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Impact windows installation in Tampa, FL-St. Petersburg, FL area.

What makes a top window installation company? What should you look for in a window installer near you? Let’s be honest here; we are Crystal Clear Windows & Doors Inc. Now that we put that out of the way, let’s use the best formula to judge a company and service.

Let’s look at three things we brainstorm to come up with the answer. Why five? Well, we don’t want to bore you. And we think it’s just enough to make your choice for your window replacements in Tampa.

So let’s begin by not mentioning impact window competitors or ourselves. Just signs most contractor blog articles might not say. This list is in no particular other, so consider that. Now before I get into that, there are some good home kitchen remodeling companies in Tampa like Premiere Builders and so on. The difference when it comes to being an expert at one thing, I think it separates you.

Windows & Doors Installation Company Advertising

PGT WinGuard impact window installation Florida

Not what you expected, right? But if we look at it from an outside-the-box view, money investments are a good sign. Suppose a company has been advertising the past three years steadily. In that case, it means revenue is coming in.

Understand that a windows and doors company in our area can easily spend $10,000 a month on Google Ads alone. Search engine optimization can go for a minimum of $2,000, done right. That’s not counting other advertising methods.

This detail shows success or bankruptcy, and success means referrals and happy clients. Lousy service, cheap window brands, and unskilled installers represent advertising money lost after an appointment. So when you see the companies in Google, Facebook, and other advertising platforms is a good sign.

Website And Online Presence


A good company knows that interacting with their potential clients and clients is essential to build trust. If their Facebook, Instagram, and Google Maps are active, they care about their reputation. The other thing is their website, how well does it look?

Consider a website for a window contractor a way to measure quality. If their site is terrible, how good are they at paying attention to details and quality? I told you we were going outside the box; no simple tips here.

From the website or any platform you reach them, they should be experts in hurricane windows and doors. If you know more about replacing windows, run! See how their customer service treats you on the phone; a rude service rep is a sign of bad management.

Reviews, you heard it before, but not like this.

Most blogs or videos will tell you to see the amount and ratings. I tell you besides that, check for bad ones and read them. Once you read them, see how the company replies to them. Not every review will be great unless you are Crystal Clear Windows & Doors Inc. Sorry, I just had to pitch about us a bit.

You can have 4.5 stars and above scores throughout the internet, but how do you treat an unhappy client? A good company should acknowledge them and see if they can patch things up or at least try. Of course, not always is the client right or contractor for that matter, but trying to work things out shows caring.

Quality is in the details; a company willing to keep improving and generating new reviews shows just that quality. Blogging further information like right now, yes, I am doing it. It’s also a sign they provide you with important information before choosing.

In Conclusion

If you are ready to replace old windows in Pinellas County and Hillsborough County, FL, you can check us out. We have quality galleries to show, three store openings since 2017, and quality brands to install. Contact us for a free in-home appointment!


Include Hurricane Windows & Doors in Home Improvement!

It does not matter if you want to renovate your old or new home, but in Clearwater, FL include hurricane windows & Doors! You need to make a list of everything about it and have an order for priorities. As a Homeowner you want to make your house safe in an emergency.

You want to make a home improvement; thus, hurricane safety should be a priority! Why impact window replacements? Well, Florida suffers an intense hurricane season every year. Residents have dealt with them their whole life; however, everybody is aware that they need to do more to stay safe.

People worldwide are crazy about Florida, and it is a desirable place to live for many Americans and foreigners. Local authorities modify regulations to be at the level of the danger hurricanes represent. Under these new regulations, professionals evaluate your home to determine if it is still safe.

Include hurricane windows and doors, why?


Florida’s houses have a strong structure; however, most old windows are not a challenge for hurricanes. People have been using different materials to protect it every time a hurricane or storm is coming. Even the frames which were supposed to stand everything are not enough anymore.

Standard windows material is fragile, unable to offer you protection against natural disasters. Every homeowner worried about him, and his beloved ones must consider renovating them. Crystal Clear Window & Doors offers you a professional evaluation of your windows to advise you about the dangers of unsuitable ones.

Hurricane impact windows stand the most hurricane Pinellas County, FL face. Authorities make windows brands to go to the next level and innovate their products to the top. It is important to remember that professionals also adequate themselves to what authorities dictate.

Hurricane impact doors are vital to face hurricanes and burglars.

Most Florida houses have glass doors to take advantage of the natural light for them. However, even when they are stronger than the typical window material, they continue being a risk for you. You even have to go with the same process of using materials to protect them like it is with the windows.

After every hurricane passes by, we see in the news how much damage they caused. In most of the video footage, we saw windows and doors broken. It happens after every storm and hurricane because they are not the correct ones to stand them.

Crystal Clear Window & Doors provides you with suitable solutions for you that will stand even the hardest hurricane. Our local hurricane window company is a top in the installation and replacement of windows and doors. You can be sure we match all your needs and even the ones you do not know yet you have.

Window and door renovation brings security for hurricanes and your pocket.

Our local hurricane window and door company guarantee every work done in your house. Our company and staff are licensed and certified to provide you the best service and products. Crystal Clear Window & Doors provides you protection against hurricanes, and you can be sure that investment is 100% win. 

You will be saving money on the material to protect your windows and doors. Hurricane impact windows last for a lifetime, and you will be able to be safe your entire life. Besides, you can request info about our partnership to finance your project and work with us. We provide you an estimated price for every project. We suggest you contact us and review all the benefits you will have with us.

Top 5 Impact Window Replacement Brands

Homeowners need to consider top impact window replacement brands when contacting a hurricane windows & door company. In addition to hiring a contractor, to enjoy a quality investment. Another factor to consider is your location, for example, if you live in Pinellas County, FL or near coastal towns such as Clearwater, your house is prone to storm damages. High winds, flying debris, and water damage can happen when a storm hits, and the hardship can be overwhelming.

Although there is no sticker price on safety you still may need to consider the budget. You should keep your home protected but at a fair price. An impact-resistant windows installation can keep your home protected from high winds, debris, and your occasional burglar. Only a crack in your window can compromise the structure of your home, besides the valuables inside your home.

If you’re in the market for hurricane impact windows and doors, then Crystal Clear Windows and Doors can help you. Let’s discuss five of the most popular, respected, and dependable impact window replacement brands. So, these top five impact-resistant brands below will assist you with protecting your home from hurricanes winds.

Here are the top impact window brands for installations

  • Andersen
  • Weather Shield
  • PGT Custom Windows and Doors
  • Origin
  • CGI Windows

Andersen Windows For Replacements & Installations

Andersen makes impact storm windows under their Storm watch line of items. This company stands apart from regular ones by offering a variety of window styles and designs while also offering impact-resistant glass. Their product line offers A-Series, E-Series, and the 400 Series.

  • A-Series focuses on the sturdiest protective features.
  • E-Series brings many designs such as more than 50 design choices.
  • The 400 series deals with a cheaper option.
  • Glass choices can include insulation, UV resistance, tinting, and noise reduction.

Weather Shield

Weather Shield hurricane impact windows offer increased protection for Florida’s Oceanside homeowners. These impact-resistant windows have been tested to withstand wind zone 4 weather conditions and high-speed storms of up to 140 mph wind speeds.

People trust Weather Shield and enthusiastically recommend it because their outstanding warranty can cover your home up to 20 years. This family-owned business has more than 60 years battling hurricanes and protecting homes.

PGT Custom Window Brand Is Crystal Clear Windows & Doors Top 3

pgt winguard logo

This company has become one of the best in impact-resistant windows and doors. Most hurricane resistant windows and doors in Florida were constructed by these makers and are a trusted brand for St, Petersburg, FL windows & doors homes.

PGT’s Win Guard impact-resistant windows and doors are designed to withstand the extreme force of storms. Their impact glass can protect against dangerous winds beside a would-be burglar from entering your home.

They likewise help with noise reduction, similar to high winds, passing cars, loud dogs, and so forth. PGT impact windows likewise help lower your energy bill. These energy-efficient windows can reduce your energy bills and protect your home, adding to your home’s value.

PGT Win Guard Aluminum 700 Series-PGT Window Designed can exceed even the most rigid of local, national, and international building norms. Yes, PGT’s Win Guard Aluminum 700 Series impact windows offer protection against extreme climate conditions including:

  1. Reduce energy bills
  2. Intruder prevention
  3. Corrosion
  4. Air infiltration
  5. Noise reduction

PGT impact windows installations are  perhaps the best warranty in the business and tested extensively under various standards. Thus, you’ll struggle to find a line of items that provide so much serenity.

The Win Guard Aluminum 700 Series brings fixed architectural windows, casement windows, horizontal rollers, picture windows, and single hung windows. So, this variety of window options can meet your requirements—and if aluminum doesn’t fit your home, consider WinGuard Vinyl series products.


Origin Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors offer a practical and imaginative solution to hurricane winds. They offer folding glass doors and aluminum window framing that combines style with safety and security. People can order their Origin Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors to their specifications. From configurations, sizes, and colors, you can make the window or door that best fits your needs, style, and budget.

Origin impact-resistant windows and doors also come energy efficient! So when you replace your normal windows with an Origin, you will lower your energy bill.

Origin Impact Windows and Doors make their premium items of grade aluminum for quality, security, and finish.

CGI Windows

This company brings many years of experience in quality impact windows to its clients—making it one of the true makers of hurricane resistant windows in the nation. CGI Windows has taken steps to address the issues of homeowners and business owners of price points and aesthetic desires.

Casement Window Series 7300

CGI Window Series 7300 brings an unhindered view in addition, to unmatched ventilation. Also, the capability of a practical impact resistant casement window. The Casement Window Series 7300 features include:

  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Aluminum-reinforced framing
  • Variety of finishes
  • Many glass choices
  • Besides features that can match your stylish and useful needs, this is an incredible option for your next remodeling project.

CGI pays close attention to style considerations just as impacts resistance. Therefore, if you need the perfect window for your home, but want something aesthetically pleasing, this is one of the window series you’ll need to consider.

Conclusion to Top Impact Window Replacements Brands

Impact Window Replacement Brands

Hurricane windows and doors all have prices but, the safety of your home and family doesn’t have a price. Thus, don’t get cheap with regards to security and safety. Pick one of the top 5 Impact Window Replacement Brands for your home.

At Crystal Clear Windows and Doors, we can install any impact window and door brands. Therefore, protecting your home from Florida’s harsh storm conditions besides reducing noise inside your home, helps lower your energy bill, and prevent a burglar from breaking a window.

Are you ready to increase your home value, protect your family and get a discount in Pinellas, County? Give us a call for a free in-home windows estimate!

How Installing Florida Impact Windows Prevent Burglaries?

Yes, installing Florida impact windows can prevent a burglary attempt from opportunistic fellows and even a criminal with experience. Usually, windows are the weakest link in all homes—leaving you vulnerable to break-ins. Best impact window manufacturers design and built their windows to prevent hurricane wind damage. However, thanks to that fabrication, they can be a deterrent against intruders too. 

A typical burglar will try to use a pry bar or rock to break into a home, but it won’t work against an impact window. And even it does occur; it would take a long time. Remember, burglars don’t want to do waste time and instead go somewhere else or easier target. 

Secure your home and ensure that entry to your house isn’t easily acquired with our company expert impact windows installation

Burglars Enter a Property Through a Door or Window 81% of the Time!

burglar crowbar window

Most burglaries happen during the daytime, between 10 AM and 3 PM, and not at night like TV news tells us. This timeframe presents a chance for burglars since children are at school and individuals work 9 to 5. The average home intruder wants to break-in when nobody is home. It’s likewise simpler to stay away from onlookers during daytime hours when neighbors are also busy and at their jobs. 

Furthermore, not all burglars are masterminds like the characters from the action movie Ocean Eight. Most burglars don’t plan their crimes and usually steal to sell their stolen loot to get a drug fix. 

The truth, most home break-ins are of opportunity. Most intruders want to get in and out as fast as possible and prefer not to go to crazy lengths to get into your home. Instead, they target simple entries like doors and windows. 

 You can slow an intruder down with high-quality door lock installation besides upgrading the window latches to locks from an expert locksmith near me.

Common Ways Burglars Enter a Home

Let’s see how burglars enter a property:

  • Now, burglars enter first-floor windows 23% of the time, and only 2% will attempt a second-story window.

Protecting these points in your home will essentially decrease your odds of a home break-in.

Florida Impact Windows Fabrication 

PGT WinGuard impact window installation Florida

Top impact windows can withstand category five hurricane winds, heavy rain, debris, and wind damage. Robust and manufactured rated impact windows are constructed out of layers of glass and a plastic membrane that shields the glass from breaking. If something hits the glass, the plastic would hold the pieces together and keep the fracture from spreading through the window. 

A regular glass window would break with pressure and debilitate the window until it gives out. Thus, a window that entirely breaks allows burglars to enter a home while the impact window would stay intact. 

Impact Glass Resistance and Strength 

The best hurricane windows bring impact glass that can resist a continuous wind speed of 200 mph. That means they are almost impenetrable given how sturdy they are and the material they use. When a burglar tries to break in, they require a chainsaw or pneumatic drill to destroy the windows. 

Yes, impact windows can break, but it requires significantly more time and effort than any criminal will want to use. The risks of getting caught increase exponentially with noise and with time, making it not worth the risk for some criminals. 

Use a Burglars Sticker to Prevent a Broken Window

You might be considering how a potential burglar would know if you installed impact windows. To quickly identify an impact-resistant window, you can ask the expert about putting a sticker or a permanent mark ingrained inside the window. This mark or sticker contains info on the glass and any safety measure it has passed. 

If an intruder targets a house with an impact-resistant window, they would quickly know. Impact windows arent new, so almost all burglars understand what a mission it is to bypass an impact window. 

Therefore, burglars would be reluctant to attempt a break-in as it’s improbable to enter your home. So, having impact windows in Florida is preventive enough and can bring down the odds of a burglary. 

Get your Florida Impact Resistant Replacement Windows Estimate Today!

If you’d like to learn more about the pros of impact windows, visit our showroom today or just contact us to get a free estimate. Rest well; knowing the cost of impact windows is well worth it since these sturdy windows will protect you all day and night.

Are Florida impact windows worth the cost?

I remembered 1992 Hurricane Andrew 282 km/h winds and, if my parents had installed quality Florida impact windows and doors, I’ll probably would I’ve forgotten this horrible experience. Back then and even more today, hurricanes are a major problem for everyone that lives in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and yes, Florida coastlines. Hurricane numbers have increased in numbers and, if your city missed it by a few miles, another one shows up the next week or month.

I believe impact window installation in Clearwater is essential for all residents living by the coastline. There’s no debating this issue anymore. And trust me, as someone who hired a professional impact window company to replace all the regular home windows, it takes a big load off when hurricane season comes along.

I do not look for plywood or have to put up my shudders and take them down a few days later. Its time consuming and a lot of work. It’s not like a DIY home improvement project that you will see the investment pay you back.

Boarding windows every time a hurricane points your way cannot be good for your heart. Also, with a boarded home, you can see much, particularly when the lights go off. Consider calling a hurricane impact windows contractor so you can have peace of mind.

Below, I will tell a true story that I remember when hurricane Andrew passed my house 28 years ago. Now, you will understand why many experts and I recommend impact windows and doors.

Hurricane Andrew 1992

Houses were built in the 1990s usually differently, some out of brick and sadly for Homestead made of wood. My house was made of brick but still was no match to what Hurricane Andrew did to it. We lived on the second floor, and we felt like everyone back then that it wasn’t that bad.

The second floor faced the street, so it had two windows and two on both sides if I remember correctly. Many of our windows needed home window replacements because there were old and needed a crank to open. Well, back to the story. As the hurricane approaches, we kept hearing the same crap about how we should go to a shelter. My parents dismiss these notices since we lived in Miami, not in the eye of the storm.

It wasn’t going to hit us directly, so we boarded windows like everyone else, but we stayed. If we had impact windows and doors, we would have only looked for necessities like life supplies. Instead, my dad was up a ladder dangerously high while the wind was blowing. I was glad he came back down from the ladder since many people fall and die falling off ladders.

I stayed outside until the winds and rain got stronger. The day turned dark rather quickly. There was a weird silence for a few minutes like something was coming. The wind started howling and started picking up speed.

Hurricane Andrew touchdown

At that time, we didn’t understand the heat and darkness that using plywood causes, unlike today’s impact window replacements. Did I forget to mention that my dad didn’t board all the windows? Yeah, he said we should leave one open.

A small one that we can open in case of an emergency to allow some light in. So, I looked outside the window with my brother to see the mayhem that was about to take place. Of course, my parents cared about us, and every few minutes, they will scream to stay away from the window.

When I realized the hurricane Andrew was passing, I saw debris fly by and hit a parked car. The hurricane wind was picking up speed and gust. Then we heard a loud crash or boom, and the chimney fell from our house to the outside stairs below. Crap, I said this is for real! A few minutes later, we felt the walls moving and heard loud bangs on the walls and thumps on the plywood, and we all got scared.

2nd-floor story unfolds

Since it was a duplex, the old neighbors from downstairs called us to come down. Well, my parents agree, and we ran downstairs. As I went downstairs, it looked dark but not dark but black. I know it doesn’t make much sense, but the sky wasn’t dark. It was black at 4 PM. And it was cold for the first time; I laughed because if you know Miami, you know how hot it is or can get.

The fact remains that we went downstairs to hide from the hurricane. As we sat there in the dark because high winds knock off the power, we started playing games on our smartphones. Just kidding, the last part was a joke, but it sucks to be an 11-year-old kid with no entertainment. If anyone from the 90s reading this, you understand how boring it was, correct?

We had a candle, and we all sat quietly for a while, hearing the howls and broken branches falling on top and near the house. At least the old couple gave us candy and boiled coffee with a gas kitchen, the candy was kind of hard, but the coffee was pretty good.

Like an hour had passed when we heard a window break, and my brother looked at each other with a smile. I smiled because my dad went to check and realize it was the small window we used to look outside a few hours ago. So we were happy our faces weren’t there when the glass broke. Later on, a loud bam hit the house, and it was debris like pieces of wood, rocks, and stones that flew off from other neighbor houses.

Post-Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew total destruction

The wood plywood didn’t hold up either. One window survived because it didn’t face the street, but the other two windows were broken when a tree branch fell. My mom told dad he should have cut the tree, but he didn’t listen much.

After a few hours, the storm passed, and we came outside to see some homes without roofs and windows destroyed. Our roof was banged up, and the side’s walls all had holes from flying debris, and some even had holes that we later had to fix.

So we went upstairs to check the damage. The broken windows allowed some flooding from the constant rain, and all the furniture was thrown everywhere. Well, we threw most of the furniture away since they were beaten up and wet. It was a sad night, but we felt fortunate after seeing the news about Kendall and Homestead’s total devastation.

Today I realized that if we had installed impact-resistant windows, I wouldn’t remember this story so vividly. I mean, I probably would be scared, but not like 28 years ago.

Although I hear hurricane, I don’t look for plywood or shudders that I might be biased, but it’s a lot of work.

 Instead, I hired an expert window company to install impact windows and doors on my home and my parent’s 2nd-floor apartment. Yes, it looks like my parents like the second floor.

How can Florida impact windows and doors benefit your home like it does mine?

Clearwater Florida impact windows and doors

So, now I stick the middle finger at the next hurricane while waiting for it in my house with my smartphone and gas generator. I don’t worry much about storms unless category 5 comes along. But I still feel confident these sturdy impact-resistant windows will hold up.

Also, I don’t care much about burglars and noise like before. When burglary goes up in statistics, people have to close and lock the windows and doors like they’re terrified. And they should be afraid; a burglary can turn into a horrible home invasion situation when people are home, one that they won’t easily forget. But today, I don’t worry about break-ins like before.

Because recently, my son hit the impact-resistant window with a baseball, and nothing happens. So I was pretty pleased and didn’t ground him. Imagine a burglar trying to break the window; sorry on the first try. The intruder will know what they’re up against.

No more noise like before either, cars honk, people scream, dogs bark, and birds chirping early in the morning, but I don’t hear them anymore. Thanks to my installed impact windows and doors, I don’t worry anymore about the noise. Energy efficiency is down. I didn’t think it was important until I was paying over $300 on my energy bill.

Now, I pay in the low $200, so I’m Ok with those numbers.

Florida impact windows and door replacements worth every penny!

Trust me; you will like not having to run around trying to find or put up your shudders every time a storm is projected to hit your city. With my Florida impact windows and doors, there’s no more running around as they’re fixed and don’t need much maintenance.

My PGT windows bring a limited lifetime warranty. So, to answer the question, are hurricane impact windows worth the cost in Florida? I say yes there worth every penny.

How much do hurricane windows cost in Tampa, Florida?

Florida impact windows and doors company

The average cost for window replacement with impact windows depends on a few things, including window size, the number of windows, and the material used. Impact windows cost more than regular windows. However, they may pay themselves by preventing significant hurricane wind damage to your home. 

 Also, impact windows lower your cooling and heating costs and increase their efficiency, saving money on energy costs. Therefore, entire home impact windows installation help increase the value of your home and can lower your homeowner’s insurance costs. 

Hurricane Impact Windows Cost Calculator –According to the Home Advisor calculator, hurricane impact windows cost in Tampa, Florida average $10,785. But it typical range $7,327 – $14,446 and from Low End-High End $4,000 – $21,000.

Remember the costs can change based on the type of impact window glass you decide, the number of windows, and if you install custom impact windows.

Different Factors that Affect the Cost of your Impact Windows Installation Project

  • Sort of window (casement, fixed window, single hung) 
  • Area of the window opening 
  • Window sill material 
  • Stucco Painting and patching 

Pros of Florida Impact Windows and Doors

  • Impact windows in Florida can prevent category 5 hurricane winds from damaging your home’s interior and causing significant damages.
  • Protect against sound and UV light. 
  • Will break but won’t shatter, preventing flying shards of glass from entering your home and cutting or even killing occupants.
  • Many hurricane impact window styles and sizes. 
  • Quality window material and locks help prevent burglary. 
  • Increase home value and can even lower insurance costs. 

Yes, impact window items are not only for the hurricane season. They can make your life simpler and your home more secure, and the long-term benefits, for example, not running to the hardware store for plywood or putting up shutters every time a hurricane is forecasted. 

Well, impact windows and doors are definitely worth the project cost. Being prepared for hurricanes is a lifestyle in South Florida. If you’re considering installing Florida impact windows and doors, get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

How Much Do Patio Doors Cost?

Patio doors cost aren’t an issue regarding remodeling the back of your property since a patio door installation is an excellent feature to have. Besides providing convenient back access, they also allow natural light and a nice patio view.

Homeowners use patio doors to go into the yard, patio, or garden. If you hear the traditional patio door, it means sliding doors. However, now it frequently includes French doors and bi-folding as well.

The kind of replacement patio door Clearwater will depend on the size of an opening, design, and budget.

Each type of patio door has its pros and cons for various applications. In this post, our patio door company Clearwater experts will investigate the key contrasts, applications, and patio doors cost.

3 Types of Patio Door

Sliding Patio Doors Installation Cost

With modern patio sliding doors, you have the best flexibility when installing patio doors. You can tailor your opening to the patio door you want to use.

However, when you have a new patio door fitted in a current opening your options are limited. The tree patio doors are French doors, patio sliding doors, and bi-folding doors.

French Doors

French doors work best on small openings. Their design looks like swinging or double doors but opens outwards.

French door uPVC is well known, regularly fitted with extra side or top lights to fill the entire opening. Different materials, for example, aluminum can be made wider and taller. Also, you can have less material but more glass inside a French door design at an increased cost.

French patio doors are more secure because of their multi-lock systems and many have passed through PAS024 security testing.

A huge benefit of French doors is that you can open a single door for access. Opening one door is convenient and you will be thankful when the weather is rough. However, when you have great weather, you can open both doors wide.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors open by sliding along on horizontal tracks. If you have a small space outside then these doors can work perfectly. So, when your yard or patio is small, sliding patio doors will fit better than both French and bi-folding doors. A big advantage is they can’t be blown shut, as swing operated doors.

Also, sliding glass doors can straightforwardly fit inside larger building openings. Aluminum provides more sizes, more glass, and less material. However, you will need to use high-quality rollers to make heavy doors simpler to slide during entry.

Sliding door innovation has advanced from single tracks up to three. Multiple door designs can slide independently, giving the best flexibility to functioning. You will find two to four-pane sliding doors, you can see bespoke designs.

Built-in multipoint locks are used where the panels overlap providing greater security.

Bi-folding Doors

Bi-fold and Multi-Slide Patio Door Installations

Bi-folding doors are top regarding the opening of your home, even at the corners. The fully opening operation is the greatest advantage, covering the widest building openings. For those looking to break the boundary between the interior to the outdoors, the other doors can compete.

Different designs will give flexibility. Yes, bi-folding doors provide the most suitable opening. For little openings, you won’t get more opening than French doors, plus, but you lose the ability to open a single door.

Consider installing a single swing opening door since one side can provide access without having to completely open up your home.

Bi-folding patio doors can cost a bit more than French doors and sliding patio doors.

How much it cost to replace a sliding patio door or to install it?

impact sliding patio door installation procedure

Sliding Glass Door Prices

  • simple sliding door costs $300 to $800 for 6-foot plain glass panels in an aluminum or vinyl frame.
  • Mid-range sliding glass doors costs range from $800 to $2,000 with energy-efficient double pane glass.
  • Top-quality brands like Andersen, Pella, and Marvin sliding door costs range from $1,500 to $5,000.

Multi-Panel Sliding Glass Door Prices

  • Multi-panel sliding glass doors cost $600 to $7,000. (Depending on the number of panels).
  • A 3-panel sliding glass door costs range from $1,000 to $5,000.
  • 4-panel sliding glass door costs $2,500 to $7,000. Regularly, one panel remains fixed, yet a few models permit all the panels to move.

Wood Frame sliding door material-Pros and Cons

Price $1,000 – $2,000 up

  1. Pros
  • Provides high performance
  • Natural splendor
  • Insulating properties
  • Simple to fix
  • Suitable for extreme weather
  • Durable
  1. Cons
  • Regular maintenance required
  • Can have a high cost

Clad Wood Frame sliding door material-Pros and Cons

Prices $800 – $2,500 up

  1. Pros
  • Not much maintenance
  • Many color alternatives
  • Paintable
  • Has a wood feel
  • Weather-resistant
  1. Cons
  • Can be costly
  • Requires upkeep on the inside side

Aluminum Frame sliding door material-Pros and Cons

Prices $250 – $1,300 up

  1. Pros
  • Sturdy
  • Simple to maintain
  • Light and simple to operate
  • Affordable
  1.  Cons
  • It can dent kind of easily
  • Scratches also easily
  • You have to research and demand quality
  • Thermal barrier issues
  • May rust with humidity

Fiberglass Frame sliding door material-Pros and Cons

Prices $400 – $2,000 up

  1. Pros
  • Can look like wood
  • Doesn’t need maintenance just cleaning
  • Energy-efficient
  • Effectively handles all weather
  • Long lifespan
  1. Cons
  • Costly

Vinyl frame material-Pros and Cons

Prices $300 – $2,000 up

  1.  Pros
  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • Doesn’t rust, corrode, and rot in wet climates
  • If you like it can look like wood or other natural materials
  • Lightweight
  • Long lifespan
  1. Cons
  •  Flammable
  • Can crack or warp with quick temperature changes
  • More fragile than fiberglass
  • Won’t last as long as fiberglass or wood

7 Pros of Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding glass doors replacement

It bodes well to install patio doors in Clearwater’s homes since it allows outdoor fresh air inside. While picking the correct patio door, it’s significant that you think about energy efficiency, quality, safety or security, and stylish design. Here are a few pros that can make a sliding patio door the winner and significant addition to your home:

  • It brings the outside in-Sliding glass doors brings an enormous glass with narrow tight frames. This design permits you to look at your patio and landscape without leaving your home. The perfect mix of glass and frame also catches the outdoor views so pleasantly. Perfect for beach homes, condos, and homes with a large green yard.
  • It gives simple access to the outside-Since the glass panels slide easily from side to side, you can smoothly go outside to your porch or inside any room in your home. Thus, the sliding patio door near me doesn’t need swing space; thus won’t meddle with entrances or nearby furniture.
  • Patio doors are visually appealing-Besides allowing beautiful views, sliding glass patio doors complement contemporary and modern home styles. The units come in different colors and finishes that will upgrade your home’s overall look. You can likewise decide to add grille options for additional appeal.
  • Yes, for energy efficiency-High-quality patio doors use excellent glass packages that assist with insulating the home’s inside. These glass options have extraordinary coatings that reflect heat and damaging UV rays, keeping your home cool during hot days and warm during winter.
  • Safety-Top-quality sliding patio doors bring a reach-out locking system that fits the units firmly into the jamb. Besides creating a secured lock for perfect security, it also guarantees a tight seal for better weather protection.
  • Security-If you’re still off-edge because of crime or burglars, consider our window replacement company top impact window glass. Impact window glass can prevent a burglar from breaking the glass with a weapon or rock and stop hurricane winds from penetrating your home and destroying it.
  • Basically, sliding patio door installation near me makes a financially smart investment and a good-looking one. 

5 Pros of 3 Panel Sliding Patio Doors

sliding patio door upgrades and installation

3 Panel Sliding Doors Are Simple To Use 

How less complicated is it to perform required housework or patio cleaning knowing the 3 panel sliding patio doors open effectively! 

Appreciate Nature 

The loss of barriers between indoor and outdoor areas inspires a unique and remarkable quality and feel for your living spaces. 

Often, we want to get outside sun rays when the climate turns warm, welcoming, and pleasant. However, you don’t want to go outside for whatever reason? Opening the 3-panel door permits a cozy connection with nature. 

So, you can quickly change the feeling of being stuck inside to an exciting feeling and revitalized it with natural winds, scents, and the atmosphere of the open outdoors. Therefore, you can appreciate the outdoors again in the comfort of your home. 

And thanks to 3 Panel Sliding Patio Doors huge open-access way, not like your standard sliding glass doors, you will benefit from fresh winds rushing in and eliminating stale, lifeless air in simple minutes. Patio doors can bring an abundance of light in any season. 

Extraordinary for Dinner Parties 

3 Panel Sliding Patio Doors will upgrade the social occasions you have in many ways. A huge open-access way from the inside to the outside will permit visitors to run freely with the natural flow of a social celebration. Nobody will get left outside or confined by the old dirty air-blocking walls. It couldn’t be any more apparent; these aren’t your regular outside sliding glass patio doors. 

Remember, as a host, you will risk serving food and drink glasses with traditional doors, unexpectedly running into party visitors, and regrettably spilling the food or drinks. With the openness of the 3-panel sliding patio door system, there are no restricted views and congested traffic flow, simply a simple transition area for your guest to enjoy without mishaps or spills. 

While traditional wood or steel doors serve as convenient entry points, you can customize the 3-panel sliding door. You can pick an elegant finish or stunning dramatic design. There are many options to match your decorating home style. You will always impress your visitors when you have your party. 

Safety Patio Door Considerations 

Don’t stress the 3-panel sliding patio door price since it brings security benefits. The 3 panel patio door is UL safety rated, meaning you’ll have some protection, and they’re tested.

These patio doors also get a multi-point locking system. You can even contact a residential locksmith company to fit it with a sturdy deadlock.

Entirely Open the Doorway For Convenience 

With your new modern completed 3-panel patio glass doors, moving furniture isn’t an issue anymore. You can even bring the pool table to the patio without too many problems! 

When it’s time to purchase new furnishings, trading out the old for the new is always complicated regarding traditional narrow doors. Near walls can face the peril of gouges and scratches as furniture items are maneuver carelessly and carefully through thin doors. 

The Patio Door Replacement and Installation 

With a 3-panel sliding patio door Tampa installation, you will accomplish more than a visual look and stunning patio transformation to your home. It is likewise practical. 

Don’t forget, Crystal Clear Windows and Doors does sliding patio door installation.

House Replacement Windows Lifespan Guide

How important is your house replacement windows lifespan? When you are thinking about replacing all of your windows, one significant thing to consider is the quality of the windows you want to buy. Remember, these new home replacement windows in St Petersburg will require replacements after some time. Knowing the home windows is critical for a successful project since not all windows are created equal. 

Fortunately, Crystal Clear Windows and Doors are specialists in the window replacement business for a long time. From experience, we can assist you with bettering the process that goes into replacement windows and advise you on how long the windows last. 

Frame Quality Materials will Increase the House Replacement Windows Lifespan

home replacement windows

The window frame material will determine the durability of your windows. Standard options include aluminum, sturdy wood, and vinyl. 

Here are the pros and cons of each: 

  • Aluminum is a sturdy structural material, permitting aluminum windows to last a long time. However, aluminum doesn’t insulate as well as other materials. It can increase the cost of the window after some time because of the increased energy costs. The good, the aluminum windows will last 30 years before needing replacement. 
  • People love wood for window frames since they like the classic look of wood. Wood window lasts 10-20 years with proper maintenance. Yes, the care should be yearly, and if you don’t provide them adequate maintenance, your windows may warp and require early replacement. 
  • Vinyl is an excellent material for building windows, being both efficient and durable. Window manufacturers can match it to any color trim or even make it look like natural wood grain. Vinyl doesn’t need much maintenance, which customers love since maintenance is a big headache when the windows are on the second floor. 

Quality Matters when Purchasing Window Replacements

The window material determines a part of its dependability over the long run. The quality determines the rest of your window’s strength and house window replacement lifespan. 

Here are a few characteristics to look for in a quality window: 

  • Warranty- Durability can be challenging to measure unless the manufacturer provides an extended warranty. For example, some quality window models or brands offer a lifetime warranty which is a sign of trust in the item. If your window lasts more than 20 years, you don’t need to stress over the replacement window costs

Proper Window Installation Matters

window installation company

Remember, the workmanship that goes into the installation will affect your window’s performance and lifespan. Moreover, the Clearwater window company you pick will focus on the little details and guarantee a significant level of precision in installing and sealing every window. 

Yes, even the best window will not provide the proper insulation and safety, and security your house needs when installed incorrectly. 

Consider these points below while picking a home window installation company: 

  • Company reputation- First, ensure the window contractor has insurance and a license. Also, consider how long the window contractor or company has been doing business to guarantee a quality company with a proven history. 
  • Past reviews and projects- You can ask your window company to give examples of past projects to see what you can expect for your work. Moreover, seeing customer reviews online can give you an idea of what’s to expect from the window contractor or company.

  • Types of windows advertised- A reliable window company will offer quality windows built to last a lifespan. You can determine quality by using the tips above regarding the materials and quality of the window items. 

In Conclusion

With the information you just received, you will have a clear idea of how long your new replacement windows will last. So, the three prominent are material, workmanship, and warranty. 

You can go back to when your home was built to determine when your windows need replacing. Now, you have all you require to make a great home window investment that will last more than 20 years with proper maintenance

Replace Single-Pane Windows with Double-Pane Windows Today!

If you decide to replace single-pane windows for efficient double-pane windows, consider a high point in your quest to help Mother Earth.

Single-pane windows are obsolete and not common in homes anymore. But instead, they were standard in residential properties a long time ago. Thus, many older homes still have single-pane glass missing out on modern house window replacements in Clearwater

I understand picking the perfect window for your home and way of life can be overwhelming. Many things need considering, including style, comfort, energy efficiency, and materials when buying new home windows. 

Neglecting any of the significant details mentioned above can have an impact on your energy bills, just as the appearance and comfort of your home. 

Often, it is better to replace single-pane windows with double-pane windows and start saving cash while taking care of your home. Here are the things that you need to know before buying replacement windows

Single-Pane Windows Pros and Cons

In old homes, single-pane windows provide authenticity to the appearance and feel of the house. Many homeowners decide to keep their single-pane windows since these windows have an old-world magnificence and character. 

But, windows with only one pane of glass don’t insulate homes at all. These windows are frequently cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Likewise, single-pane windows don’t provide any protection from noise pollution. 

When to Replace Single-Pane Windows 

Consider replacing single-pane windows when: 

  • If the expense to fix or maintain the windows costs as much as replacing them with modern double-pane windows. 
  • Your energy bills have risen monthly. 
  • You like sitting close by the windows, but temperatures outside are extreme, and repairing windows doesn’t help. 
  • You want a new house look, so window replacements look like the best option.

The only reason you should keep your single-pane windows is for historical value. Replacing single-pane windows is a decent way to make your home more energy-efficient and less noisy. 

When you replace your single-pane windows, consider replacing them with double or triple-pane windows. One or two more glass panes protect the home’s inside from temperature fluctuations and block solar heat gain. 

A few windows have air between the sheets of glass, and different windows have gas to give added insulation. The best energy-efficient windows available today have gas-filled, regularly with three panes. 

Double-and Triple-Pane Windows Pros

modern double-pane windows on house

If you choose to replace your single-pane windows, consider these factors below when buying double-pane or triple-pane windows. The pros of these windows include: 

  • Improved energy efficiency means wasting less cash on your monthly energy bills.
  • Adds home value. 
  • Both double-pane and triple-pane windows block sound better than single-pane windows.
  • Since modern window replacements improve the home value, it is also a good ROI investment project.

Double-and Triple-Pane Windows Cons

These modern windows have a few cons to consider, including: 

  • Additional glass adds more weight to the window. 
  • Double and triple-pane windows cost more upfront cash, but they save money on energy bills too. 
  • Double and triple-pane windows fog up if moisture leaks into the space between panes. 

When replacing single-pane windows, relieve some issues by installing lighter air-filled double pane windows. These air-filled windows cost less than gas-filled triple-pane alternatives. 

To stay away from issues with condensation between glass panes, look for quality, well-rated replacement windows. 

Contact Your Local Windows Contractor for Help 

replace single-pane windows with energy efficient windows

When you are unsure about whether to fix or replace your windows, contact a window contractor right of way. Besides contacting a home window contractor in Dunedin, also consider calling an energy auditor who can give you information about how much energy your windows waste and how you can improve their energy efficiency. The window company or contractor can give you a quote for replacement windows. 

If your window contractor like us has a showroom area, go to the showroom area to check the new window options. Researching windows can assist you with choosing the right new windows. 

To find more about modern windows, contact a specialist from Crystal Clear Windows and Doors. We gladly can address your major questions regarding home windows. We can likewise assist you with replacing your windows with modern double-pane windows.

Why do Manufacturers Rate Hurricane Impact Windows?

People need to know why manufacturers rate hurricane impact windows! When hurricane winds get inside a house, the home’s structure, mainly the roof, won’t survive. The pressure that builds inside the house will cause the separation of all of the inside materials. The pressure can cause destruction or partial but still severe in a matter of minutes. 

The hurricane damage can be unimaginable to homeowners who have never confronted such a disastrous event. For Florida homeowners, the realities of hurricane destruction don’t involve if but when it will happen. Therefore, homeowners should install impact doors and windows near me for better storm security instead of plywood. 

Yes, rated hurricane impact windows are a significant investment, but the rating system can be a headache – particularly for first-time buyers. To help give more knowledge, our impact window installers near you will clarify how impact windows are rated to guarantee you make the correct buy. 

Rated Hurricane Impact Windows are better than Regular Windows

PGT WinGuard impact window installation Florida

Rated Hurricane impact windows have the top ratings for their impact-resistant glass and reinforced frames. Manufacturers built and rate hurricane impact windows with both tempered and laminated glass that makes them almost unbreakable. 

However, damage to glass looks like vehicle windows – by making a spiderweb crack. The spiderweb prevents the shards of destructive glass from blowing into one’s house during high-wind storms. 

When the tempered glass breaks, the material essentially breaks into little pebbles, lowering the chance of cuts or injury. Traditional single pane windows bring float glass which easily breaks into huge sharp pieces upon impact. 

Moreover, rated hurricane impact window and door items go through stringent testing to guarantee they can effectively protect a home from hardcore water pressure, strong winds, and structural damage. 

Because of their numerous advantages over traditional windows, Clearwater and surrounding areas should consider impact windows. 

Why so many Hurricane Impact Window Ratings? 

Window ratings offer different homeowners the benefits of impact windows and not necessarily for hurricane protection. A South Florida and coastline homeowner will require impact windows since they live in regions vulnerable to severe storm winds. 

However, a homeowner living up north like Connecticut may just buy impact windows to improve their property’s energy efficiency or prevent burglary. That’s why different window ratings exist to help clients find the perfect window for their particular region needs. 

How to understand the Design Pressure (DP) Rating?

DP rating impact windows

Probably the most important rating you will see for an impact window is the Design Pressure (DP) rating. It is a numerical value used to tell a window’s capability to withstand wind pressure factors and water penetration. 

The pressure testing in a window’s DP rating include: 

  1. Water infiltration
  2. Air infiltration
  3. Structural load

The higher the DP rating, the more a window can endure. For example, a window with a DP rating of 50 has passed structural load testing of 75 pounds per sq feet or astonishing 200 mph winds. 

While a window with a DP rating of 35 can withstand 50 pounds per sq feet or 125 mph winds. If your region is vulnerable to hurricane five winds, consider impact windows with a DP rating of 50.

Performance Grade (PG) Rating 

A design pressure rating will meet just two of the three tested components. Accordingly, the Performance Grade (PG) rating measures more accurately and efficiently. 

Impact-resistant windows with a PG rating should meet all three criteria referred to above, for example, water infiltration, air infiltration, and structural load.

Wind Scale Ratings 

Storms are given a Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale rating from 1 through 5 because of their sustained wind speed. For instance, a Category 1 storm can sustain winds of 74 to 95 mph, where a Category 5 hurricane sustained winds of 157 mph or higher. A window’s wind scale rating estimates its capacity to withstand various levels of high-speed winds. 

Sun based Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 

Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) identifies how much solar radiation goes through impact windows and doors into a home. A lower number ( .30 to .60) means the window can better block the sun’s solar energy from coming into your home. 

Glass Thermal Properties 

Understanding glass thermal properties in windows and doors can be challenging to understand. A few standard terms seen on the stickers of window models will address specific capacities include:

  • Thermal conductivity
  • R-Value
  • U-Factor
  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC)
  • Air leakage
  • Visible transmittance
  • Light-to-solar gain
  • Condensation resistance

To better understand these terms in plain language, read below:

The significance of these properties depends on your home’s unique needs. For example, when you look for a more energy-efficient window, install windows with NRFC labeling. 

But, if your house requires windows with minimal air leakage, ask the expert for these ratings as these might influence the hurricane window price.

Installing Commercial Window Replacements-Things to Consider

Have you considered installing commercial window replacements in your building? It might be intimidating since there are many factors and choices to consider. 

Regardless of whether your building was built many years ago or built recently, many business owners can still enjoy replacing their commercial windows. 

The glass technology gains speed every day, and with it comes more commercial window choices that boost energy efficiency, more comfort, and modern styles. 

However, how would you know when you need Clearwater replacement windows and doors, and is there a more straightforward process? 

Read on to discover! 

Does your building need Commercial Window Replacements? 

Why should you install new commercial windows? First, an old building will benefit from new energy-efficient windows. These old windows were made and established before the creation of numerous energy-saving technologies. 

Older windows only bring a single pane of glass and may have an old type of coating. Modern windows have two panes and even triple panes, just as tints or coating blocking out different sunlight. Installing new windows with these energy-saving features can save your business a lot of cash. 

Another reason to buy commercial windows is that your current windows are getting old. They might show signs of wear and frame rotting or warping or allow air to come in when the windows are closed. It’s likewise possible that these old windows also allow unwanted outside noise. 

Plus, you might have workers complaining about the windows interfering with their ability to work. 

Considerations on Buying Your New Commercial Windows 

Whenever you have decided to have the new windows installed, start considering the choices and installation process. It is a significant decision since the latest windows might be in your building for the following 20 to 50 years. The new commercial window replacements will affect the everyday life of all the individuals who work there. 

The process is a lot simpler with a reliable company like Crystal Clear Windows & Doors. When searching for your impact window installer near Clearwater, look for well-respected and reviewed businesses. Try to do your research and become more familiar with the contractor you hired for the project. 

Hire the Right Commercial Window Replacement Contractor

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors workers

The right home windows contractor must know the type of windows for your building needs. For example, should the windows be tinted in colors like blue or green or coated with a low-e metallic layer?

These window choices block various types of light, and each has a different cost for every window. There are likewise other commercial window replacement methods. 

Some methods are less intrusive than others, and they range from taking everything out to the studs to removing just the window. The window installation contractor will assist you with figuring out which of these is best for your building. 

Lastly, start examining budgeting as well as financing concerns. Commercial windows are more costly than residential windows. Commercial window replacements are thicker and more sturdy, and these characteristics make installation a real challenge. 

Quality Commercial Replacement Windows offer Superior Energy Efficiency

office building windows installation

For business owners, energy efficiency is vital. Besides promoting a building’s green certificates for your earth-loving tenants and customers, it brings down those high facility management costs. Regarding windows, they can either drastically sabotage your building’s energy efficiency or a part of a system of energy-saving solutions. 

Old incorrectly installed or leaky windows let external air into the building, increasing the load on your HVAC system as it attempts to meet its programmed temperature setpoints. Then again, new, well-sealed, quality glass gives a lot of natural light into the building and maintains inside temperatures, lowering inhabitants’ dependence on electric lighting and HVAC energy waste. That adds up to a ton of energy cost savings. 

New Windows Offer Better Comfort

When your windows emit freezing temperatures in the colder time of year and transmit searing heat throughout the summer, it’s the perfect time to think about the comfort of your building occupants and seek new commercial window replacements. With modern commercial windows, you have many choices that can fit your unique needs. 

Many double and triple-pane options can protect your building from the cold, windows treated with Low-E coating limiting heat transfer. Plus, casement windows can crank open but at the same time close with a secure seal. Windows may appear to be an insignificant part of your building, but you’d be astonished how much windows matter to everyone. 

Installing New Commercial Window Replacements bring Modern Styles 

New commercial window replacements can change the appearance of your business or building. Maybe you have considered a floor-to-ceiling customer storefront glass, details like transom windows over your glass entryways. 

Or even using glass for room dividers instead of interior walls – the quality commercial window glass will update the appearance of your building and let natural light in all through space. A splendid, open interior raises your curb appeal and entices individuals inside. 

In Conclusion 

Even though installing commercial window replacements is a significant decision, it will reap long-term benefits. Crystal Clear Windows & Doors can help you with the entire process, from buying the correct window replacements to the installation process for your budget. 

Best Home Window Frames for your Clearwater Home Project

Picking the best home window frames for your new home window installation in Clearwater’s home project is essential not only to your house look but usefulness. Window’s style and operating mechanisms aren’t the only things that homeowners need for window buying. There are other practical things you must consider when buying comes around.

Consider cost, the insulation, window frame material, glass features, and much more. Usually, you will pay more for home window replacements in Clearwater that have more insulation and more ability to protect your home from the elements. However, it is also a smart move, in the long run, to install the best home windows money can buy.

Manufacturers make window frames of wood, cladding, vinyl, fiberglass, or metal. Higher-quality windows have better weather-stripping to keep air from filtering in around the sashes.

Let’s go through some benefits to consider; however, it’s also significant to talk with a window expert to help you pick the right window for your location, situation, and budget.

Best home window frames factors to consider

Window frame factors to consider

Most windows come with a sticker rating that provides performance scores for some important factors:

R-value measures the window’s capacity to stop heat transfer. It just means how the window keeps extreme temperatures outside and comfortable temperatures inside. The higher the R-value, the better.

U-factor is the opposite of the R-value; it measure’s the propensity to transfer heat, and the lower the U-value, the better.

Solar gain or solar heat gain coefficient, or SHGC shows how much the window will heat a room when the sun shines. Solar heat gain is great when the climate is cold, yet it can raise cooling costs throughout the summer. The higher the number, the higher the heat gain.

Manufacturers measure wind resistance and air leakage in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The lower the numbers (70 degrees F and one for 0 degrees F), the better the seal.

Vinyl Window frames

Vinyl window frames are the most economical choice and practical for many applications. In lower-quality models, the weather- stripping isn’t tough enough for extreme weather, and some plastic parts can break, particularly when you tilt the window for cleaning.

However, high-quality vinyl window options are available more than aluminum or wood windows. Also, the thicker frames help enhance energy efficiency by providing more insulation to the seams, lowering the amount of air leaking through the window. The energy efficiency in the vinyl windows has proven to reduce energy bills.

Mostly, high-quality vinyl windows are an extraordinary choice and one excellent option accessible today. Their energy-efficient, sturdy, weather resistance and low-maintenance necessity make them the perfect candidate for homeowners searching for replacement windows.

Wood Windows

house wood frame windows styles

Wood windows cost more than vinyl and need more regular maintenance. Such as sealed with paint or finish to stop rotting and sun damage. But woods have natural beauty and natural insulating properties, and people love the way it looks at their homes.

The manufacturer makes some wood windows with stain-quality, yet some windows that use wood with joints won’t look great stained; instead, plan to paint.

Cladding windows

To make a wood window increasingly sturdy, many producers apply a cladding of aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass to the outside portions only. You can paint aluminum as long as you first apply a primer.

Typically, people can paint tinted vinyl and fiberglass with no issue, yet paint may experience difficulty sticking to white vinyl.

Aluminum Window Replacement

Aluminum replacement windows are robust and durable. Also, aluminum looks more modern and functions admirably with sleek and modern home styles. They let in a lot of daylight and need little maintenance, particularly when they come painted. They won’t wear out in sunlight, and they won’t rot or mold from the wear issues that affect wood, vinyl, or fiberglass windows.

One disadvantage of aluminum windows is they aren’t well energy-efficient. Although makers do all that they can to boost those energy-efficient window numbers compared with other choices, they miss the mark regarding efficiency. Aluminum windows cost more than vinyl or fiberglass but a somewhat less expensive than wooden windows.

Fiberglass Windows

A few producers make fiberglass windows. Fiberglass is sturdier than vinyl, less likely to contract and expand, and less prone to warp.

You can protect it with a fresh paint job, but manufacturers apply a hard finish when it’s first produced.

Glazed Panes

Single-glazed windows, with a single-pane of glass in every sash, are the cheapest. However, they permit a lot of heat transfer, making for increased heating and cooling costs.

Double-glazed, likewise known as insulating glass (IG) or thermal glass, significantly increases a window’s energy efficiency. They seal the two panes with an air space between them that makes the insulation. The thicker the air space, the better the insulation.

You can also find triple-glazed windows with three panes and two air spaces. These aren’t common since the added insulation they offer isn’t considered worth the extra expense.

You can instead enhance the double-panes energy insulation by requesting it with argon or krypton gas between the panes as opposed to air. The gas will leak out eventually, but gradually; after 20 years, the pane will lose only 10 percent of its original gas.

5 Benefits of Installing a Sunroom Addition in Florida

The main reason homeowners install a sunroom addition in their home is to have a relaxing warm indoor oasis that allows them to get away from the cold. 

Yes, a sunroom installation in Clearwater is an excellent way to make the most of your patio while protected from the elements like rain and mosquitos. 

A sunroom addition may be at the top of your list of home remodeling projects. Sunrooms can give your home the warmth of summer while increasing the value of your house. 

Let’s go over five benefits of installing a sunroom in your home: 

  1. Increase Real Estate Value with a Sunroom Addition in Florida

    Sunroom installation near Clearwater

Yes, sunrooms increase the value of a home! It is the top benefit of adding a room addition to any new area to your home, and looks good. An added sunroom to your house will order command a higher real estate value. A sunroom addition will increase your home’s value significantly. 

When considering if the project is worth it, consider the size of the project you’ll make to install the sunroom. Moreover, the advantage you’ll receive after installation and the 50% return on the money you spend

An easy way to know if installing a sunroom addition is beneficial to your home is by looking at installations around your neighborhood or city. Get a statement on how much land esteem a completed sunroom would add to your home. While every sunroom addition is unique, we’re confident you’ll receive a good ROI. 

The truth, a potential home buyer will happily pay extra cash for a home that includes a valuable sunroom. Often, a sunroom facing an extraordinary and lavish patio or some other similarly beautiful view can command a hefty price increase. 

  1. A Sunroom Installation can Reduce your Electric Bill 

If you like paying high electricity bills, then good for you, however many of us don’t like paying high electric bills. I understand that you need light to see, meaning you need light to see, correct? 

Well, with your Florida sunroom windows, you have an entire room full of sunlight that you can use for a long time. Don’t worry; even on cloudy days, the sunroom will have sufficient light to see. Using your sunroom as a family space for indoor activities or personal means you can reduce your energy use. 

Depending on how long you spend in your sunroom, it can reduce your energy bill expenses.

  1. Sunroom Addition Allow Natural Light 

It’s nice to see the sun come in through the windows and sit near it, but often, there’s always a tree or an obstacle that doesn’t allow that sunlight to last. But with a sunroom addition, you can enjoy the light regardless of where you sit. 

You will enjoy the light from the sun! But, you will likewise enjoy the warmth— making a sunroom the ideal place to relax with a book, coffee, and newspaper. Your body can also enjoy the benefits of added light in your home, both for your health and happiness. 

  1. Experience Health Benefits

    Modern Sunroom Additions-living room

There are many health benefits that a sunroom addition can provide people. Adding a sunroom will increase your sunlight exposure, which the sun help promote health benefits to your body. Here are some of the health advantages you can enjoy by investing in a sunroom addition. 

  • Lower Cholesterol: often, sunlight exposure can reduce high cholesterol. 
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Some amount of sunlight exposure can do wonders for your blood pressure, bringing it down to more manageable and less dangerous levels. 
  • Stronger Immune System: Staying under the warm sun can promote white blood cells to increase, giving your immune system a boost. 
  • Vitamin D Boosts: Vitamin D can keep you healthy and plays a part in keeping your bones strong and supporting your cardiovascular health.

  1. Use the Sunroom Addition for Hobbies

Do you appreciate arts, pottery, scrapbooking, reading uninterrupted, writing, and even bird-watching? Whatever hobby you like, you can use the sunroom addition as the headquarters for this practice. You can build a sunroom into any functioning space you want. 

Or make a space solely for your hobbies and creative pursuits. You don’t need to use the other cluster-filled rooms like the basement or garage anymore. 

7 House Window Replacements Tips for Homeowners

What should you look for in house window replacements? Some homeowners think that windows will last a lifetime. However, like other things inside your home, a time comes when you will require replacement windows in Tampa

Whether you’re prepared to buy home replacement windows today or later on, it’s significant for homeowners to be educated buyers. Besides having many home window choices, styles, and materials, there are other factors to consider. 

1.) Don’t Do-it-Yourself Installation

A house window replacement project isn’t the kind of project you should perform yourself. While you might know a thing or two about handyman stuff, no one can understand what’s in your walls when you install your home window replacements. 

Frequently old trim and frames are rotten, and there might be missing insulation or other more significant issues. Instead, contact a contractor to prevent unexpected setbacks and future monetary losses from DIY mistakes

2.) Ensure you Measure the House Windows Correctly

4 measured white replacement windows

By hiring experts, you can ensure your house replacement windows will be measures correctly. If you contact Crystal Clear and Window to install all of your windows in your home, you can have confidence that they will be the correct size. 

Measure them to know the exact dimensions of the house window replacements to 1/8th of an inch. The contractor should do a last review of all the measurements to ensure the windows fit correctly. Lousy DIY could cost a lot of money if you measured the windows wrong. 

3.) Compare Window Types Features

When considering house replacement window style, ask the specialists for recommendations. Do the new energy-efficient windows have all the saving energy options you need? Which windows are simple to clean and maintain? 

Do you have window frame color choices? Would it be a good idea for you to think about a window style change? Please, make sure to ask the expert window company essential questions about all of your options.

4.) Today, Consider Installing Energy-Efficient House Replacement Window

PGT impact window brands

Energy-efficient windows will help you save money on your energy bill as it improves the temperature and circulation in your home. Energy-efficient windows can help lower your energy and heating unit usage. 

5.) Order Laminated Safety Glass Panes

If you live with many children, consider installing windows with laminated safety glass. Two panes of glass adhere to a tough plastic interlayer. If a baseball or rock hits a window, the glass will break. 

But broken pieces remain attached to the interlayer, stopping glass from falling inside the home. The plastic interlayer is likewise puncture-resistant, preventing a home burglary attempt. 

6.) Hire a Licensed Window Contractor to ensure the Replacement Windows Meet Safety Codes

The experts will deal with all the paperwork and ensure the new windows in your home meet the necessary safety codes. For instance, they can recommend using tempered glass in your bathroom since tempered glass is safer. 

Tempered glass breaks into non-dangerous pieces rather than hazardous crystal chards. Then again, your bedroom or basement windows should meet Egress requirements. Egress replacement windows provide a simple method to escape a room in a dangerous circumstance, like a fire or quake. 

7.) Hire Crystal Clear Windows and Doors for your House Window Replacements

Here at Crystal Clear Windows & Doors, we offer various new replacement windows for homes from top brands like Custom Window Systems, Simonton Windows, Jeld-Wen, ProVia, and PGT Wind Guard

We can take care of everything from contacting the window brands to measuring the windows and clean and leave the home spotless when the experts finish the window installation project. measuredThose are only some benefits you can get if you hire a contractor from Crystal Clear Windows and Doors. 

If you need assistance picking the right house window replacements, call us to get familiar with our recommended door and window replacement options in Clearwater and nearby cities. Besides stellar installation and replacement solutions, our home window recommendations can enhance the look of your home while increasing your home value