Include Hurricane Windows & Doors in Home Improvement!

It does not matter if you want to renovate your old or new home, but in Clearwater, FL include hurricane windows & Doors! You need to make a list of everything about it and have an order for priorities. As a Homeowner you want to make your house safe in an emergency.

You want to make a home improvement; thus, hurricane safety should be a priority! Why impact window replacements? Well, Florida suffers an intense hurricane season every year. Residents have dealt with them their whole life; however, everybody is aware that they need to do more to stay safe.

People worldwide are crazy about Florida, and it is a desirable place to live for many Americans and foreigners. Local authorities modify regulations to be at the level of the danger hurricanes represent. Under these new regulations, professionals evaluate your home to determine if it is still safe.

Include hurricane windows and doors, why?


Florida’s houses have a strong structure; however, most old windows are not a challenge for hurricanes. People have been using different materials to protect it every time a hurricane or storm is coming. Even the frames which were supposed to stand everything are not enough anymore.

Standard windows material is fragile, unable to offer you protection against natural disasters. Every homeowner worried about him, and his beloved ones must consider renovating them. Crystal Clear Window & Doors offers you a professional evaluation of your windows to advise you about the dangers of unsuitable ones.

Hurricane impact windows stand the most hurricane Pinellas County, FL face. Authorities make windows brands to go to the next level and innovate their products to the top. It is important to remember that professionals also adequate themselves to what authorities dictate.

Hurricane impact doors are vital to face hurricanes and burglars.

Most Florida houses have glass doors to take advantage of the natural light for them. However, even when they are stronger than the typical window material, they continue being a risk for you. You even have to go with the same process of using materials to protect them like it is with the windows.

After every hurricane passes by, we see in the news how much damage they caused. In most of the video footage, we saw windows and doors broken. It happens after every storm and hurricane because they are not the correct ones to stand them.

Crystal Clear Window & Doors provides you with suitable solutions for you that will stand even the hardest hurricane. Our local hurricane window company is a top in the installation and replacement of windows and doors. You can be sure we match all your needs and even the ones you do not know yet you have.

Window and door renovation brings security for hurricanes and your pocket.

Our local hurricane window and door company guarantee every work done in your house. Our company and staff are licensed and certified to provide you the best service and products. Crystal Clear Window & Doors provides you protection against hurricanes, and you can be sure that investment is 100% win. 

You will be saving money on the material to protect your windows and doors. Hurricane impact windows last for a lifetime, and you will be able to be safe your entire life. Besides, you can request info about our partnership to finance your project and work with us. We provide you an estimated price for every project. We suggest you contact us and review all the benefits you will have with us.

Top 5 Impact Window Replacement Brands

Homeowners need to consider top impact window replacement brands when contacting a hurricane windows & door company. In addition to hiring a contractor, to enjoy a quality investment. Another factor to consider is your location, for example, if you live in Pinellas County, FL or near coastal towns such as Clearwater, your house is prone to storm damages. High winds, flying debris, and water damage can happen when a storm hits, and the hardship can be overwhelming.

Although there is no sticker price on safety you still may need to consider the budget. You should keep your home protected but at a fair price. An impact-resistant windows installation can keep your home protected from high winds, debris, and your occasional burglar. Only a crack in your window can compromise the structure of your home, besides the valuables inside your home.

If you’re in the market for hurricane impact windows and doors, then Crystal Clear Windows and Doors can help you. Let’s discuss five of the most popular, respected, and dependable impact window replacement brands. So, these top five impact-resistant brands below will assist you with protecting your home from hurricanes winds.

Here are the top impact window brands for installations

  • Andersen
  • Weather Shield
  • PGT Custom Windows and Doors
  • Origin
  • CGI Windows

Andersen Windows For Replacements & Installations

Andersen makes impact storm windows under their Storm watch line of items. This company stands apart from regular ones by offering a variety of window styles and designs while also offering impact-resistant glass. Their product line offers A-Series, E-Series, and the 400 Series.

  • A-Series focuses on the sturdiest protective features.
  • E-Series brings many designs such as more than 50 design choices.
  • The 400 series deals with a cheaper option.
  • Glass choices can include insulation, UV resistance, tinting, and noise reduction.

Weather Shield

Weather Shield hurricane impact windows offer increased protection for Florida’s Oceanside homeowners. These impact-resistant windows have been tested to withstand wind zone 4 weather conditions and high-speed storms of up to 140 mph wind speeds.

People trust Weather Shield and enthusiastically recommend it because their outstanding warranty can cover your home up to 20 years. This family-owned business has more than 60 years battling hurricanes and protecting homes.

PGT Custom Window Brand Is Crystal Clear Windows & Doors Top 3

pgt winguard logo

This company has become one of the best in impact-resistant windows and doors. Most hurricane resistant windows and doors in Florida were constructed by these makers and are a trusted brand for St, Petersburg, FL windows & doors homes.

PGT’s Win Guard impact-resistant windows and doors are designed to withstand the extreme force of storms. Their impact glass can protect against dangerous winds beside a would-be burglar from entering your home.

They likewise help with noise reduction, similar to high winds, passing cars, loud dogs, and so forth. PGT impact windows likewise help lower your energy bill. These energy-efficient windows can reduce your energy bills and protect your home, adding to your home’s value.

PGT Win Guard Aluminum 700 Series-PGT Window Designed can exceed even the most rigid of local, national, and international building norms. Yes, PGT’s Win Guard Aluminum 700 Series impact windows offer protection against extreme climate conditions including:

  1. Reduce energy bills
  2. Intruder prevention
  3. Corrosion
  4. Air infiltration
  5. Noise reduction

PGT impact windows installations are  perhaps the best warranty in the business and tested extensively under various standards. Thus, you’ll struggle to find a line of items that provide so much serenity.

The Win Guard Aluminum 700 Series brings fixed architectural windows, casement windows, horizontal rollers, picture windows, and single hung windows. So, this variety of window options can meet your requirements—and if aluminum doesn’t fit your home, consider WinGuard Vinyl series products.


Origin Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors offer a practical and imaginative solution to hurricane winds. They offer folding glass doors and aluminum window framing that combines style with safety and security. People can order their Origin Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors to their specifications. From configurations, sizes, and colors, you can make the window or door that best fits your needs, style, and budget.

Origin impact-resistant windows and doors also come energy efficient! So when you replace your normal windows with an Origin, you will lower your energy bill.

Origin Impact Windows and Doors make their premium items of grade aluminum for quality, security, and finish.

CGI Windows

This company brings many years of experience in quality impact windows to its clients—making it one of the true makers of hurricane resistant windows in the nation. CGI Windows has taken steps to address the issues of homeowners and business owners of price points and aesthetic desires.

Casement Window Series 7300

CGI Window Series 7300 brings an unhindered view in addition, to unmatched ventilation. Also, the capability of a practical impact resistant casement window. The Casement Window Series 7300 features include:

  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Aluminum-reinforced framing
  • Variety of finishes
  • Many glass choices
  • Besides features that can match your stylish and useful needs, this is an incredible option for your next remodeling project.

CGI pays close attention to style considerations just as impacts resistance. Therefore, if you need the perfect window for your home, but want something aesthetically pleasing, this is one of the window series you’ll need to consider.

Conclusion to Top Impact Window Replacements Brands

Impact Window Replacement Brands

Hurricane windows and doors all have prices but, the safety of your home and family doesn’t have a price. Thus, don’t get cheap with regards to security and safety. Pick one of the top 5 Impact Window Replacement Brands for your home.

At Crystal Clear Windows and Doors, we can install any impact window and door brands. Therefore, protecting your home from Florida’s harsh storm conditions besides reducing noise inside your home, helps lower your energy bill, and prevent a burglar from breaking a window.

Are you ready to increase your home value, protect your family and get a discount in Pinellas, County? Give us a call for a free in-home windows estimate!

Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors-Perfect Storm Prevention

Manufacturers design impact-resistant windows and doors to resist shattering when struck by a rock from a burglar or the hurricanes’ wind projectiles when they pass through Florida.Most people think a small average door is enough for your front entryway; however, Florida’s weather is unpredictable (storms), and it can end up damaged by a hurricane. Remember, the front door will withstand the strong winds produced by hurricanes and storms. So, it will create a defense between your family and the exterior world. The front door can also make the first impression on your home once people come to visit you.As every Florida resident knows, an impact window near me Clearwater is a must for preventions and always be on the safe side. Hurricane impact windows are shields that stand up against scary storms. These items offer multiple points for choosing them, like the highest resistance impact windows and high-quality front entryway. All that is possible because of the technology applied in creating the multi-layer and thick materials chosen by experts.

What makes Impact-Resistant Windows Better than Standard Ones?

impact windows near meClearwater impact windows & doors use materials designed to resist strong winds, water, and flying objects carried by storm. The manufacturers make these entryways sturdier than your normal ones. They are made of thicker materials that retain a lot of weight and stand substantial impacts. But also, their designs are robust, guaranteeing they remain immovably.Florida is a state where people enjoy having sunlight entering their homes. So, a front door with an impact-safe glass window is tough to break. It implies your family will not get injured or your belonging destroyed by the sharp glass or flying debris. Truthfully, once you get impact windows installed, a one-time venture, it’s a blessing that keeps on giving. Some insurance companies see higher hurricane protection as an overhaul in security, saving cash off your month to month premium.In addition to all that, impact window replacements decrease noise dramatically. You will listen to little-to-no wind and rain during hurricanes and storms, making a difference allowing you to disregard it when it passes by the area. And when the hurricane season is over, you will not stress because of the outside noises. You won’t hear the commotion that comes from children playing outside or somebody cutting the lawn— particularly when your entryway faces a busy street.

Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors is a Plus in Security Overhaul

High-quality hurricane impact doors offer protection amid extraordinary climate conditions and additional security from burglary. This characteristic makes impact windows and doors products useful for all scenarios you may face and have excellent peace of mind.As this star product has solid frames, it is challenging for the ordinary individual to break them down. Furthermore, the producers make the glass superior hence, shatter-resistant. In strength-testing scenarios, numerous impact windows manufacturers use heave bricks or take heavy hammers to the glass to confirm the high quality applied to them.Florida is a beautiful state for people because of the nice weather regardless of the hurricane season, and many people are looking forward to living there. Then people are looking for a home safe against hurricanes, which makes impact windows and doors the best option if you want to sell your house. Hurricane impact windows have a critical effect on your future buyers. Now, future homeowners will have a place that has the best protection against storms and burglary.

 Thinking about an Impact Window Project, contact Crystal Clear Windows & Doors

impact window installation in FloridaWe shared those benefits as part of our responsibility informing Florida residents of the best option to protect themselves. Please contact us to have full knowledge of the impact-resistant windows and doors we offer and an estimated price at no cost.

Impact Window Brands Offering a Variety of Windows Options

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits everything regarding hurricane impact window brands options to stay safe from Florida storms. You will need a window replacement with strong glass and one that is adequate for your needs. Consider impact doors and windows installation since they are the better alternative. The other thing you want is to switch from an unsuitable company once you realized it is not the right one.

A better solution is finding our top products in Crystal Clear Windows & Doors showroom. That is why it is vital to select a provider who offers many items, products, and services from different producers, which gives you other windows with the best qualities following your taste and needs.

In case you choose one product, make sure the company offers you an assortment of choices. When it comes to impact windows near me, you can select between many styles and qualities. A company that provides just one acceptable alternative might not be best for you. Be careful of the company that essentially needs to tint or include a film to your glass as an overhaul, which can come with downsides like lower security.

Impact Window Brands

You must go a step ahead and inquire around the best impact windows the provider offers and do your evaluation to guarantee it is a producer you will believe. I will link below the manufacturers’ websites we work with to let our clients check their backgrounds and products. We must facilitate all the information required and show all the options you need to ensure your projects succeed.

  1. PGT
  3. PRO VIA
  4. Simonton Windows
  5. Custom Window Systems

Hire an Impact Window Company that offers Custom Products according to your Needs

Upgrade to impact windows

Each home and idea are distinctive and unique, but a few require less work than others depending on the area and specifications you choose. Standard-sized windows, for the occasion, are moderately low-lift to arrange and install for experts who do this every day.

These windows are not suitable for your special projects. If your property has unique needs for window sizes or glass sorts, you will need to go beyond making sure the company you select has experience requesting and measuring custom measured for the glass and frames as well.

It is also critical the company you select can correctly install custom glass and frames since it requires special training. Nobody wants a company that orders the custom glass; however, it does not have the experience to install it. You need to make sure the expert has expertise on the custom window. Also, ask to see a couple of their last works and final results of other customers they have.

Impact Windows beyond storm protection

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors is a company that goes beyond hurricane protection because it offers you multiple benefits apart from the most refined beauty for your project. We can help you upgrade or remodel your windows and doors to ensure you are satisfied with the investment. Our impact window company professionalism and expertise increase from standard to complete protection for your family and home against hurricane season and storms in general.

 Crystal Clear Windows & Doors

PGT WinGuard impact window installation Florida

You can contact us to have the information required and check our website or showroom to find the right impact window brand option. We assure you it is going to be a complete success.

Installing New Replacement Windows- Ready for the Project?

When installing new replacement windows, most people should avoid the DIY venture and hire professional Clearwater windows and doors installation company to deal with the project. If you hire a professional window expert, you will have the option to relax while the professional completes the task.

Yes, installing window replacement in Clearwater, FL, home is best left to the experts. But there are a few things you can do to guarantee a smooth installation process.

Picking the Right Professional for Installing New Replacement Windows

home windows installation company worker

A positive home replacement windows installation always starts with hiring a reliable home windows company. Homeowners need to do their research before ever hiring an installer. You usually should hire a company that has been doing business for a long time. Many years in the industry means a lot of experience.

It allows the window installer to handle the replacement windows installation from start to finish and any issues that may come up. For example, issues like variations in wall material and thickness and different window casings to unexpected structural damages or changes because of the home construction.

Many trusted installers have been trained and certified to finish the job no matter the unforeseen problems that may develop. While talking with installers, ask them about any training or certifications they may have received.

You can look at the company’s past projects besides looking at their portfolio of images and request references. Seeing past projects and talking with past customers will give you a decent sign of the quality of their work as well as their customer service.

What does the Home Window Replacement Project Involve?

Before hiring a window installation company, get an estimate, and have the installer explain the range of the project. Remember that an appraisal is only an estimate as it can’t know unforeseen issues. An accomplished installer will clarify issues they may encounter while installing replacement windows and how those issues might affect the estimate.

While your window installers may know the work, they should walk you through each step. It should include how they will measure the windows and order them and the installation process. Furthermore, the amount of time needed to finish the project and if they’ll need any prep from you when they show up. Knowing how the project will start and finish will eliminate any surprises.

Window Replacement installation Process Begins

home window replacement installer

The expert window installation company will walk you through the many different window options and help you decide on the best for your home and budget. Then they will measure all your window openings and send those estimations to the maker.

After the maker makes your windows and delivers them to the installer, they will reach you for your project’s date. The installation team will set up your home, and the windows installation process will begin when the windows arrive. The top boss or contractor will tell you if any unforeseen issues show up with the new windows and clarify a solution.

When the expert team completes the project, expect the installer to inspect all the windows for an effective installation and proper functioning. The installer or contractor will likewise clean the workplace and windows, plus supply you with all the warranty documents. Now enjoy the style, comfort, and energy efficiency of your newly installed replacement windows.

Installing Replacement Windows – Hire Professionals

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors provides Clearwater, FL residents with excellent window and door installation services. We have many years of working with a range of windows and doors makers and can’t beat our skill and commitment to customer service.

We have a showroom and window installation team to help you find the best items for your home. Regardless of the replacement window or door you want to mount; our impact window company team has you covered.

Hurricane Windows & Doors Replacement Company-Style Matters?

A hurricane windows & doors replacement company like ours helps homeowners upgrade their property’s aesthetics and make the home more energy-efficient. And, in the case of Florida, installing impact windows in Clearwater will protect against hurricane season.Any time you look for full development, update, or redesigning your existing property, modern windows are a key highlight. There, we have a few vital components to consider when choosing your remodel plans’ proper windows. The following advantages are part of the multiple benefits you will receive from choosing Hurricane impact window installation.

The Style of the Window Always Matters

impact window installation benefitsChoosing a fashion for the next window you would like is an energizing and serious decision to consider the investment. Get it right, and your windows can genuinely change the outside of your lovely house. However, second-rate quality windows will adhere out like a sore thumb besides affecting the resale within the future. You may think about the structural fashion of your property, as well as the usefulness of the window.

Proficiency is Not Only a Must But an Essential Quality Today

Having energy-efficient property, homeowners look for their windows, sparing them cash on monthly and yearly utility bills. It also helps the planet by lessening the number of emanations required to keep your house at the desired temperature. In case you sell the house within the future, energy-efficiency will be a strong offering point once you come to put your property on the showcase.So, look at the UV rays protection to help your family and yourself stay away from overexposure. The metric will tell you how great fabric is; the lower the UV rays go through a sheet of glass, the more gradually warm it can transmit through it; hence coating that features lower UV rays will make for more energy-efficient windows as PGT WinGuard manufactures.

We can help the Planet by Choosing Options to Keep Sustainable

To guarantee your windows’ execution meets tall natural benchmarks, you will need to know how and where the windows are fabricated and the item’s carbon impression.Hurricane Windows & Doors Replacement Company manufacturers are genuinely committed to sustainability. Have a sharp conversation around how their fabric comes from and how their workshop works. Buying impact windows made within the United States is a quick advantage over sourcing abroad items as well.

Noise Insolation Properties

We always have in mind the significance of the area when alluding to a property itself. However, where your windows are arranged inside your property will too have a bearing on the sort of coating you will need to consider. For illustration, in case your property is near to a loud area such as the main street, or in the middle of the town, at that point, the acoustic coating will permit you to control the noise entering your space.This coating comprises two or more layers of coating with an acoustic film, reflecting sound that hits your windows back to the initial source, empowering you to preserve the peace and calm inside your domestic.

The Installer can Regulate the Window Temperature for your Comfort

South-facing windows can cause rooms to end up stuffy within the summer’s stature, mainly if the room contains a few expansive windows or French entryways. Picking for sun oriented controlled coating will offer assistance to keep the interior temperature cool. Moreover, a low-e coating layer can be a compelling arrangement by diminishing the warm exchange from exterior to inside.The coating works by reflecting the warmth to the source, and so is additionally perfect for windows that can make a room feel at an adequate temperature. After acquiring all the knowledge you have to consider to remodel your windows, we invited you to contact us and have those benefits with the best professionalism.

Hire a local Hurricane Windows & Doors Replacement Company

Home window company in Clearwater FloridaConsidering impact windows replacements or upgrading to double-pane windows for your home, please contact Crystal Clear Windows & Doors right of way.

Replacing Your Front Door–Best Material and Style Choice

 If you want energy, security, style, or essentially provide your home a better curb appeal, replacing your front door is an excellent idea. A front door installation near me can also reduce your energy costs by not allowing air to escape.

However, before you start disassembling your old front door, it’s a smart idea to set up a plan and make some choices around styles and materials. Replacing your front door has a significant impact on protecting your home from the weather and burglars. So, it might be a need if it is old or not doing its job of safeguarding your home.

When searching for another front door, it helps to know these three materials below used to build doors and how they face the elements. A door and window installation company near me can help you decide on the best choice when replacing your front door.

Wood Door

white wood door

When homeowners shop for a new front door replacement, they usually find a material that there familiar with, wood. The appearance of a genuine wood door is unmatched compared with different kinds of doors. Besides its curb appeal, a wood door replacement can give your home security since real wood is robust.

Nonetheless, quality wood doors come pricey. Usually, they are the most costly choice when replacing your front door, both in upfront costs and maintenance. Your wood door will require routine maintenance to keep it looking extraordinary.

Painting and staining your wood door each couple of years will preserve its look. Genuine wood doors are vulnerable to warping, rotting, and expanding because of the moisture, salt, and climate extremes close to the ocean.

Steel Door

A steel door replacement might not have the same appeal or allure as wood doors. But they offer a couple of advantages that wood doors can’t. They require less maintenance, excellent weather resistance, and better strength and security compared to wood doors. A heavy-gauge steel door will give the most significant security and protection from the elements besides stopping the mean kick the door down crook.

While steel doors may lack the natural look of wood, steel doors come in many colors and finishes, including a wood grain finish. Besides strength and sturdiness, some top quality steel doors also come with foam core insulation, making them excellent energy efficient. They will face the elements far superior to a wood entryway, but steel doors are vulnerable to corrosion.

Fiberglass Door

An excellent option for replacing your front door in ocean or coastal areas, fiberglass doors offer significant and similar advantages as wood or steel entryways. Fiberglass doors come durable, energy-efficient, and built with a foam core insulation like heavy-gauge steel doors. Not like wood, fiberglass entryways won’t expand, rot, or warp. These doors can also resist dents or scratches from the climate or the high traffic most doors experience throughout their lifespan.

Most homeowners think they will sacrifice curb appeal when replacing the front door with a fiberglass model. However, fiberglass entryways come in many colors, styles, and finishes, including wood grain. You can also get the natural beauty of wood doors without the problem of maintenance. While they may not be as sturdy as steel doors, a fiberglass entryway can easily face the weather elements and the coast’s regular wear.

Double Entry Doors

replacing your front door with white double entry

Double entry door installation can give a home a great curb appeal. No matter if you install double doors on a modern, traditional, rustic, or some other style home, their presence appears to signal a warm, cordial invitation. Indeed, you will speak in your living room with friends or family once you pass through them.

Double entry doors come in many styles and materials like single front door replacements. You’ll find double entry doors in wood, fiberglass, and metal; all have extraordinary benefits of their own.

Wood and glass are two materials that match superbly and bring about a splendid door design. You will appreciate the outdoor view besides the beautiful design element within the home.

Try not to stress the glass as makers offer top quality tempered glass that gives an incredible view without sacrificing security. You can even replace some of the spaces with decorative carvings, painted or frosted glass.

Replacing Your Front Door at or close to the Clearwater Beach?

 If you want to replace your front door and aren’t sure which door is the perfect option for your home, Crystal Clear Windows & Doors can help. We can install all types of doors, including double entry doors.

The door we recommend offers magnificence, robustness, and energy efficiency, precisely the features you need for Clearwater beaches living.

Best Windows Materials for New Construction Windows Installation

Regarding new construction windows installation and replacement windows Clearwater installation, both styles have their benefits for home improvement and usage. Builders and homeowners usually install new construction windows in new homes and replacement windows in redesigns, but there are exceptional cases. With new construction window installation near me, methods, quality, performance, and comfort may vary but works great for new homes.

So, if you are a homeowner or home builder, consider the construction windows to install in your new home or business building.

Consider these factors below while picking the best windows for new construction.

Design Differences in New Construction Windows

Manufacturers typically make new construction windows for new homes or other new buildings, for example, a home addition. For instance, these windows have a part called a nail-in frame, which permits the windows to be nailed directly onto the home’s framing.

However, it doesn’t mean you can only use them on recently built homes. There are certain special cases where new construction windows installation functions best for replacing existing windows.

When to Use New Construction Windows

new home construction

When your home’s window frames are in lousy shape, replacement windows won’t be the ideal option. The Window Company or contractor must remove the current window frames and replace them. It requires a lot of labor and carpentry instead of new construction windows installation.

If you want, you can still use replacement windows; however, new construction windows are more substantial and won’t lessen your view. Remember, replacement windows fit inside the current window frame, so you end up with less glass, hence a smaller view.

Best New Windows Installation Materials for New Construction

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the best window materials suitable for new construction window projects:

  • Vinyl windows are reasonably priced, energy-efficient, and don’t need much maintenance. These window frames come typically in white, limiting the so interior and exterior styling. However, you can paint vinyl in many custom colors.
  • Fiberglass windows are sturdy, robust, and appealing. Plus with practically no expansion and contraction, which leads to less air filtration. They cost more, but the advantages could merit the cost.
  • Aluminum windows are affordable and low maintenance, perfect for huge window openings. Yet, without the proper inside components, aluminum windows affect your energy usage.
  • Aluminum-clad windows offer the stylish of wood on the inside of the home and sturdiness and weather resistance of metal on the outside. These windows cost more than regular aluminum.
  • Composite Wood windows look like wood in recently built homes with none of the disadvantages. You get the naturally beautiful look of wood, the low maintenance of vinyl, and the metal’s durability. The investment in composite wood windows can be the highest of all materials.

Best Styles for New Window Construction


The style for new buildings and homes may vary from room to room. Here are some applications for popular window styles for new construction windows:

  1. The most used or popular styles of windows in residential construction projects are Single-hung and double-hung windows. These styles operate perfectly for any room in a home.
  2. Sliding windows offer a more broad view making them ideal for living and dining rooms.
  3. Casement windows can pivot outward like an entryway because they’re hinged. Their straightforward operation makes them perfect for behind kitchen counters and living room sofas.
  4. Awning windows are hinged at the top and pivot outward, allowing for installations on high walls that provide ventilation without sacrificing security in restrooms and closets.
  5. You cannot open the picture and geometric windows because these windows are fixed. They come in many sizes and shapes, permitting you to add natural light and views of the outside where you don’t require ventilation, for example, stairs and high on vaulted ceilings.
  6. Bay and bow windows make dimension by projecting out from the foundation, creating a dazzling stylish, improved appearance and more generous space inside the home.
  7. Garden windows look like small box bay windows. You can install garden windows behind the kitchen sink. Plus, the deep sill and glass shelf make this the perfect spot to grow spices, herbs, and little houseplants.

Regardless of what style and material you pick, ensure you buy new construction windows.

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors has installed many replacements, new construction windows, and custom windows for homes and construction projects.

Hurricane Window Installation-2 Misconceptions and 2 Myths

When you live in an area prone to storms and hurricanes, perhaps the best thing you can do to ensure your property is a hurricane window installation. Compared to standard windows, hurricane impact windows can withstand the forces of hurricane winds. So, a window company Clearwater FL can install impact windows to secure your property, things, and family when a hurricane is close.

However, I’m not saying that your windows and your home or building won’t endure damage due to hurricane winds and debris. It means that the windows are hurricane-proof, give homeowners and businesses the best security against hurricanes.

Most people know for sure that impact windows will protect the home better than tape or shudders. Nevertheless, many homeowners have heard numerous misconceptions and myths about them. 

I will debunk two misconceptions and two myths for the individuals who don’t know much about hurricane window replacements Clearwater.

#1 Misconception-Impact Windows Are Expensive

impact-resistant windows installed new home

Truthfully, impact windows and doors can cost less than other kinds of storm protections. Regular windows with electronic roll down shudders can cost twice as much as high-quality impact windows.

 Besides the total expense of the item and hurricane window installation, there are other things to consider while assessing the value of hurricane windows. Different pros include pre-storm readiness, higher security, UV blocking, and reducing noise traffic from neighbors and cars.

#2 Misconception-Impact Windows only Look Good!

Without a doubt, the style of impact windows is a fantastic feature; however, their main job is to protect your home from potential hurricanes. Understanding that your home has permanent protection against hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms at all times give homeowners significant serenity.

 A hurricane window installation can withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour, depending on the rating. If flying debris hits a window, the extra protection will shield the glass from breaking into huge sharp pieces. Instead, if it breaks, it will make a spider-like cracking design. Thus, it can work effectively against burglars who think these windows will break like normal ones.

Myth 1: Just the doors and windows facing the ocean need protection

Numerous homeowners imagine that you need to secure only doors and windows facing the ocean; however, this is a myth. Although one would figure those doors and windows would have more odds of dealing with flooding and water damage, it isn’t the situation.

Storms can change courses, so the available rain and winds during a hurricane can emerge out of any direction and enter any openings they find. Therefore, the storm could or not first impact the windows and doors facing the ocean. Regardless if they do, installing impact windows and doors on all your entry points will lower the odds of a disaster.

Myth 2: Taping windows will keep them from breaking

If you tape your windows and glass doors, it won’t secure them or keep the glass intact when your home encounters a storm. The storm will damage and break the glass, and the tape will do nothing to stop it. Don’t listen to any crazy nut in a YouTube video and tape your glass windows and doors.

The truth, when you tape window glass, it makes it simpler for the glass to break into more significant pieces. Remember, the bigger shards represent a considerable safety danger if people are present.

Rather than taping your windows, install impact-resistant windows since they can withstand high winds and the tremendous pressure that makes them less inclined to break. If they do break, there’s a lesser possibility for it to cause any injuries since the glass won’t shatter into many pieces.

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors Installing Hurricane Windows to Guarantee All-Year Protection

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors workers

Let’s get straight to the point: impact hurricane window installation offers protection from hurricanes and even burglars. These durable windows can withstand strong winds, rocks, and projectiles thrown by storms, which some say makes them a far superior home security choice.

Materials like plywood can take much time to fit the window and set up and easily break during a storm. Impact windows hold up better in a hurricane than shudders, and the best part, once installed, there is nothing else to do.

Are you considering impact window replacements in Clearwater or as far as Tampa for your coastline Florida home? Call us with any questions.

Home Window Replacement Service-Answering 4 Common Questions

Many factors can play into whether you should invest in a home window replacement service for your home or business. If you need to replace your windows because of damage or improve your home’s value, hiring a home window company can be your most significant advantage.

Homeowners can receive many advantages when hiring an expert window installation service near me. Quality work and craftsmanship are important factors that show hiring an expert window installer is the correct choice.

Therefore, hiring expert window installers near me to finish your Clearwater FL window project is the best tip. However, you’ll have need some questions answered first before you try this home project.

  1. Is home window replacements a wise investment?
  2. Is this investment worth the cost?
  3. How would you know whether the windows are in terrible shape?
  4. How long do window installations last?

Yes, a home window replacement service can upgrade your home’s value, look, and energy efficiency.

Is Home Window Replacement A Good Investment?

window installation company Clearwater FL

From usefulness to comfort, hiring a home window replacement service is a wise investment for any homeowner.

Beauty – A vinyl, wood, fiberglass, or aluminum replacement windows project will help match the look and feel you want for your home. The investment in your windows can even improve the curb appeal of your home from the outside. It will work well when the time comes to sell your house later on.

Functionality – When purchasing a house, homeowners don’t usually consider windows as an improvement. However, once you bought your home, you may have noticed your windows don’t open or located where you would have preferred or envision. Professional home window replacement might merit the project to make your windows work like you want them to work.

Comfort – If your house isn’t keeping you warm in the winter or cool in the summer, consider home window replacement as an effective alternative. High quality, expertly installed windows help provide your home energy efficiency just as a comfort to the home’s occupants. A quiet and comfortable home is a positive indication of a wise investment.

ROI – If you have considered selling your home, enhancing the home’s look with a home window replacement project can help with the sale. Purchasers may notice benefits as they visit your open house, getting you a better ROI since you replaced your windows with double-pane energy-efficient ones.

How Long do Home Windows Last?

You should replace home windows after 15 years, but some can last more than 20 years before needing replacements. Yes, even great brands ultimately debilitate, break, or become less energy efficient.

When your windows reach the 20-year mark, consider a home window replacement project done by expert window installers to ensure everything gets done correctly.

How Do I Know I Need Window Replacements?

Your home can show you many signs that you may require home window replacements. These are the most common signs your home needs modern replacement windows.

High Energy Bills – when you feel cold air go through your windows, consider window replacements to lower your energy costs in the winter with energy-efficient windows.

Window Operation – If your windows require power or pressure to open or close them frequently, consider home window replacements. These windows will open and close quickly.

Rotting Frames and Leaky Windows – Older wooden frames rot as they get exposed to moisture, which signals time for home window replacements. When your windows leak water, it is a sign of wrong installation or a failed sealed unit; consider window replacements.

Soundproofing – The best double-pane windows absorb sound waves before they enter your home, permitting you calmness and peace in the comfort of your home. If you hear vehicles, loud dogs, and neighbor’s conversations, consider double pane windows with soundproofing features.

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors

There are many reasons to replace your home windows. Suppose you are searching for a way to upgrade your home or building’s look and effectiveness, contact Crystal Clear Windows & Doors.

Our Clearwater and Tampa window installers can ensure your windows look incredible as well as guarantee perfect functionality.

 Considering a home window replacement project for your home or window replacements for your business, we have you covered!

Adding a Sunroom Addition-Four Special Benefits

People think about adding a sunroom addition to enhance their home and to improve parts of the house. Take advantage of this project and make a home improvement that boosts a part of your home.

Homeowners have many options; our replacement windows Tampa Florida experts believe the advantages of adding a sunroom can help your home’s value and function.

Enclosing your deck to make a sunroom makes this home improvement worth your time and energy besides being a good ROI.

Replacement sunroom windows are a fabulous addition to any home, and anyone can enjoy them. They offer many benefits that you, your family, and visitors can appreciate.

Since we believe in the significant benefits that sunroom provides, our experts will discuss four special sunroom benefits. Everyone knows a sunroom addition is a work of art, but there are other benefits I will speak about below.

Sunroom Additions Provide People Health Benefits

Cost to build a sunroom addition in your home

A sunroom addition provides many health benefits to homeowners. By adding a sunroom, you’ll increase your exposure to daylight, which in turn helps your general health. Below are some benefits you can expect to appreciate by investing energy in your sunroom addition.

  • Lower Cholesterol: Exposure to a limited amount of sun can help decrease high cholesterol.
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Minimal exposure to the sun can lower your blood pressure. It can come down from a high amount to a reasonable and less dangerous level.
  • Stronger Immune System: Under the warm exposure of the sun, your white blood cells will increase, providing your immune system a good boost.
  • Vitamin D Boosts: Vitamin D plays a significant in keeping you healthy. Plus, vitamin d contributes to maintaining strong and healthy bones and enhancing your cardiovascular health.

Use your Sunroom Installation near me to Entertain Space

Do you regularly appreciate entertaining loved ones at home? Why not add a sunroom installation to entertain guests while keeping them warm in winter? There’s no better spot to have a party than this warm and sunny space. Your visitors will want to have a good time here while you entertain them in style.

You can have an early brunch or a book club meeting? What about a night of cocktails or tea time during winter? Regardless of the event, a sunroom is an ideal spot to entertain friends. In the end, what’s the point of having a great place if you cannot share it with friends and family?

Make a Bright and Sunny Office Space

Finding a way to work from home can be complicated for many reasons. Yet, finding the best spot to work can annoy us the most. It would help if you eliminated distractions while also finding a place that maximizes your productivity. I know for sure you wouldn’t like to work from your bedroom or the kitchen, where your mind will still be in-home mode instead of work mode.

As an alternative, use a sunroom as a home office. The sunroom addition room has many benefits compared to regular spaces. It means you can work from there without being upset or disturbed by different individuals from the family who may likewise live there.

Furthermore, everyday life distractions can often distract or affect our workload, meaning the switch wasn’t positive. Instead, a sunroom addition can provide you a bright space to maximize your day.

Create a Sunroom Addition for Yoga

If you like morning yoga, stretching, or some sort of calming activity, then a sunroom addition can work marvelously. At the same time, Relaxing in the daylight while stretching will enhance your health, mood and provide much tranquility.

Daylight can relax you while being surrounded and protected by the windows of your sunroom. You may even keep plants inside the sunroom since green plants provide fresh air. With the mix of green plants and sunlight, besides protecting pests like mosquitoes, you cannot pick a superior place to relax and improve your health.

Also, it’s more unlikely that you will get interrupted when you practice yoga in your sunroom. For example, if you decided to practice in the living room or somewhere where foot traffic occurs in your home.

Impact Window and Doors-Beyond Hurricane Season Protection

When people hear the terms impact window and doors, they usually think about hurricane protection, which is valid. In Florida, we are always mindful of hurricanes and tropical storms. Accordingly, we accept that impact windows and doors near me are perfect for preventing hurricane wind damage from destroying our homes.

While they do offer unimaginable insurance from all storms, these items have other applications. We take a look at why impact doors and windows are proper devices for other than hurricane resistance.

Home Security beyond Natural Threats

Nature can destroy everything in its path, but impact windows and doors can shield your home from human-made disasters. According to the FBI, there were an estimated 6,925,677 property crimes in 2019, and burglaries account for many? Burglars will always choose easy targets, and it takes them only seconds to break a window. However, impact windows are not simple to break. Often, burglars will use a bat, tool, or rock to break a window and enter a home.

Truthfully, impact windows aren’t indestructible. If a criminal uses a sledgehammer and much time, somebody could break an impact window. However, when they penetrate the window, a neighbor or bystander would see the intruder struggling to break a window and call the police. It may appear an unlikely situation, yet it occurs. The reality, home impact windows and doors will hinder burglar attempts from accessing your home. It will give you or a neighbor valuable time to call the police and guarantee your wellbeing.

How long it takes to Commit Burglary?

impact doors and windows prevent burglary

Most home burglaries take between eight to ten minutes, and some can take as little as 90 seconds. Thinking about this fact, impact windows and doors become valuable to your home security, just like doors and locks. If you slow down would-be thieves, you remove their probability of success.

When thieves understand there is no simple entry, they will leave and proceed onward to another house. They won’t waste the extra energy required to break an impact window and door and risk getting caught.

Impact Windows and Doors Improve Home Security

Besides impact windows preventing an easy entry into your home, consider installing impact doors as another countermeasure to home security. Many impact door brands offer locks choices, including commercial grade locks and multipoint locks that add more protection. Door installation near me shouldn’t be defenseless against home invasion attempts because of inferior quality.

Energy and Insurance Savings

Besides providing homeowner’s added property’s security, impact windows, and doors lower your home insurance cost and increase your property’s resale value.

Windows and doors can add up to 20% of your home’s cool air loss. That loss can amount to some high energy costs. There are many ways to make your home more energy-efficient, and one of them is installing impact windows. Manufacturers make impact windows with sturdy material that reduces the cool air loss in your home, adds UV protection, and decreases outside noise pollution.

Furthermore, impact windows offer insurance savings. By installing your windows during winter, you can lower your home’s insurance liability risk and can hold your home’s ambient temperature with less energy loss. It means it helps homeowner’s lower bills and, allow them to have more cash to spend on gifts!

Are High Impact Windows and Door Worth the Cost?

PGT impact windows

Knowing the hurricane protection, burglar prevention, efficiency, and comfort all year round from UV rays and noise pollution, are impact windows worth the cost? The cost of installing quality impact windows can range from $4,000 to $10,000, depending on the number of windows your home needs.

Luckily, homeowners and contractors in Florida can use financing for updating impact windows and doors! Yes, impact-resistant doors and windows are worth every penny!

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors

Why risk burglary or unprepared for a storm when you can secure your home with the installation of impact windows and doors? Contact Crystal Clear Windows and Doors for a free estimate on your home window project.

So, protection from burglars and hurricanes plus other benefits is a phone call away. Our window installers near me have your back all-year-round!