, installing hurricane windows and doors will reduce property insurance costs helping people with their premiums.

 UV ray reduction

Impact windows with laminated glass eliminate almost all UV rays damage to the inside furniture and decorations of a home.

Hurricane impact windows and doors help save cash because these things won’t need replacement.

 Hurricane windows and doors provide better resale value and sound reduction

buy huricane windows from installation company Clearwater FL

According to Weather Master, better windows mean better resale value. Laminated impact glass decreases outside noise transmission into the inside of the home.

It means people can enjoy the home without the horrible outside noise ruining the people’s night sleep or while enjoying a good movie.

 Hurricane windows frame material options

Looking for the correct hurricane windows and doors item from the correct company may be overwhelming.

There are three main choices for impact windows frame materials: Aluminum, vinyl, and wood. In any case, how do these impact windows compare with one another? Check our quick guide below for a better understanding.

  • Aluminum impact windows material are strong, weather-resistant, lightweight, look amazing, require low maintenance, and recyclable. However, people will need to paint them.
  • The vinyl impact window material is an excellent insulator, high energy performance, low maintenance, and affordable. But they may look cheap.
  • The wood impact window material is an excellent insulator. Provides high energy performance and you can recyclable wood. Yet, wood tends to rot and warps and may require maintenance.

 Hurricane impact windows and doors help with safety!

 When a hurricane strikes homes, many things need ensuring. To begin with, your family needs protection from flying debris that could enter your home from strong winds.

If a hurricane breaks your windows, the roof might get blown off. Well, don’t worry impact windows can help give you significant serenity regarding your family’s safety.

 However, impact-resistant windows likewise protect your valuables from water and wind damage. Since impact windows need a lot of force to break, they help protect your home.

The worry of water damage and debris getting inside your home is no longer valid. Now, you can concentrate on your family when a storm hits.

 Are hurricane impact windows burglar-proof?

impact windows prevents burglary

Many homeowners invest in costly alarm systems and expensive smart locks to keep their homes secure. Nonetheless, do you know that impact windows can likewise help fight off burglars?

Hurricane windows and doors can help increase your home security. Most home burglaries to require a type of forceful entry.

 Because of the built of impact windows, they can help stop burglar attempts from overpowering the windows. The intruder can damage the glass, but the window frame will not completely fall apart thanks to a strong interlayer.

This keeps the burglar out of the house and hopefully, a neighbor can call the cops with the loud commotion.

 How much do hurricane windows cost?

Quality hurricane-resistant windows cost around $40 to $55 per square foot. An average hurricane impact door-sized 60×80 inches can cost about $1,900.

An average single-hung window costs between $500 and $600, materials only no labor included. This can depend on where you live and the installation expert labor cost.

Are impact windows worth the cash?

patio sliding door installation

Impact-resistant windows can be a choice that turns into a good decision. A few homes require impact windows regardless because of state and county regulations. The cost of buying hurricane windows and door is rather high, the benefits outweigh the price tag.

For all the reasons above and much more you should buy hurricane windows and doors is the right choice for storm-prone regions. But these impact windows also help decrease your energy bill, enhance security, reduce outside noise from entering the home, and stop burglars from ransacking your home valuables and ruining your peace of mind.

 If you want to remodel your home or building one from the ground up, windows are a key component of each home or business. When the building is situated in a hurricane-prone region like Tampa and Clearwater, expert installed impact windows can ensure your safety and protection.

Need an expert then contact Crystal Clear Windows and Doors for a free quote.

How to Buy Impact Windows

How to buy Impact windows, but need guidance from a professional standpoint? You came to the right blog! So, if you are considering purchasing high impact windows, you owe it to yourself to fully understand the long term value.

Quick Tips About Impact Windows

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors-installations
When you chose the right company & buy impact window installations!

You’ve made the final decision to buy impact windows & upgrade your home windows. You have done your research about why it is important to replace your windows, and how it’s a significant investment. Our blog posts showed you how it has a high ROI, and you are ready.

But you are not sure about the brand to choose, and the type of material for you. Do you wonder if the window installation company it’s essential? Does all this make a difference? 

What are the best Impact windows and doors brands?

pgt winguard logo
  • PGT WinGuard
  • Custom Window Systems
  • ProVia Custom Windows
  • Simonton Windows

All known for their quality, styles, and strength, in other words, they are the best brands. In our opinion, PGT impact window installations are the top brand right now however, you can choose any of the brands above.

Impact Window Material Options


There is four main option to consider when it comes to high impact windows: Aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Now let see how these products compare and contrast with each other.

1.    Aluminum: it’s strong, weather-resistant, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance and it’s also recyclable. The downfall is that you need to paint it.

2.    Vinyl: It’s an excellent insulator, high energy performance, low maintenance, and low costs. The only drawback, recyclability is still being thoroughly researched.

3.    Wood: It´s an excellent insulator, high energy performance and recyclable, the downfall is that it rots and it warps, and it requires high maintenance. 4. Fiberglass: This is a good choice for style and strength. This comes from the use of polyester resins mixing with fiberglass to make the window stronger. Therefore it’s replacing a lot of wood windows.

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors installs and replaces windows, doors and creates beautiful sun-rooms. We operate in all Pinellas County replacing windows and the Tampa area. We give you an in-home estimate and 20% off if you replace all your windows in your home!


Are some homeowners still in limbo about impact windows & doors? 

So, let make some last valid point to close the chapter on high impact windows. They are designed to higher performance thresholds for your home’s glass doors & windows. The benefits are much more significant than the cost when replacing old windows and doors.

For instance, the ROI you will get.  Remember that the performance it not for hurricane or storm situations, but also the longevity of the product that makes it worth buying.

In conclusion, whether you’re building a new home or thinking of upgrading your old windows, you know now that windows are a crucial element of every home or commercial structure. And if the building is located in a hurricane-prone area, high impact windows are the best option to ensure safety and protection.
Good luck with your next home renovation project.

Can Hurricane WIndows Stop a Bullet?

Can Only Superman Can Stop A Bullet?

Can Impact windows stop a bullet? Just think about the question, it makes it easy when thinking of upgrading your windows & doors. Just with this you should install hurricane impact windows for hurricane season, right?Still, you think it’s a myth, like something that doesn’t make sense. So, with your curiosity, let’s get to the facts. Let’s start with the difference between impact windows & bulletproof glass.In all honesty, they are both made for different purposes but, granted it has happened. Thick hurricane windows have stopped a bullet like Superman, yes he is a comic book character. So, do impact windows stop bullets? Yes!

Science Behind Impact Windows Being Bulletproof

We will go over bullet points to explain how hurricane impact windows can stop a bullet. Also, deviate the pattern of the projectile. It depends on many variables, like glass quality, thickness, distance, and size.

Another factor is the layer of copolymer resin known as Ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is a combination of two polymers. Combining two copolymers, it strengthens the window glass. We have to factor all of the variables, but yes improving the glass materials stops bullets!

The thickness of the hurricane glass windows or doors can improve the trajectory of a bullet and as been know to stop it. In reality, we don’t install impact windows to stop bullets. Consequently, high-quality impact windows can stop wood debris going 200mph!

Bullet Proof Windows Stopping Power

Bulletproof glass combines in most cases two materials a soft and hard one. As you can imagine the soft glass material makes it more elastic, thus bending not breaking. The hard part gives glass it’s stopping power, therefore the two combined stops the bullet.In hindsight bulletproof glass is use for military applications and high end security state and federal buildings. Even jewerly store and other high-end stores. High security is the main purpose, and saving lives of bullet stopping products.

Protection Level of Bullet-Resistant glass Windows

ATLANTIC OCEAN (July 28, 2017) .50-caliber machine gun rounds aboard the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) July 28, 2017.
  • UL 752 Level 1 – Threat Stop – 9 mm bullets 3 shots
  • UL 752 Level 2 – Threat Stop – 357 Magnum 3 shots
  • Level 3 UL 752 – Threat Stop –  44 Magnum 3 shots
  • UL 752 Level 10 – Threat Stop – .50 BMG 1 shot
BMG stands for Browning machine gun, known for it’s 50 caliber bullets. This shows you the stopping power of the UL 752 Level 10 glass! Know we understand the difference between hurricane glass door & windows to bullet stopping glass.

Are Impact Glass Doors And Windows For You?

Window installation Saint Petersburg, FLIt’s safe to say that you don’t need bullet proof windows, but for your residence impact windows and doors provide security from even a hammer break in or hurricane wind projectiles. Keep in mind installations and replacements require a quality company to get the quality job you need.With the times we are in it’s just not hurricanes we have to worry about, but security. Adding protection to your home and family is a priority. The cost is nothing compare to what you are getting when installing new windows.The value that hurricane protection windows bring is an investment in itself. As a company that replaces and installs glass doors, windows & sunroom additions we never get a complain about the energy efficient they bring and peace of mind.

In Conclusion

  1. Always reaserch the company that’s going to replace your old windows.
  2. Take a look at the reviews in Pinellas County, FL
  3. Ask for referrals and an in-home estimate from the window company.
  4. Check the contractor license to make sure there aren’t any fraudelent issues.
  5. Ask about the brand quality company installs
  6. See if financing a project is available, in fact Crystal Clear Offers it!
  7. Don’t hesitate to call directly prices go up and dow now it’s the time to get great offers!

Which Repels Heat Better: Low-E Glass or Sun Blocking Window Film?

Glass window installation during the summertime gets a little busier because as sunlight warms windows, the warmth on your property increases so does your cooling bill. However, install low e (low-emissivity) glass or employ a reflective window film to make your house chiller.Most glass door installation in Clearwater, FL experts or windows professionals recommend Low-E glass windows, especially if mounting new windows is high on your to-do list. You receive efficacy by replacing the whole window since you also replacing the frames weather-strip and seal.

The significance of energy-efficient windows

significance of energy-efficient windows
When contemplating energy-efficient windows for the house, start looking for two main performance keys: the U-factor and the solar heat gain coefficient. The U factor indicates a window entire insulating value, while the solar heat gains coefficient measures how well a window repels incoming heat. An efficient window needs a ranking of 0.30 or below in both measurements to find the maximum energy efficient window.Low-e coatings were developed to reduce the sum of infrared and ultraviolet light which moves through glass without undermining the amount of visible light that sent back. Low-e glass comprises a microscopic, transparent coating that reflects infrared energy.

Window film could control heat temperature

architecture building with tinted windows
Window film also blocks heat which helps your house retain heat in winter. It’s a fantastic answer for your heating and cooling issues usually, for structurally sound windows. You are only going to need to employ a film without replacing the framework.To make sure the windows match color-wise, you’d need to replace all of the windows. You could apply window film to the doors and windows in all the rooms that you would like to be energy efficient.

Low-E argon gas windows

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Image by Maghriby2660
Low-e coated glass products use an argon gas filling between the glasses provide a suitable choice for blocking heat. Since low-e blocks the sun, it will leave a few rooms colder than you would like at chilly winter season.For warmer times install a window glass that brings three low-emissivity coatings built-in. With LoE3 the triple heap coating goes onto the outer plate of the inner surface of the glass, so it’s shielded from the weather and will keep it from tarnishing.Investigate a little more about the energy-efficient features you would like to get installed at a window before employing a window replacement professional. The highlights, together with the size, style, and decorative appeal, change the final price of this window. Even though pricey, experts state that the expenditure in energy-efficient windows could pay for itself at the end.

Window Tints

window tints
If replacing the windows looks too invasive or expensive, sun-blocking window film or tints is an alternative. Compared with Low-E windows, the general price of installing this film on clear glass is not as costly. And newer versions of the window-film also help your house retain heat during winter.Ordinarily, most solar-reflective pictures start at roughly $5 to $8 per square foot, and homeowners spend an average of about $587 for total replacement. But, installing reflective film insulating material won’t tackle an ineffective window framework, which remains the main reason behind air leakage at your home.Applying after-market film to the majority of windows could void your warranty if the producer considers it’s going to change the way their product works. Before using window film research the glass window manufacturer warranty and film manufacturer to learn what window replacement and repair protections it brings.

3 Pros of Low E Window Replacements

Low-E window installation in Clearwater
  • Low E windows help stop infrared light from entering the glass from the outside and helps reduce your energy bills. So, these are energy-efficient windows, helping you save money on your energy expenses.
  • These coatings help reduce the damages from (UV) light. UV light waves can often fade the color of fabric and you likely have witnessed the sunburns at the beach. Blocking UV rays spare your rugs, furniture, curtains, and floors from fading and sun damage keeping everything inside like new.
  • Low E windows block infrared light and UV light and can darken a room. Yes, they will lessen visible light a bit, compare with a clear glass pane. Nonetheless, a lot of natural light will still light up your room. If it didn’t allow light, it will simply look like a wall.

 Triple-pane windows installation with Low-E

  If you live in a sunny location and you would like to save on your energy bills and simultaneously save your furniture and yourself from radiation then consider triple-pane windows installation in Clearwater. The extra expense when you plan on living in your home for twenty years is well worth the investment.

Also, it can bodes well if you simply hate the cold draft in the winter, then go for the triple-pane window installation in Clearwater as additional protection against the cold air seeping inside. Triple pane windows with Low-E, make a superior job at saving energy inside your home than double-pane windows. Either way, I still recommend double-pane windows over single-pane windows when living in an area subject to cold temperatures.

Triple-pane windows can function more efficiently than double-pane windows and up to 50 percent more efficient than single-pane windows. Windows with Low-E installed today are not the same as windows installed 20 years ago. Most of the heat loss will be because of the glass, which is the reason windows went from single-pane glass to double-pane and now triple-pane window units.

Today, modern windows have features like Low E coatings. But also Argon gas or Krypton gas between layers to all the windows to further improve energy efficiency. If you’re an owner of a building and experiencing huge energy spikes then these windows can help you lower your energy bill.Have any questions on your next home window installation in Clearwater project, give us a call.